To celebrate the launch of our latest book, The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book, we’ve gotten together with Tony & Lauren Dow to launch our first COLORING BOOK CONTEST!

Watch the vid to get the skinny on how it works… and then Get ‘ta Colorin!’

TONY DOW Book arrives at the Fireball Pad!

The Official Tony Dow Coloring Book PROOF is finally here! Now, we launched the book without actually looking at the physical proof, but the digital version was SMACK-DADDY!!

And the book looks spectacular! I will have this copy at MUSCLES AND MOJO this weekend… along with our all new FIREBALL MASKS for everyone to check out. Spectacular! (We’ll be officially launching the MASKS next week…!)

SURPRISE!! The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book is NOW AVAILABLE!


To celebrate NATIONAL COLORING BOOK DAY on August 2nd, we wanted to get this out early! The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book is now available ON AMAZON along with all our other amazing books!    

ENJOY, and please know that 20% of all proceeds HELPS DOG RESCUES and the SPCA!

Today’s COLOR ME… The Spiney Shark is the only Shark that…

Want to know FACTS about the Spiney Shark? Grab a copy of our super cool SHARKS Coloring Book. Not only can you color some cool Sharks, but you’ll learn all about them as well!

Fireball locks in final CUSTOM Automotive Coloring Book for 2020 with Collector/Builder GARY WALES…

Wrapping up 2020 is turning out to be quite spectacular at Fireball Publishing. Here’s the slate as it looks for our line-up of Coloring Books up to Christmas.

August 1 reveals The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book, with only 10 days to launch. And it looks fantastic for all you “Leave it to Beaver” fans.

September 1st brings STATION WAGONS which we’ll be doing a fun event at the Buellton Vintage Trailer Show along with a Special Guest Signing with TONY and his wife LAUREN.

October 1 is ANOTHER big reveal and this time it’s The Official GARY WALES COLLECTION! If you know Gary, then you know he’s got some amazing Cars including La Bestioni.

November 1st is a new Travel Coloring Book on HAWAII! Should be a Blast and feature the BEST of all the Islands!

The, come December 1st is The Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book! 19 of Gene’s amazing builds including Maybelline, Pacifica and The Wild Cad. A spectacular book just in time for Christmas!

VIDEO- Leave it to Beaver Official TONY DOW Coloring Book – Fireball Publishing

Fun discussion with Tony yesterday… and the book is out August 1st!

Official TONY DOW Coloring Book COVER…. REVEALED!!!

HERE IT IS, FOLKS! The Cover of Tony’s new Coloring Book came out awesome and features not only him as Wally on “Leave it to Beaver,” but the Corvair he drove in High School and recently got back last year! Click the link and check it out on the Vlog! It’s FAAAAST! And also, as he is today as an amazing Sculptor.

In the background, you’ll see Catalina where he grew up and his passion for the Ocean. The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book solely hits Amazon worldwide on August 1st!

TONY DOW Coloring Book COVER being revealed TOMORROW MORNING!!!

What’s it look like?? The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book is coming out August 1st to Amazon, but the COVER will be revealed TOMORROW MORNING right here on the Fireball Blog! Don’t miss it!

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Official TONY DOW Coloring Book more than half completed… will be featured on tomorrow’s VLOG!

Tony’s Coloring Book… is bookin!’ More than half completed, we are on track for an August 1st launch on Amazon.

Fireball is currently working on sketches that reflect Tony’s Directing career on Babylon5, Harry & the Hendersons and Swamp Thing. Yes, Tony also became a TV Director in the 80’s!

Rest assured, there’s plenty of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER, CARS and amazing TRAVEL!! It’s going to be an awesome Coloring Book. Price is now set at $9.99.

TOMORROW! Fireball MUSTANG Coloring Book getting an all-new COVER DESIGN!

Here at Fireball Publishing, we constantly strive to improve our books to be the BEST which is why we’re launching an all new CUSTOM COVER for our most popular MUSTANGS!

As you know, Fireball is a Master of Mods and this new YETI Cover features an insane Offroad Crusher with one of the biggest motors we could fit!

It’ll be out tomorrow!!