The Holidays are coming… and now we have Colorable Classic CHEVY NOMAD Greeting Cards!

Nothing is better than giving a cool car for the Holidays… although that can get kinda expensive! So… how about one of our Colorable GREETING CARDS from out ETSY Fireball Store?

Snag one, COLOR IT, send it away to your favorite Car Peeps! Don’t forget to sign it as they may think its from someone in Alien Astroville!

Fireball completes stunning 1968 CADILLAC & AIRSTREAM for client CADIAIR.COM…

Super great project with our good friends at…

CADIAIR provides this set of a 1968 Cadillac Convertible and 1971 Airstream for film hire and they wanted a vision of what it would look like parked in PALM SPRINGS. Came out pretty snazzy! Be sure to check out their site for your next film/commercial shoot!

What can Fireball do for you? Sketches will also be used in upcoming Coloring Books from Fireball Publishing! This one for an upcoming 2021 CADILLAC Book.

SHOP TRUCK makes it into the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book!!

If you’ve made the rounds in the Car Show circuit, you’ve probably seen Gene’s Bronze Ford Shop Truck. Well, now it’s COLORABLE!! What will be next as we have 10 Sketches to go before November 1st LAUNCH!!

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SIGNED & NUMBERED Official TONY DOW Coloring Books to be available NEXT WEEK!! WooHoo!!

Starting next week on our ETSY Store will be 100 available SIGNED Official TONY DOW Coloring Books!! Signed by TONY, LAUREN and myself. Right now, there’s only 100 copies, but we have some plans for some really neat stuff up-and-coming!

Have you sent in your Colored Sketch for Tony’s COLORING COMPETITION? Email a photo to me at for a chance to WIN a SIGNED COPY, CHOCOLATE and MORE “Leave it to Beaver” stuff! Contest WINNERS announced Oct 30th on Tony’s FACEBOOK LIVE STREAM!

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HOT Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book Cover REVEALED… with the Reactor!!!

Here we go… with the completed COVER of the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book! This one features Gene’s Kustom REACTOR. This was the car that started it all! Coming to Amazon November 1st!!

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Fireball Ride of the Day… Awesome Twin-Turbo 1300WHP 1981 PONTIAC TRANS AM!

Anyone out there have a T/A? Should we do a TRANS AM Coloring Book? Oh… most likely. Although 1300WHP won’t be enough power for one our our books. 😉

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We’ve competed with over 50 Wagons… but there can be only one-true-winner. Yesterday was a tough one, but YOU VOTED… and the WINNER is the 1965 Ford Country Squire with the 1973 Chrysler hot on it’s tail!

FINAL BATTLE!!! Tomorrow, we’ll feature ALL the competitors together in one POST. A full gallery! And then… on SATURDAY, the Final Battle will put our two champs in the MASSIVE WAGON RING! The 1957 BUICK CABALLERO VS. 1965 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE! (Can you smell the Wagon’s we’re Cookin??) VOTE NOW!!!

DON’T FORGET SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Send in your Wagons for the next FIREBALL WAGON WARS – YOUR WAGON BATTLES!!! Winner gets a SIGN/SKETCHED Station Wagons Coloring Book (Sponsored by The Official Murphy Auto Museum), Chocolate, Hot Wheels Wagon (Of some sort) and their Wagon will be featured in our NEXT STATION WAGON BOOK for 2021!!!!! Watch Daily to see your Wagons Compete starting NEXT WEEK!!!

Oh, and check out this super-duper Caddy Sketch I just did for a Client… Wanna sketch of your Wagon? Hit me up. PEACE OUT!

1957 BUICK CABALLERO steals another shocking WIN in Wagon Wars…

FIREBALL WAGON WARS!!! Not looking back, the 1957 Buick Caballero steals another massive WIN! This time against his brother, the 1951 Buick Estate Wagon! But the lead was significant and YOU VOTED! Only one more battle to go before the FINAL TITANIC FIGHT!!

Today, it’s gonna be sooooo painful. Two of the greatest Wagons ever produced, face-off to your VOTE. The winner will battle against the ’57 Buick! It’s the 1973 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY VS. FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE! Don’t get caught up in color between these two, but who was the best built and designed Wagon? VOTE! DIGGITY! VOTE NOW!

The Fireball Book Slate is bringing awesomeness! Right now, we’re working on the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book, but it will be followed by Syd Mead, My Classic Car Dennis Gage and SuperFly Autos!! PLUS, Wagons#2 and 8 others are coming in 2021… and YOUR WAGON could be included if you win the next BATTLE COMPETITION! YIPPEEKAZOOOOO!!! GIT 2 IT!

The BEST… of this weekend’s LEGACY CARS & COFFEE

Great time at LEGACY CARS & COFFEE. Some really cool cars and fun hanging out with our friend Doug Campbell of HILLBANK Motorsports. Cobras, baby…

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STRIP STAR makes badass Sketch#8 for the bonkers Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book!

Still got 12 SKETCHES to go for the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book coming out November 1st. Will it be as awesome as the rest of our epic Car Books? Oh yeaaaa…

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