2021 TOYOTA SEQUOIA… Does it need a design update or is the $60K worth it? Let’s see…

A week in the 2021 TOYOTA SEQUOIA revealed a number of things. But it’s doesn’t make dogs poo any faster…

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Fireball’s insane LAUNCH WEEK tomorrow on ART TALK LIVE includes TONY DOW, PINUPS, SPIKE Coloring Book and insane NINTENDO!!

Tomorrow’s ART TALK LIVE is gonna be CRAAAAZY!! We’re not only luanch the all-new SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book, but three NEW TRADING CARDS! Check ’em out! TONY DOW #6, PINUPS #3 and NINTENDO BEHIND THE SCENES #1!!! Pretty sure the planet is going to implode and explode at the same time. DOOSH…

**Join me on ART TALK LIVE from my Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/fireball.tim# every weekday morning at 8am(pst) to build your Creative SuperPowers!

Fireball joins forces with UK Superfly Autos to launch cRaZY-InsAne DIECAST HEROES MAGAZINE… and it’s OVER THE TOP!

Are you a fan of Diecast Hot Wheels? Kustom Built Hot Wheels? Well then, does SUPERFLY AUTOS in the UK have a new mag for you!! But it’s not like ANY Magazine out there as there are NO ADS. Over 70 pages of EPIC COOL DIECAST!!!

And to make things ever cooler, Fireball is adding Graphic Bonkerisms anywhere he can! You’ll see articles by Larry Wood, Mike Zarnock, Bruce Pascal and some of the SICKEST KUSTOM DIECAST on the planet! Plus… you’ll get to meet “DH.” The Mag’s Mascot and DIECAST HERO himself!

ORDER THE MAG HERE!! Poised to be the BEST and ONLY Diecast Mag on the planet, this Superfly creation is gonna seriously blow up, so get the VOLUME #1 ISSUE QUICK!

And be sure to send in a photo of yourself holding the mag… and you’ll get some IG LOVE!

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What’s tasty? How about the Wicked fast 2021 DODGE DURANGO SRT AWD 392? Let’s do this…

A week in the Durango only did one thing for me. Made me cry that it had to go back. BADASSSS!!!!!!

Today in MALIBU… Amazing Classic Lancia, 1969 HELLCAT Destroyer & Jerry Seinfeld’s Pea Green… ?

Just cruising through my town reveals cool stuff… TODAY IN MALIBU, it’s all about this super cool Classic Lancia (anyone know the date?) a HELLCAT powered ’69 Charger and Jerry Seinfeld’s Classic Porsche 911… in Pea Green.

Fireball’s SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book nearly complete and launches April 1st…

Lost of amazing cars in this one… including a 1978 HONDA ACCORD? Well, why not?? Many of these cars were owned by Spike over the years and play a significant role in his passion.

Book comes to Amazon April 1st!

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Fireball going LIVE again with CUSTOMIKES… this time at the Exclusively Cool MALAMUT MUSEUM!!

An amazing PRIVATE COLLECTION, this time Fireball will tour with Customikes’ Mikael Wallin, M.C. Ken Vela, David Neel, Scott Strickland and Photomaster Pep Williams LIVE on Monday, March 29th at 1pm to give you AN INSIDE LOOK to this amazing Museum of Cars!

Hit Customikes’ Facebook Page at 1pm and WATCH LIVE as they check out the entire collection!

What about the 2021 GMC SIERRA DENALI DIESEL? Well, I’m glad you asked…

Today’s PICREVIEW delves into the coolness that is the 2021 GMC SIERRA DENALI DIESEL. But is it right for you? Let’s see…

WATCH! The History of Hot Wheels…

Great video exploring the History of one of our favorite DIECAST Cars. More coming this weekend… but get into it!

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Today’s BADASSERY… Cadillac, 1938 and Hoonigans PICK YOUR POISON