Automotive Inspiration… CRITICISM KILLS


People are addicted to a lot of things. Cigarettes, drinking, drugs, anger, bad driving.. and many others. But none of that comes close to the one thing that hurts them the most.


When you criticize others, you don’t realize that the Law of Cause and Effect immediate goes to work.

You think that somehow it’s making you feel better to lay down your thoughts about someone that’s wronged you, …but YOU’D be wrong.

The reality is that you are attracting to YOU moreof the same. More things to criticize. More in-harmonies. More negativity. More of everything you DON’T want.

This is not a joke. This is LAW.

Why would you criticize someone if you knew that every time you did, you’d get smacked in the face with a huge boxing glove. Literally. Every time, only for every 1 criticism, you actually get hit 100 times!! Think about that. 100 smacks in the face!

The Law of Cause and Effect works the same way that 1+1=2 works. Same way every time, no variation. Think THIS, get THAT. ALWAYS… It’s science.

So… what do you do?

  1. Let it go. Drop it. DROP IT. DROP IT, NOW. Stop criticizing… And get on with making YOUR LIFE cool.

  2. Stay in the present… be grateful for what you have. Send them good thoughts so that they can attract to them good things, too. You want people to be happy. All people, not just you.

Don’t be selfish. That’s what got you into trouble in the first place. Help them by being first.

  1. Criticism = Pain for YOU, not them. They aren’t even in the room!

Attract to you what you want. ONLY THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. And then? … It comes.

Fireball preps all-new BADASS MUSTANG COLORING BOOK…

Fireball’s latest Coloring Book is actually TWO BOOKS!

Next month will launch MUSTANGS which will feature 20 uniquely inspired Custom Stangs for MEGA-Coloring and a niche-friendly MALIBU Coloring Book for the local scene. Exclusively sold here in the Bu at Local Shops.

But don’t worry as you can get both on Amazon, too. Enjoy the preview, but the coming weeks will feature LOTS MORE!

Get Fireball’s other Books here!


6.6l V12, 780hp, 560lb-ft at 9000rpm. So… it’s just about right. 😉

This is the 2019 LEXUS ES…

This is the new 2018 FWD Lexus ES. Pretty much no details but this teaser. Try not to drool on your keyboard.

WATCH! Incredible READY PLAYER ONE Complete Chase Scene… Wow

Quite an amazing chase scene from READY PLAYER ONE.

Every shot is filled with nostalgia and pretty dire challenges to overcome. Cars, Dinos and Kong… very cool.

Cars coming to the FIREBALL PAD… Volvo V90, Genesis G80, Mazda CX9, 700hp Jeep Trackhawk

Over the next 2 months, here’s what on the slate for you guys. Tons of Vlog coverage each day, but honestly… the Trackhawk will be SICK!

We’ll get there, but stay tuned to the show for all the best insights on these cars, plus tons of other fun stuff, as you know!

The 2018 Volvo V90 is on deck for Monday…

Best Vids of the Day… Bionic Bat, TIE Fighter Bike, Robotic Dinosaurs

Only the daily best for your guys. Today, it’s Robotic Bats and Dinosaurs… and DON’T tell me you don’t need a TIE Fighter Bike like this!


Best Concept Vehicles of the Day… Bronco, GMC, Ram, More

This is the KIA PROCEED Concept Shooting Brake…


WHEELS AND WAVES HEADS TO THE GETTY VILLA – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 773 – After an awesome Wheels and Waves in Malibu, Team Fireball heads on an After-Rally to The Getty Villa. Sculpture, Gardens and Shenanigans.