Bradley Paull photos from MUSCLE AND MOJO reveal beautiful sculpture…

Good times at Muscles and Mojo in Oxnard at the MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM. BIG THANKS to Bradley Paull for the shots!!

John D’Agostino cruising 1936 AUBURN BOATTAIL SPEEDSTER into Wheels and Waves TOMORROW!!

Dubbed “THE GREAT GATSBY” and built by Swede Anders Jacobsen in 2019, this 1936 beauty from GNRS will be driven in by Johnny D’Agostino from CELEBRITY KUSTOMS.

Come see it in the green flesh!

What you need to know in getting ready for WHEELS AND WAVES July 19th…

WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu is still confirmed for Sunday, July 19th and here’s some things that are happening…

• The first 65 cars to roll in will get HOT WHEELS and our all-new SUNSET MALIBU Coloring Book FREE!

• The COFFEE BEAN is now officially gone, so you’ll either need to bring your own coffee or hit a Starbucks on the way in. There is a S-Bucks across the street also.

• Be sure to watch our VLOG SHOW PLAYLIST of past events here as you never know who will be coming. The entire parking lot has been RE-PAVED!

• If you have any concerns about Covid-19, then wear a mask. PERIOD. And DON’T COME is you have a compromised immune system or are feeling under the weather. GET HEALTHY and come the next time!

Our friend Paul Grisanti is running for Malibu City Council, so come and support him! Buy a Coloring Book on Amazon and we’ll DONATE TO DOG RESCUES!!

An amazing time at AUTOMOTO in Monterey with ADAM CAROLLA and PETE BROCK…

A really fun time at the AUTOMOTO FILM FESTIVAL in Monterey a few years back with Adam Carolla and buddy Pete Brock. It was a blast and it made me wonder if Pebble Beach will be back in force? What do you guys think?

Does the country have what it takes to bounce back? I KNOW it does… but will YOU?


Gonna be a great time and YOU’RE INVITED!!!

It’s a FREE SEMINAR via Toastmasters International District 100 and YoutubeLIVE where Fireball will be speaking about honing your CREATIVE POWER to improve your life in EVERY way.

In a time of political and personal strife, we CAN succeed in our lives by applying CONSCIOUS CHOICE.

Fireball’s gonna delve into How to be a CUSTODIAN OF COOL but choosing wisely… your THOUGHTS, WORDS & ACTIONS. It’s gonna be LIVE and it’s gonna be FREE!!!

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED… On Saturday, June 6th at 9:30am(pst)… CLICK THIS LINK and join in LIVE! You’ll be able to ask questions and interact!

The Fastest way to destroy a Virus… RHODE ISLAND SUMMER SMASH

We all know that what you focus on… is what you GET. So, focus on coolness like having fun. Try not to be AFRAID and just recall the good times with friends. This will all soon be over…

For me… it was a few Summers back in Rhode Island. The RHODE ISLAND SUMMER SMASH put on by the Lincoln Johnny Lightning Race Club! An amazing Diecast Show with my friends Mike Zarnock and Luis Tanahara. Check it…


THIS SUNDAY at The Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard! Join us for cool cars, coffee and Hot Wheels!

MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM CLOSED during the day this Saturday prior to the 6pm Grand Re-Opening…

The Murphy Crew will be cleaning up on Saturday in preparation for the Grand Re-Opening. In fact, they’ll be heading over to the MULLIN MUSEUM for their Cars & Coffee as well.

So BE AWARE that the MURPHY WILL BE CLOSED during the day on Saturday until 6pm! Car Show starts at 5pm!!

All-new 2020 CHEVY CAMARO LT1 coming to Murphy Grand Re-Opening Event…

Among all the other cool cars on display at the upcoming Feb 22nd Grand Re-Opening at the Murphy will be the 2020 CHEVY CAMARO thanks to Chevy. It’ll be Fireball’s ride, but you can sit in it… if you’re good.

If not, then just get a drink in our TIKI LOUNGE.

An all-new 2020 Camaro LT1 model adds a more affordable choice to those seeking V-8 performance and stylish looks. Boom.


Here we go, folks!!! The MURPHY AUTO MUSEUM GRAND RE-OPENING LAUNCH PARTY is set!! It’s gonna be an epic night of CARS, ART & MUSIC and it’s FREE!!

The parking lot will be filled with amazing CARS, the Fireball Gallery will be filled with EIGHT NEW AUTOMOTIVE ARTISTS (Pep Williams, Mitzi Valenzuela, Mark Stehrenberger, Richard Pietruska, Jane Gottlieb, Kathie Lawrence, Patt Nicol and Tommy Hollenstein) and the air will be filled with Music from CELLESTE and the WHAM BAM BAND!!!

JOIN US on Saturday Night, February 22nd at 6pm!