Fireball going LIVE again with CUSTOMIKES… this time at the Exclusively Cool MALAMUT MUSEUM!!

An amazing PRIVATE COLLECTION, this time Fireball will tour with Customikes’ Mikael Wallin, M.C. Ken Vela, David Neel, Scott Strickland and Photomaster Pep Williams LIVE on Monday, March 29th at 1pm to give you AN INSIDE LOOK to this amazing Museum of Cars!

Hit Customikes’ Facebook Page at 1pm and WATCH LIVE as they check out the entire collection!

March 2021 CONEJO VALLEY Cars & Coffee PICADVENTURE brings out the awesome Shagaliciousness…

Time for another PICADVENTURE… this time in Conejo Valley! Doooosh… LET’S DO THIS!

MUSCLES & MOJO goes off with amazing Kustoms, Classics and Hot Rods… plus a visit from Custom Mike!

Absolutely our BIGGEST and BEST Show yet at the Murphy celebrating St. Paddy’s Day!

We’re working on starting two shows a month in April. 1st and 3rd Sundays!! Soon to be announced, but Sunday’s show was epic.

Big THANKS to the amazing team of WRENCH NATION all the way from Arizona and a awesome visit from CUSTOM MIKE! Check out the vid here!


Pending Epic MUSCLES & MOJO is THIS SUNDAY with Celebrity Guests??

We can’t confirm or deny that CELEBS will be at Sunday’s MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy. But all things are pointing to the BEST TURNOUT YET for this Oxnard-based Cars & Coffee at the infamous MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM at 1930 Eastman. (New hours 8-10am)

Although the Museum is still CLOSED, the outdoor C&C Event will feature FREE COFFEE, DONUTS & DIECAST! And yes, bathrooms are open. LET’S DO THIS!!!

Upcoming March 7th MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy has NEW HOURS and GREEN CAR VIP!!

We’re celebrating ST. PADDY’S DAY (albeit a bit early), but we love the color GREEN! Plus, NEW HOURS from 8am-10am! IT’S FREE!!

Classic 1954 KAISER DARRIN snags its own spot in the Dennis Gage Coloring Book!

WIKI… The Kaiser Darrin, also known as the Kaiser Darrin 161 or in short as the Darrin, was an American sports car designed by Howard “Dutch” Darrin and built by Kaiser Motors for the 1954 model year.

Essentially a revamp of Kaiser’s Henry J compact, the Kaiser Darrin was one of its designer’s final achievements and was noted for being the first American car equipped with a fiberglass body and doors that slid on tracks into the front fender wells. The car was named both for Henry J. Kaiser, head of Kaiser Motors, and Darrin.

Fireball begins writing for Kustom Kulture’s DRIVE MAGAZINE in March…

Despite the COVID Complications, there are still many Car Shows that are happening in SoCal. Fireball will be bringing those shows to you this March in the form of articles on DRIVE MAGAZINE!

DRIVE has been around for many years and is the #1 resource of Car Show and Kustom Kulture News in the SoCal area. Fireball’s been featured many times, but now they are joining forces to bring car coolness to you.

So among creating amazing Kustom Car Coloring Books and Trading Cards, if you’re at an event and spot him, show him your car and you may get a chance to be featured!

The spectacular Best of Saturday’s DONUT DERELICTS KUSTOMS… gets Colorful

Let’s take the PICADVENTURE TOUR from Saturday!!!

Yes… it’s the MUSCLES & MOJO AUTOMOTIVE PICADVENTURE!!! Let’s do this…

An amazing show yesterday at The Murphy Auto Museum! MUSCLES & MOJO’s best show yet with awesome Muscle, Trucks, Hot Rods, Classics and MORE. Bu the people are what are what this show is all about. Let’s take the TOUR!

CONEJO VALLEY Cars & Coffee goes off… with Clan MCDOUGALL!!!

Such a fun time at CONEJO VALLEY Cars & Coffee today with Clan McDougall! Tomorrow is MUSCLES & MOJO!! Join us!