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Looking for a great KID’S GIFT? Look no further as “Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK of WACKY STATES” will bring your child hours of fun with it’s Wacky Facts and learning of State Capitols, Trees, Animals, State Shapes and COOL CARS! It’s… well, WACKY!!

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Fireball Tim’s BEACHLIFE Coloring Book will color you into the Holidays!

LOVE THE BEACH? Grab “Fireball Tim’s BEACHLIFE Coloring Book” on Amazon for Christmas! Color your way to the Holidays with 20 pages of Custom Beachlife drawings that your kids and grandkids will love!!

Give your kids some WACKY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Fireball’s Kid’s Books are the ULTIMATE GIFT for the kid or grandkid in YOUR life! Plus, a portion of proceeds goes to OCEAN & ANIMAL CONSERVATION! GET ONE NOW!

Coolest CONCEPT VEHICLES of the Day…


Fireball is currently creating NEW VLOGS on the Batmobile and Munster Koach and while he does that, enjoy this great HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CAR PLAYLIST!

Green Hornet’s BLACK BEAUTY, CARS MOVIES and more!

Christmas Gift Idea for the CAR LOVER in your life! Fireball’s MOVIE DESIGN SERIES includes some of his best designs from over 400 films! Get one on AMAZON!

Fireball’s Kid’s Books FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

Click the Banner and snag one of Fireball’s KIDS’ BOOKS for the squirt in your life! A great series of ACTIVITY BOOKS that keep you kids or grand-kids LOVING CARS!

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