Fireball TIKI Coloring Book on track for SEPTEMBER!!

ALMOST HERE FOLKS!!! Fireball Publishing’s all-new TIKI COLORING BOOK will tip the scales on how cool a Coloring Book can be! And you WON’T be disappointed…

20 of Fireball’s insane concepts will grace the pages of this one including an “Escape PELE Volcanic Maze!” You’ve never seen a coloring book like this one… and the World of TIKI will never be the same…

Launching online on Amazon in early September and then grab a personal SIGNED COPY from Fireball at The Buellton Vintage Trailer Show! Be sure to hit their FB Group!

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Fireball Coloring Books NOW AT CORAL REEF!!

Our expansion process continues into Car Museums, Aquariums, Car Clubs and Surf Shops with Fireball Coloring Books landing at CORAL REEF in Westminster.

An amazing TIKI Shop with all kinds of cool stuff including Custom Wetsuits, CORAL REEF now has a selection of Fireball Coloring Books. Head on over and check them out!

Today’s Featured Coloring Book… SURF WOODIES!!

A really great book today to coloring in… Fireball SURF WOODIES is full of fun, nostalgic, hot-rodded and adventurous Woodies that we’ve seen all over SoCal. Even a fun Mexico Adventures Maze!!

Grab one for the kids or grand kids ON AMAZON!

Sketch of the Day… THE PORSCHE 928

If you’re going to picnic in the Black Forest… best to do it in a something really cool…

This one… from our PORSCHE Coloring Book available on Amazon.


In 1992, Kathie bought an ’84 Crossfire Vette. It was a mess. But… it was a Vette and we drove the you-know-what out of it.

So much fun, I decided that it needed to go into our VETTE COLORING BOOK!

This book is not only available on AMAZON, but also in The National Corvette Museum! have at it, folks!!

Arg… there be MARITIME COLORING BOOKS yonder had!

Our MARITIME ADVENTURES COLORING BOOK which sells around the world in Maritime Museums is the ONLY Coloring Book we have with a STORY.

A ship sets sail with her Captain… lost at sea… and hails a true ADVENTURE. Do you have the guts to join her?

Get a copy on Amazon quick… before it sinks!

Off to CAMP ON THE MOON? Here’s what you need…

You never know what you might encounter on the Moon while camping, so make sure you have the right equipment. An AIRSTREAM works…

This one… from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book.

How COLORING adds JOY to your life…

The CREATIVE PROCESS only exists in one place. The PRESENT MOMENT. And it’s the one place that people are happiest…

COLORING, either by yourself or with family and friends puts everyone in a joyous state and brings people together.

Holiday. Birthdays. Weekends. Spend some time coloring together and watch the joy and peace of that moment expand your heart.

Fireball Movie Sketch of the Day… BLACK BEAUTY

This was done for an early version of THE GREEN HORNET where they wanted to redesign The Black Beauty. So… Fireball did.

But the budget of the film negated this idea and they went with the original TV Car design.

What kind of MUSTANG fits a SURFBOARD??

A WOODIE STANG WAGON… Complete with Longboards. Print. Color. Get one for the KIDDIES!