Turns out BILLY GIBBONS is a Fireball fan…

A great time at the CARS & STARS Art/Photo Exhibit with master ZZ TOPPER Billy Gibbons. Turns out he not only loves cars but some of the cars I’ve done for film. Especially the Cobra Merc.

Maybe we need to do a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CAR Coloring Book? (We already are… 😉

Official Fireball WIPEOUT… makes crashing cool

Today’s sketch comes from our SURFER GIRLS Coloring Book. Wish I looked this good when I wiped out…

If the MUMMY had a MUSCLE CAR… this would be it

This is IMHOTEP. Once great ruler in Egypt, he now spends his days hitting car shows in his circa 232AD HIEROGLIPHER. A heavily modified convertible with with some serious (and seriously old) mods.

But no worries as it’s forged from stone, quartz and teak. Been around for quite some time and still chuggin’ along…

TIP! If he offers you a ride, bring some snake repellent…

This sketch… from our GHOUL’S GARAGE COLORING BOOK!

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Pimped MORRIS WOODIE is all about the flames…

You could literally make a WOODIE out of about just anything. In this case, a tiny MORRIS Tuner would make anyone smile with coolness.

What would you turn into a WOODIE?

What’s it like to camp VINTAGE TRAILER-STYLE on THE MOON?

Cold. But cool…

Mustang MONSTER TRUCK cruuuushessss it…..

If you ever had a CRUSH on a car… this would be it. It’s a CLASSIC, it’s a MUSCLE CAR… it’s a MONSTER TRUCK?

Well, here at Fireball Publishing, we do the “World’s Best Automotive Coloring Books” and PORSCHES are next. So anything is possible…

Available online, at The Petersen Automotive Museum, National Corvette Museum and more.

The WILDEST ’73 VETTE you’ll ever see…

Some of the mods include a RAMPART JETSTREAM TURBO, previously used on Russian MIGS, CheesePower Side Pipes and a Hand-Mounted SCRAMJET Blower. Top speed?

0-60 in “Want to see it again?”

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Fireball PORSCHE Coloring Book… SNEEK PEEK!!!

You’d expect to see 911’s and lots of normal PORSCHES in a Porsche Coloring Book... but not here at Fireball Publishing.

Oh sure, there WILL be 911s. But as a tease for the April 1st launch of this new awesome book… here’s a MISSION E… in somewhere VERY unsafe!

Will the charge get full before the T-Rex does??

Vintage Trailer spotted on THE GIZA PLATEAU…

Here at Fireball Publishing, our goal is to create “Fish Out of Water” ideas. Which is why we stuck a Vintage Trailer at the top of THE GREAT PYRAMID.

Quite a view, eh? This one… from our Vintage Trailer Coloring Book.

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MUSTANG WOODIE Shooting Brake… Just because.

Here at Fireball Publishing, were committed to created the BEST DANG CAR COLORING BOOKS on the Planet! Anyone can draw a Mustang… so why not give your kids or grand kids something unique?

This one… from our MUSTANG COLORING BOOK available on Amazon.