Yes, the future will include BADASS CORVETTES like this…

Will cops use Corvettes to catch bad guys in the future of 2070? According to our predictions here at Fireball Publishing, they will. In fact, we’re designing their COOL CARS right now in our Coloring Books!

Will our predictions come true? Who cares… just Color this one and have an awesome day, ppl.

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Was 1964 as cool as this CORVETTE SKETCH? Yes…

1964 was the year that I… well, I didn’t really do all that much as I was a little embryo about to be born in ’65. So there’s that.

But, I had to do this 1964 CORVETTE for our VETTE Coloring Book because it was just frikkin’ cool. And that’s all I have to say about THAT.

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Fireball Publishing 2019 WHOLESALE CATALOG Available January 1st!

Our NEW 2019 WHOLESALE CATALOG will be available January 1st for download on our site! It includes all books from 2018 now, plus reveals new Coloring Books for 2019. Those include… oh no, we’re not givin’ it away THAT easy.

Come and get it on Tuesday, folks!

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Is this the Beastliest 1964 MUSTANG on the Planet?

First-generation Ford Mustang was built by Ford from 1964 ’til 1973. Thus, the PONY CAR was born.

DID YOU KNOW?? The underpinnings were the Falcon? Designer was Gale Halderman and done in 1962.

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Fireball Publishing announces next Automotive Coloring Book…

Here we go, folks! The next Automotive Coloring Book headed your way will be on February 1st… and it’s WOODIES!

Fireball’s been working with several Woodie enthusiasts to hand pick what Woodies will be rep’d in this new awesome book, but as you know… these will not be normal Woodies, but FIREBALL SURF WOODIES!

Stay tuned to the Vlog as Fireball starts to create these illustrations January 1st. SUBSCRIBE HERE so you don’t miss an episode!

Ford, Chevy, Mercs, Buicks and lots more will be in the book including a Woodie Mexico Surf Jungle Maze!

Other books for 2019 will include MOPAR, CAMARO and more! All Books are available on Amazon here or at Car Shows attended by Fireball.

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Fireball SKETCH of the Day… DEADLFT

There’s still time to get one of our CUSTOM CAR COLORING BOOKS for Christmas! Head to AMAZON NOW!

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Fireball SKETCH of the Day… VETTE-DRIFT!


Fireball SKETCH of the Day… Godzilla Blading…

SKETCH of the Day… 1969 Vette!

In the future, Police will be cool. And you’ll WANT to be stopped by them.

SKETCH of the Day… Corvette TIME MACHINE!

Sometimes you just gotta think outta the box… outta the norm. It’s 2019… and although the DeLorean was cool in BTTF, if they made another sequel, it would be time to get serious.

So… let the “I”s have it.