Wheels and Waves shots by The Daily Driver Project…

Great shots from Wes at The Daily Driver Project. Be sure to check out the complete set here.

Celebrity Guest for Fireball’s December Wheels and Waves is R2-D2!!!

That’s right! Our Celebrity Guest for Christmas Wheels and Waves is none other than the little droid we all love, R2-D2 from STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI!!!

Come get your photo take with R2 and Santa at the same time, get FREE COFFEE and HOT WHEELS!!

Want to SPONSOR Fireball Tim’s WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu Car Show for 2018?

Every month on the 3rd Sunday, Fireball Tim’s WHEELS AND WAVES Car Show happnes at The Malibu Country Mart. 100-200 Cars.

As a Sponsor, you’ll get to…

  1. Sell your Physical Products to an exclusive group of Car Guys and Girls from 7-9am.

  2. Appear on the Vlog to 30M homes as an interview during the show.

  3. An exclusive Plug on Social Media several times prior during the month.

  4. A mention on Fireball’s Blog to 15K readers. http://www.fireballtim.com

  5. Placement as a Sponsor on the Online Poster below.

  6. LIVE Mentions, a Thank You, and an interview at the Show via our PA System.

Cost is $500 which pays for Coffee from Starbucks for all participants.


TOMORROW! Hot Wheels Garage at The Automobile Driving Museum…

Join Fireball and Kathie for a fun day at The Automobile Driving Museum’s HOT WHEELS GARAGE! Full size Hot Wheels on display, plus Fireball’s Books and some surprises from Kathie!!!

THIS WEEKEND! La Canada Cars & Coffee…

This weekend, Fireball will be at the LA CANADA (Saturday) Cars and Coffee. Amazing cars and Vlogging Country!

DRAGG Team confirmed for WHEELS AND WAVES December…

Along with Santa Claus coming to WHEELS AND WAVES December, we now have confirmation that DRAGG TEAM (Drag Racing Against Gangs & Grafitti) will be featuring a couple of amazing Custom Police Cars! Hit their site here, but it’s gonna be the most awesome Christmas Show ever!



This weekend, Fireball’s at the ADA Car Show in Thousand Oaks, so expect a new Vlog shortly! But he attends hundreds of Car Shows each year and these are the BEST! If it’s got four wheels, then it’s cool. New episodes added weekly to this Playlist so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

Come see FABULOUS FORDS this Saturday!

Fireball will be at THE MURPHY MUSEUM this Saturday for their FABULOUS FORDS show… but he’ll be bringing a Chevy. WHY?
PROJECT: VLOG•ROCKET is under way and it’s getting a LIVE Vinyl treatment from THE WRAP INSTITUTE and a BADASS MEGA-HORN from NAZZTAGLIA.
Come WATCH the INSTALL! PLUS, The 1966 BATMOBILE and MUNSTER KOACH will be on display!


Click the Image and head to The Murphy Auto Museum for  details on Saturday’s show… PLUS…

The WRAP INSTITUTE will be performing a LIVE VINYL INSTALL on Fireball’s latest PROJECT VLOGROCKET as well as NAZZTALAGIA Rod and Custom Accessories will be installing a massive HORN! COME WATCH! 

Coolest CONCEPT VEHICLES of the Day…