If you weren’t aware, Fireball did design concepts for the TV Show KNIGHT RIDER… so… we stuck one in the MUSTANG Coloring Book!

Should we do a Hollywood Movie Car Coloring Book for 2019?? Leave a Comment below and what car you’d like to see!!

All-New Fireball SHARKS Coloring Book kicks off November 1st!!!

Only about 10 days away until the Fireball SHARKS Coloring Book hits Stores, Amazon and Aquariums! This books is very unique as it’s not just a Coloring Book, but a book on Shark facts, too! Color, Learn, Grow!

If you want this book IN your Store or Aquarium Giftshop, get your orders in early by emailing us at! But on November 1st… thee Sharks will be loose!

This is a BULL SHARK… and yes, it can swim in fresh water. Just one of the things you’ll learn in SHARKS!

SKETCH of the Day… The Bride’s BAD BENTLEY

Some Bentley’s are just sick looking… but then… there’s the BAD BENTLEY. A massive vehicle that only THE BRIDE could handle as it seems to have a mind of it’s own on Halloween.

While you’re trick or treating, be sure to keep a look out. Then… RUN.


The BoneWagon is Jack’s Skelly’s favorite ride. Only… he may have to use his own bones to replace those that fall off! But, with a 5.7lt Vortec motor with jacked-header, CIA and custom exhaust… this thing moves. Just watch out for those POTHOLES!


Fireball designed this car for the film SON OF THE MASK many years ago… and now it’s part of the VOLO MUSEUM Coloring Book available exclusively through them. Could your Company, Store, Car Show, Event or CAR MUSEUM benefit from YOUR OWN Coloring Book? FOR SURE!!

Email Fireball and talk cool cars!


One Night Only… The BLOB-mobile is actually VERY practical considering the Blob moves way to slow and barely can catch people, although we all tend to trip, get stuck behind doors and scream a lot. That can certainly be a tummy-filler, but when it comes to gettin’ around town to do some serious consumption, BLOG scoots in his gooey-ooey BLOB-mobile.

See more in our GHOULS’ GARAGE Coloring Book available no on AMAZON!

All-New SHARKS Coloring Book Cover REVEALED!!!!!

Not only is our new SHARKS Coloring Book going to be our coolest book yet, this one is filled with a CRAZY SHARK MAZE and tons of SHARK FACTS!!!

Be on the lookout November 1st for these RULERS OF THE SEA!

SKETCH of the Day… The Black Catted CAT-TASTROFEEDER

This is the Black Cat driven CAT-TASTROFEEDER. Today’s Halloween-inspired… and frightening carpet-powered feline froozer. We don’t recommend you race these guys as they don’t take losing well… and will get you back later. But it’s cool to look at, eh? Just don’t stare too long.


Are you old enough to remember THE CRAWLING EYE? Well, this was the movie that scared the bejeeezus out of Kathie as a child. And now, it’s been immortalized in our Coloring Book GHOUL’S GARAGE!!! Only this time, instead of crawling… it’s DRIVING!!

Hey, an eye’s gotta do what and eye’s gotta do. Grab the book here on Amazon!!

Fireball announces release of CORVETTE COLORING BOOK December 1st!!!

It’s official! On the heels of our new SHARKS Coloring Book coming November 1st, we’re launching our CORVETTES Coloring Book just in time for Christmas! Woo Hoo!

It’ll be 20 pages of Vette Goodness throughout history, and as you know since Fireball has designed over 400 vehicles for movies and TV, there will be some seriously wild Vettes in this book! Kid’s are gonna go HOGWILD!!!

Be sure to download the Catalog which includes MUSTNAGS, VINTAGE TRAILERS and a heap of Sealife Books… but that pales in comparison to our 2019 Slate. You’ll see WOODIES, SURF, HOT RODS, CHALLENGERS, CLASSICS, VINTAGE and MORE! Like I said… HOGWILD!!

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