Birthday Gift of the Day… Fireball’s MERMAIDS Coloring Book!

Simply put, what little girl doesn’t love MERMAIDS? So, for their next Birthday or Christmas Gift, why not give them 20-pages of Mermaid Coloring Wacktacularness?

Bluelined by Kathie and inked by Fireball, this book kicks butt and is what ALL Coloring Books should look like!

Hit it to AMAZON now and snag one… two… or three for the girls in your life… and let’s build that  STRONG WOMAN TOGETHER.

Today’s Fireball Coloring Book… PIRATES!

“Arrrrgggg!!!!” You know, not sure if any Pirate in REAL Pirate days actually said that or if they were really called Scurvy Buggers. But after watching SWASHBUCKLER over a thousand times, they might as well have.

So get your PIRATE BOOTY on and snag one of these great Pirate Coloring Books from Fireball on Amazon. Any boy with an imagination will be sure to love the 20 pages of Piratey coolness. Problem solved! (Throw in a copy of Swashbuckler for them on their Birthday and watch those eyes light up!)

Hit it!

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Fireball’s MERMAID COLORING BOOK Officially Launches!!

It’s finally out folks! For the little girls in your life, this amazing new book (Illustrated by Fireball and Kathie too!) will send their coloring imagination into the sea!

These are all Kathie’s designs and concepts, finished in black-line by Fireball. 20 beautiful drawing including a crazy-fun MERMAZE!

Snag one on AMAZON Now!

New Fireball Learning BIG BOOK! It’s fulla WACKY THINGS!

Fireball’s latest 2 books include his PIRATES COLORING BOOK and this BIG BOOK of WACKY THINGS.

What’s the point?

“My books are poised to help my audience give the gift of imagination and learning. Have a child of grandchild in your life somewhere? These books will inspire their imagination and help them become great designers, thinkers and positivists.

There is no better gift than one that puts a smile on a child’s face… and millions are not smiling… yet.”

A portion of all proceeds goes to HOPE FOR PAWS.

Get one on Amazon HERE.


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Fireball launches 2 NEW BOOKS! Pirates and Wacky Things!

To fit within the great library of COLORING & LEARNING Books, Fireball has now released his new PIRATES Coloring Book and BIG BOOK of WACKY THINGS. Both available on Amazon.

The PIRATES Book is 20 pages for Coloring out of Fireball’s extensive Hollywood Library.

The WACKY THINGS teaches kids and adults of all ages, the uniqueness of inanimate objects as vehicles. A great addition to the ever-growing set from his Book Arm, Vlogmaster Publishing.

Today’s Featured Book… Fireball’s MAD MOVIE CARS

If you were unaware, Fireball has designed cars for over 400 film, TV and Commercial projects. Inside this guide are some of the coolest renderings for each film including BATMAN, GONE IN 60 SECONDS, KNIGHT RIDER, GREEN HORNET and more! Get it on Amazon NOW!