The Official MAGNUS WALKER Coloring Book starts in 2 weeks!!!

OMG… things getting wickedly cool here at Fireball. We are only 2 weeks away from starting the insane Illustrations for the Official MAGNUS WALKER Coloring Book. Which cars has he picked?? What’s it gonna look like?? Are there still Aliens in Area 51??

All this and more will be revealed starting May 1st!!

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Fireball’s Official SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!!!

It’s finally here after a month of sketching COOL CARS, this all-new SPIKE BOOK features some of his favorite cars including Porsches, Ferraris and Aston Martins!! But as a first, it also has an incredible CROSSWORD PUZZLE from Eric Dick along with the Maze!! Get your copy NOW!!

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Super-cool SIGNED DENNIS GAGE Coloring Books now available in The Fireball Store on ETSY!!!

An amazing CELEBRITY Book, Dennis Gage’s ORPHANS & ODDBALLS Coloring Book is now available HERE in our ETSY Store!! ONLY 25 AVAILABLE!!!

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Fireball’s SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book nearly complete and launches April 1st…

Lost of amazing cars in this one… including a 1978 HONDA ACCORD? Well, why not?? Many of these cars were owned by Spike over the years and play a significant role in his passion.

Book comes to Amazon April 1st!

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Fireball locks in phenom Cultural, Fashion and Automotive Icon MAGNUS WALKER for awesome June Coloring Book!!!

When you say the name MAGNUS WALKER, it conjures an overwhelming plethora of automotive and fashion images. And June 1st (and after an epic 2hour brainstorm at his shop in DTLA yesterday…) Magnus will have his own insane Coloring Book available WORLDWIDE from Fireball Publishing.

What’s gonna be inside? Porsches for sure. Magnus Porsches. But so… much… more. Stay tuned on the Blog at and ART TALK LIVE on Facebook at 8am(pst) every weekday for updates.

277 is coming… fast.

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All-new wacky Dennis Gage ORPHAN’S & ODDBALLS Coloring Book is NOW AVAILABLE!!

An amazing array of the WEIRD & WONDERFUL! This all-new Coloring Book is now available on AMAZON here! SNAG, COLOR, REPEAT!!

10% of proceeds helps DOG RESCUES and OCEAN CLEANUP!

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The awesome Cover of Dennis Gage’s ORPHANS & ODDBALLS Coloring Book… REVEALED!!

Here it is and boy is this new book gonna be awesome! It’s our 43rd Book overall and the BEST ONE YET. But what car is this??

The Official Launch will be this Monday on Fireball’s Facebook Show ART TALK LIVE at 8am(pst)! Or… is it already available??

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Fireball’s Official SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book moved up to April 1, 2021… and it’s no joke

The days here at Fireball are being booked like free trips to Aruba! We’re currently in the throws of a book with Car Icon DENNIS GAGE, but now our Official SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book has been moved up to April 2021 from late November!

That means that Fireball’s hand has to move like lightning! This year is not only full booked, but as of right now, January 2022 is now a lock with Kustom Icon VON HOT ROD!

Stay tuned here on the BLOG or on ART TALK LIVE Weekdays at 8am(pst) from Fireball’s FB Page for updates on incoming books like MARILYN MONROE, Car Designer FRANK STEPHENSON & more with SUPERFLY AUTOS!

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Classic 1954 KAISER DARRIN snags its own spot in the Dennis Gage Coloring Book!

WIKI… The Kaiser Darrin, also known as the Kaiser Darrin 161 or in short as the Darrin, was an American sports car designed by Howard “Dutch” Darrin and built by Kaiser Motors for the 1954 model year.

Essentially a revamp of Kaiser’s Henry J compact, the Kaiser Darrin was one of its designer’s final achievements and was noted for being the first American car equipped with a fiberglass body and doors that slid on tracks into the front fender wells. The car was named both for Henry J. Kaiser, head of Kaiser Motors, and Darrin.

Intergalactic & FABULOUS Hudson Hornet locks in a spot in Dennis Gage’s new ORPHANS & ODDBALLS Coloring Book!

Almost half way through Dennis Gage’s new Coloring Book (Orphans & Oddballs) here at Fireball Publishing. And today, we secured a spot for the FABULOUS HUDSON HORNET!!

Fireball’s sketch not only depicts the Hudson as it races like a JET, but it seems to be in an INTERGALACTIC RACE! WHO KNEW!!

So much more coming!! Book launches March 1st HERE ON AMAZON!