Fireball Tim Lawrence – Host, Design/Concept – BIO Below

Kathie Lawrence – Host, Sculpture, Builds – KCL ProductionsBIO Below

Ken Vela – MC, Builder – Go See Ken

Born and raised in Indiana, Ken started training his voice on a reel to reel tape recorder at the early age of 9. He began Kustomizing cars out of his parents garage at 17 and his first paid emcee and DJ debut was at 19! As an MC and for Speaking Engagements, there’s no one better.

 Wes Nielsen – Car Photographer, Vlogger – The Daily Driver Project

Wes has spent his life in the automotive industry, which he loves. He now shares that love for all that is old and cool in the car world through his photos and videos.

David NeelThe Murphy Automotive Museum

David Neel is the executive director of the Murphy Auto Museum.  A Ventura County businessman since the mid 1990’s, he was asked by the founder (Dr. Daniel Murphy) to take over operations of the museum in January 2014.  Since then, David, with the help of an army of friendly docents and dedicated car enthusiasts, has worked hard to expand the museum’s appeal, introducing Americana, vintage camping trailers and Granatelli Racing Memorabilia to the museum’s collection of over 90 cars.

Greg Gill – Auto Broker – The Greg Gill Company

 Don Burnside – Podcast Co-Host, Webmaster

Serial Podcaster, MINI Cooper enthusiast, lover of beer and food, blogger and tech guy. Podcasting about MINIs, bicycles and Hollywood (with Fireball!) is his game!

Paul Grisanti – Malibu Realtor – Automotive Enthusiast

Paul is one of Coldwell Banker’s Top 100 agents among 64,000 sales professionals in over 35 major Metropolitan areas.


FMV is a Youtube First Person Series starring Digital Influencers Fireball Tim & Kathie Lawrence, inspiring millions to IMPROVE THEIR LIVES through WHAT THEY LOVE…

And what Fireball loves is CARS.

A legend in the Car Design and Filmmaking World, Fireball has designed vehicles for over 400 of Hollywood’s biggest action films including BATMAN, KNIGHT RIDER, JURASSIC PARK & MONSTER GARAGE (plus over 1K Commercials).

Fireball is not only a force in the Design of Cars for Hollywood, but he’s an Award Winning Filmmaker/Director and accomplished Children’s Coloring Book Illustrator.

A Host for Speed, TLC, Discovery, Velocity and many others, Fireball’s articles on Cars can be found in the MALIBU SURFSIDE NEWS & MALIBU TIMES, PALISADIAN POST, DRIVE MAGAZINE, HIDDEN HILLS, DRIVEN, GARAGESTYLE and many others.

Fireball Malibu Vlog is about Car Design, covering NEW CARS, MUSCLE CARS, RAT RODS, CLASSICS, VINTAGE, HYPER & SUPERCARS, CAR STORIES, SHOWS, AUTOMOTIVE LAUNCHES & EVENTS, AMAZING DRIVES and AUTOMOTIVE TV & MOVIE NOSTALGIA. Plus a wee bit of Malibu Lifestyle including Surfing, Hiking, Paddleboarding and Ocean Conservancy.

With almost 800 episodes, Fireball’s celebrity guests have included TONY DOW, DICK VAN DYKE, KEANU REEVES, JONATHAN BANKS, PAUL MOYER, DENISE CROSBY, JOHN PAUL DeJORIA and many more. The show reaches over 30M viewers via The Auto Channel TV Network, Youtube, Before It’s News, IG, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and all Social. This team has literally reached over a billion viewers.


KATHIE is a legendary Costume Builder, Sculptor and Author for KCL Productions, having spent more than 40 years in the film industry creating some of the most iconic character MASCOTS for clients like The White House, Ellen DeGeneres, Nintendo & The Super Bowl. She even built H.R. PUFF N’ STUFF and CUJO! No one in the business has created more.

She currently sculpts from their home studio in Malibu.

Together, they’ve achieved an online arsenal of Multi-Award Winning COMMERCIALS and FIRST PERSON SERIES like 5MINUTE DRIVE, RIDE-ALONG,  CAR STORIES, WACKY RIDES MONDAY and the current FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG, inspiring Jerry Seinfeld’s COMEDIANS IN CARS GETTING COFFEE.

WHEELS AND WAVES Celebrity Car Show is at the Malibu Country Mart in downtown Malibu EVERY 3RD SUNDAY of the Month with some of the best HOT RODS, MUSCLE CARS, CLASSICS, LOWRIDERS & EXOTIC CARS in the world.