Inside Scoop on our new PORSCHE COLORING BOOK… a wacky 914

Lots of cool PORSCHES in our new Coloring Book now available on Amazon. But to start things rolling, how about a Wacky Jet-power assisted 914? Yup.


AUTOMOTIVE ARTIST CHRIS GARCIA – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 923 – Fireball visits the pad of Automotive Artist Chris Garcia (The Betty Hunter) to check out his Hopped Up Model T and amazing Classic Monster Engine Posters.

The Fireball PORSCHE COLORING BOOK is now Available!!!

Fireball’s all-new PORSCHE Coloring Book is their most unique book yet! Chock fulla amazing drawings which include 911’s, 917’s, 928’s and even a Zombie Killer Boxster!

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Insane Fireball PORSCHE COLORING BOOK launches Friday on Amazon!!!

Fireball’s epic new Coloring Book on PORSCHES is the BEST ONE YET!! Full of crazy Porsche Concepts like WIKD 356, Jurassic Porsche, Against All Odds and the BLACK FOREST MAZE!!

Watch for the launch on Amazon Friday!!

Ride of the Week: Artist CHRIS GARCIA’s tribute to his father’s Unfinished Project…

Cars and art go hand in hand in many cases.

They are designed by artisans in the automotive world; their inspiration can carry over for generations.

Today’s Ride of the Week does exactly that in a way that spans a generation inspired by a specific ride: a 1930 Ford Model A Coupe.

This is Chris Garcia, and let’s start off with some of Garcia’s words about the model.

“I chopped the top 4 1/2 inches myself,” he began. “It still has the original four-cylinder motor that I updated with an intake manifold, a Stromberg Carburetor and custom header I made from scratch. I changed out the original 19-inch spoke wheels for these 1940 Ford Wheels with Firestone White Walls. And after pulling the fenders off, I mounted vintage B-L-C headlights, restored and then painted them to match the car. Then I mounted 1951 Pontiac taillights into the rear pan. Currently it still has the original mechanical brakes.”

Although you could say it’s quite beautiful as an almost 90-year-old, the true meaning behind the car is much closer to Chris’ heart.

“My dad and I bought the car in 2015 up in Grass Valley, California,” he said. “It was a complete and an all original Henry Ford Steel car. But we actually got it to restore for his retirement. It was going to be a father-son project.” 

But things did not go as planned.

“You see, I found the car so that my dad and I could build it for his retirement as I mentioned,” he said. “He always loved hot rods and fast cars and used to take me to the Dragstrip as a kid. But unfortunately, he passed away shortly after we bought it and he never even got to work on it with me. So now I am building it as a tribute to him.

“I am building the car the way he way he would have wanted it.”

According to Garcia, the ’30 Ford is currently in its first phase of the build. Eventually, he will update the frame, drive-train, brakes and put the fenders back on, “That’s the way my Dad would have built it”. 

But what is his favorite part? 

“The custom header I made for it,” he said. “It’s wide open, really loud and lets me wreak havoc through the streets of Southern California. I primarily take the car on cruises with my friends and enjoy driving it along with my other cars. I’ve also done vintage racing events like RPM Nationals and I take it to some car shows.”

Chris’ art reflects the time of the Monster movie posters. Although the Monster itself has been replaced by a powerful motor. Truly unique stuff. 

As of May 11, Garcia’s work will be on display at The Murphy Museum’s Fireball Gallery in Oxnard, just north of Malibu. And the 1930 Ford will be there for the evening festivities.

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Fireball Gallery launches at The Murphy Auto Museum May 11…


I am so proud to announce that Fireball Automotive Art Gallery will be opening on the evening of May 11 with a launch party celebrating the work of five incredible artists. 

We are less than one month away, but The Murphy Auto Museum (just outside of Malibu in Oxnard) has been working feverishly on the gallery to get it ready.

The car you see above is an incredible classic Studebaker President and sits currently in the main gallery. All cars will be removed once the art exhibit begins and the show will run for three months.

The artists include featured pinstriper Johnny Martinez, photographer Wes Nielsen, painter Chris Garcia, illustrator Geoff Ombao and the secret street artists of Bohemia Incorporated. 

The gallery is committed to making sure that the artists featured are in diversified categories covering auto culture from vastly different perspectives. But this is only the beginning.

“It’s astonishing how many artists there are in the automotive world that have never been in a professional gallery,” said David Neel, owner of The Murphy. “Well, the Murphy Museum is changing that and it’s time we celebrate their work in the Fireball Gallery to reveal their stunning capabilities. Many car museums have art on the walls, but this gallery will be the very first dedicated nostalgic automotive art gallery in any car museum in any country.”

The Fireball Gallery is already booked a year and a half out with artists, including celebrity sculptor Tony Dow (“Leave it to Beaver”), Art Center College professor Richard Pietruska, famous car designer Mark Stehrenberger and many others. 

For Gallery One coming up on the evening of May 11, the VIP party will feature StripeWork from Martinez, a Ventura local and automotive multishow winner; photographer Nielsen who shoots more than 50 shows a year; Garcia and his automotive monster posters; Geoff Ombao’s amazing car illustrations, ranging from Jaguar to Porsche; and DTLA street artists Bohemia Incorporated, whose infamous sculpted works pepper the city, even though no one has ever seen them. 

Their latest work features Jack Nicholson’s 6-foot face from “The Shining” busting out of the side of a building. They’ll be attending the show, but no one will know they’re there.

The art exhibits will run for three months, then strike for a month to regroup and start again. 

A portion of proceeds will benefit a variety of dog rescues, ocean conservancy and children’s art programs. 

And don’t miss the museum’s monthly Cars and Coffee called Muscles and Mojo every first Sunday as you’ll get a sneak peak into the Museum’s 90-car collection and Gallery.

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TONY DOW 308 FERRARI BIRTHDAY DRIVE! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 919 – Fireball arranges to have a Ferrari Shuttle up PCH for Tony Dow’s Birthday. Big thanks to Steve Bolton and his 1977 Ferrari 308GTB.