Fireball PORSCHE Coloring Book… SNEEK PEEK!!!

You’d expect to see 911’s and lots of normal PORSCHES in a Porsche Coloring Book... but not here at Fireball Publishing.

Oh sure, there WILL be 911s. But as a tease for the April 1st launch of this new awesome book… here’s a MISSION E… in somewhere VERY unsafe!

Will the charge get full before the T-Rex does??

Vintage Trailer spotted on THE GIZA PLATEAU…

Here at Fireball Publishing, our goal is to create “Fish Out of Water” ideas. Which is why we stuck a Vintage Trailer at the top of THE GREAT PYRAMID.

Quite a view, eh? This one… from our Vintage Trailer Coloring Book.

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MUSTANG WOODIE Shooting Brake… Just because.

Here at Fireball Publishing, were committed to created the BEST DANG CAR COLORING BOOKS on the Planet! Anyone can draw a Mustang… so why not give your kids or grand kids something unique?

This one… from our MUSTANG COLORING BOOK available on Amazon.

ANY movie becomes cooler with a MUSTANG MACH 1… YES or NO?

CARS make movie way cooler, no mater WHAT the movie is… So what was you favorite film using a MACH 1?? Leave a Comment!

Should they make a new KNIGHT RIDER Movie??

Although fairly Hoff Cheesy, does KNIGHT RIDER deserve a full-blown Fast & Furious level MOVIE? A serious, take-no-prisoners type of dark Christopher Nolan take?

Leave a comment below…

This one from our MUSTANG Coloring Book on Amazon…

My wife’s CORVETTE… Heavily Modified

Normally, you’d never get a chance to modify your wife’s car. But such is not the case… when you do a Coloring Book.

Kathie had a 1984 Vette and I always wanted to GO BIG on it. But, she was happy just “Cruising the Crossfire” as they say. Until the day is died.

Alas, we sold it. But if I DID get my hands on it… it would have been an epic sight as you see here. And it would have crushed anything in 2060. 😉

This one… from our VETTE Coloring Book available on Amazon.

The FIRST WOODIE ever found…

Yes, this was the VERY FIRST WOODIE ever built. Around 64M B.C. (We don’t have a confirmed date, but we do have this photo!) Weird, ’cause we didn’t think camera tech went back that far… but whatever.

Some highlights of this cars were the solid state wheels forged from quarry sandstone, Melt Granite Body and pink quartz windows. The wood came from the now extinct Varoomus Excitus Tree. Pretty cool.

Oh, and this is where the Flintstones got their idea…

Color it!

This one from our SURF WOODIES Coloring Book on Amazon!

Camping in JURASSIC PARK… Vintage Trailer-Style

Recently, I went to Jurassic Park with some Neanderthal buddies. It was a challenge as I could not understand half the grunts and gurgles of my friends due to their undeveloped vocal chords.

Plus, there were Dinosaurs. Hungry Dinosaurs. Luckily for us, most of the Dinos considered our cool Vintage Trailer to be a curiosity. So, they pretty much observed and moved on. Whew.

Had a good time and I’d recommend it… plus smores.

This one from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book on Amazon. Git it…

JURASSIC PARK meets Pickup… Done

Should we do a MOVIE CAR Coloring Book? Seems to make sense considering we’re… a little off.

Coming this year…

SURF WOODIE jumps 8 surfboards…

Is this a World Record? Not sure as we did hear that someone jumped 8 Surfboards and a Cow in Indonesia, but that’s not confirmed yet.

Regardless… it’s still cool.

This one from our SURF WOODIES Coloring Book available on Amazon.

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