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Saturday was one of my favorite events in Whittier, my hometown. The Dia De Los Muertos Art & Music Festival. A fantastic event filled with over 20,000 spectators, tons of wonderful vendors, music, people in Calavera (skull/sugar skull) makeup and lots and lots of cool cars.

Being 2 blocks from the pad just adds to the enjoyment, ’cause let me tell you… 20,000+ people showing up in your neighborhood makes parking not a lot of fun.

Dia De Los Muertos or Day of the Dead is fascinating to me. The western culture just doesn’t want to look at funerals, death or people that have passed. But in many places where the Day of the Dead (which is officially celebrated on Nov. 2) they celebrate the memory of the person or persons that have passed. They celebrate their life, normally a family member.

One of the things this event does every year for me is to remember those that came before me. Not just family, but friends and mentors as well.

It is a day I remember my Dad who passed years ago. He had a huge influence on my love for things mechanical and a lot to do with my musical tastes. But he is in my thoughts most days.

For many in the fantastic automotive industry, which I have spent most of my career in, there are wonderful automotive people that are celebrated that influenced them. That made them join this fantastic world of cars.

Remember those family members, friends and mentors that boosted you up. Made you who you are and celebrate them not just one day, but every day.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.




GHOUL’S GARAGE will be at Wheels and Waves Malibu on October 21st…

Ok, so GHOUL’S GARAGE is out and headed not only to Wheels and Waves Malibu on the 21st, but the City of Malibu is doing TRUNK OR TREAT on the 26th at Malibu Bluffs Park. Fireball will be there with a 1938 Ford along with MCKen Vela and his WIKD 356. Both with trunks filled with candy. They’ll be screening GOONIES also.

If you want to join them at this event in Malibu… shoot him an email at

Super Popstar CELLESTE is our latest Sponsor and you can thank she and Eric Dick of Mighty Music for this month’s coffee. This week, Fireball will feature her song “READY FOR YOU” on the Vlog!!

Ride of the Week: Getting revved up for OCTOBER CAR SHOWS!

Every month in this town is filled with car shows.

But, as the holidays approach, the celebration gets epic as the thematics of the traditional show changes. You may have a Corvair or Chevy, but after you get through with it, it may look like Popeye or Superman.

Halloween starts out a level of shows that are more fun than the previous year as (if you let it grow), and the holidays ratchet up SoCal’s excitement. So, for this week’s Ride of the Week, I thought I’d give you a head’s up on what you can do with your car this month.

Most people know that Supercar Sunday happens at the Topanga Mall every Sunday. But this month they are gearing up for their Motor4Toys event in December. That means it’s a good time to start gathering gifts as they accept thousands for charity. Starting early makes it easy.

On top of the 2018 Hot Wheels Convention on Oct. 3-7 comes the Galpin Car Show, which also hits on Oct. 7, with over 1,000 amazing cars and a day filled with carnival activities.

Further, Oct. 7 also brings the Rider Roundup at Paramount Ranch for those with two-wheeled demons. A great show in an Old West setting, exchanging the horses for bikes. Very cool.

Oct. 13 brings the Winfield-Watson Show from Master-Builder Gene Winfield in the Mojave, featuring incredible cars and amazingly talented people. Also, on Oct. 13 is the Momentum Car Show in Ventura if you don’t want to drive to the desert. It’s a more traditional show by the water and it’s super awesome.

Also up in Ventura is the Ponies By The Sea in Channel Islands. All Mustangs right on the water. It’s a great muscle car show with food, vendors and awesome sights.

On the same day is the Steampunk Festival in Oxnard, which features rat rods and hot rods, plus some seriously crazy steampunk stuff.

On Oct. 20, at The Murphy Auto Museum, comes the Cory Iverson Rally, celebrating the firefighter who lost his life in the last Ventura County Fire. A great cause and super fun with the likes of Team Dragg and the George Barris Clan.

Oct. 21 is my Wheels and Waves show here in Malibu, followed on Oct. 26 by the City of Malibu’s Trunk or Treat Carnival. I’ll have cars and our new Halloween Coloring Book at both for the children, but it’ll also be candy galore!

And finally, on Oct. 28, is an incredible show in Pasadena called the Art Center Car Classic. It’s a show I’ve done for many years, this time celebrating designers from the college.

Now, you may notice that all SoCal shows seem to surround Malibu. Why is that? Well, it’s just another example of Malibu being the center of car culture in the world. And as self-appointed captain of this ship (no one else wanted the job, as there’s too much to do!), it’s my job to help you guys have fun. So, get out there with your car and play. Live every day as a gift and remember to do what you love and love what you do! Happy October, people!

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Fireball to be a Judge again at the 2018 ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC…

Get ready for the ultimate car design event of the year! The 2018 ART CENTER CAR CLASSIC will be held Sunday, October 28th at the Pasadena Campus.

Fireball will join the likes of Henrik Fisker, Dave Marek, Tom Peters and Derek Jenkins as a judge in this year’s show.


2018 BUELLTON VINTAGE TRAILER BASH DAY 4 – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 844 – The last day of the 2018 Buellton Vintage Trailer Bash brings out the Pooches, Waffles and Cool Cars. Then Fireball and Kathie head home to Paradise.

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The Buellton VINTAGE TRAILER Show starts Thursday with…

Will you be joining Fireball at the BUELLTON VINTAGE TRAILER SHOW on Thursday? Open House is Saturday if you can’t… but he’s bringing “Leave it to Beaver’s” TONY DOW, rockin’ the Fireball Whiskey Scooter Shots, whippin’ out the Vintage trailer Coloring Book, LIVE performance by CELLESTE and Vloggin’ up a storm.

Are you ready?

For the LOVE of a CAR… from The Daily Driver Project

Potentially, one of the reasons you visit Fireball’s website is for your love of automobiles.

Most of us have a general love of the fantastic vehicular contraption, that especially in the Southern California area, has become iconic. Most of the car manufacturers have their design houses here. A large part of Hot Rodding began in Southern California.

For many, that general love focuses down to just one brand and may even focus down further to a specific vehicle.

That love for a specific vehicle can many times trace its roots back to what you grew up with or what your cool Uncle or Aunt drove. Maybe it’s the car you were brought home in from the hospital. Whatever that connection is, that car is sought out and purchased for you to enjoy.

Saturday I spent a fantastic time with some of my favorite people and checking out one of my favorite cars. It comes in many forms, a coupe, convertible, 4 doors, wagon, truck, and a van. I’m talking about the Chevrolet Corvair.

The South Coast Corsa Corvair Club or SCC puts on one of my favorite shows every year, the Ageless to Anarchy Corvair Show. This year 87 of those beautiful vehicular contraptions showed up to celebrate the love of the Corvair.

For many in attendance, it was their first car they ever owned and it was their dream car.

The Corvair is one of those unusual vehicles. A rear engine flat 6 motor and made from 1960 to 1969. It came in so many flavors and really was the only Big 3 built rear engine car. V8s were the flavor of the day or maybe the classic inline 6. It was just a strange but fun deal.

Whatever your vehicle is. Find it, enjoy it, drive it.

Wes Nielsen is an Automotive Photographer and owner of The Daily Driver Project.


2018 WESTCHESTER ELKS CAR SHOW AND CHILI COOK-OFF – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 836 – Along with amazing cars at the 2018 Westchester Elks Car Show, Fireball snags a 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado from the Murphy and spots an incredible 1958 Impala on PCH! Whew!

T-Minus 5 days until WHEELS AND WAVES hits Malibu!!!

Saturday… it’s CORVETTES at The Murphy Auto Museum. But Sunday…


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