Fireball AUTOMOTIVE CELEBRITY Coloring Books are on the rise…

Fireball CELEBRITY BOOKS are picking up steam as our latest Books hit the PETERSEN, AUTOBOOKS and several Auto Museums around the country. What’s next?? And what’s our HOTTEST SELLER?

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Official FRANK STEPHENSON Coloring Book Cover REVEALED!!!

Only a few days away from launch and here’s the COVER of the all-new FRANK STEPHENSON Coloring Book! On Amazon July 1st!!

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Official FRANK STEPHENSON Coloring Book nears completion with an epic Countryside McLaren 720!

We’re only a few sketches away for the completion of our next Book, coming out July 1st!! So Cool! Check out this hot McLaren 720 hittin’ the English Countryside!

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SPIKE FERESTEN Book Signing will bring out the Cool Cars…

On Saturday, June 26th at 11amSPIKE FERESTEN and Fireball will be at the end the Malibu Pier at One Gun Ranch (Ranch on the Pier) for an amazing Book Signing along with the Cover Car (VW Polizei Bug!), a hand-picked classic from the Murphy Auto Museum and two stunning MUSCLE CARS from One Gun!!

Join us for the awesome beautiful day in the sun and take lunch on the Pier at Malibu Farm!

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MAGNUS Coloring Book coming to AUTOBOOKS in Burbank!!

Have you picked up a copy of the Official MAGNUS WALKER Coloring Book? Well, if you’re in Burbank… you’ll soon be able to hit AUTOBOOKS for a huge selection. They’ll also have SPIKE’S Book!

Go. Browse. And get your CAR FIX!

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FRANK STEPHENSON Sketch #7 takes us to Germany… in a BMW X5

Nothin’ like scootin’ one fo Franks designs (A BMW X5!) through a quaint little German Village for some Schokolade and Coffee. I’m all over it! And this is what you’ll get in the upcoming Official FRANK STEPHENSON Coloring Book July 1st!!

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FRANK STEPHENSON Coloring Book Sketch #3 takes a P1 McLaren and laps Stonehenge!!

If I could… I would. Someone in the UK has to have a McLaren and head out to STONEHENGE. But until they do, we’ll get to Color this one from Frank Stephenson’s new Fireball Coloring Book! Out July 1st!!!

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FRANK STEPHENSON Coloring Book Sketch #2 is aaaaalllll Maserati, baby…

What is this car that Frank Stephenson penned? Well, I’m glad you asked…

This is the MASERATI MC12 CORSA… flanked by the Roman Colosseum. Classic Design in a Classic setting. Book comes out July 1st!!

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Car God FRANK STEPHENSON Coloring Book begins Production…

Right out of the gate and off the heels of the MAGNUS WALKER Coloring Book… comes FRANK STEPHENSON! If you don’t know Frank, then look him up here and revel in his amazing designs. 19 Pages coming throughout the month. Have you picked up Magnus’ Book yet? It’s HOT!!

Sketch 1 is Frank’s design for the FERRARI FXX along the Amalfi Coast!

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It’s with Gratitude and an amazing Honor…

…That I got a chance to work with such a high-level individual as MAGNUS WALKER on our new Coloring Book. An absolutely fantastic experience. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Part 1 of getting the book finished and the creative flow that has emerged from each sketch, inspired by his photographs. Part 2 begins now… and so does the Journey. Thank you for saying “YES,” Magnus.

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