HISTORY OF SURFING confirmed as next Fireball Coloring Book!

Here at Fireball Publishing, we love cars and the ocean. Our books range from all things cool CARS to SEALIFE, ocean conservancy and SURFING.

Next month, we launch THE HISTORY OF SURFING as a Coloring Book. You’ll not only get amazing coloring images, but a chronological history of surfing through the years. DUKE is even on the cover!

Keep an eye out on the Vlog as well as Fireball’s ART TALK LIVE show on Facebook each morning at 8am (pst)!

For now, PRINT this image and design some Surfboards!

Today’s Fireball Sketch… ’58 VETTE FROM HELL



Ok sure, we’re not exactly how old this trailer is… but it’s old. Like… Jurassic old.

In fact, these guys are the ancestors of the Flintstones, so it’s gotta be 65 Million years. Imagine trying to get some period correct dish wear for this puppy?

Still looking for parts, but if you want to see some other cool trailers, hit The Murphy Auto Museum this weekend.

This one… from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book available on Amazon!

Is PORSCHE getting into SPACESHIPS??

Even in Hollywood post-apocalyptic worlds, cars appear from time to time. Why not a derelict PORSCHE?

Sure, anyone can draw a Porsche in a Coloring Book. But only here at FIREBALL PUBLISHING do we go to extreme levels to tell unique stories. This one… is the last Porsche on the planet after an Alien Invasion.

No worries tho… as by then, PORSCHE has gotten into building super fast Spaceships. You should see the CAYMEN INTERPLANETARY SPEEDSTER!

From our PORSCHE Coloring Book, available on Amazon!

The World’s First Undersea Rescue WOODIE…

Talk about a fish out of water? Today’s featured 4-Wheeled Contraption is our UNDERSEA RESCUE WOODIE! Scoots to a depth of 500 feet, just enough to carve with the fishies and hang with the whale pods.

Oh… and fun when it comes to Submersible Recovery as the Little Geeks are always becoming un-tethered…

This one… from our SURF WOODIES Coloring Book!

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1984 CROSSFIRE CORVETTE… Soooo Heavily Modified.

Sure, there are a lot of things you can do to a Vette. But here at FIREBALL PUBLISHING, the sky’s the limit. So how about a 1500hp ’84 Crossfire Vette with Plasmatic Boost? Uh huh…

This one, from our VETTE COLORING BOOK available on Amazon!

YETI discovered… turns out he’s a MUSTANG Fan…

There we were… minding our own business in the woods, when we came across a YETI FOOTPRINT! Only, it was right next to a MONSTER TRUCK Tire Tread print!

We followed and after three hours of trekking, I manage to snag this B&W Photo of the actual YETI pulling up to his cave. Turns out he’s a Car Guy and loves Mustangs.

We hung out a bit, ate some tree berries and he made us some chicory root brew. Strong stuff.

He mentioned that he might hit WHEELS AND WAVES next time. We’ll see.

For now, just grab our Mustang Coloring Book and get your Color On…

Take a shot at DESIGNING A PORSCHE!!

Ok, not a re-design, but this page from our new PORSCHE COLORING BOOK will give you a chance to design some GRAPHICS, CRAZY COLORS or whatever you want!

Have at it and Grab a copy of the book ON AMAZON!

Inside Scoop on our new PORSCHE COLORING BOOK… a wacky 914

Lots of cool PORSCHES in our new Coloring Book now available on Amazon. But to start things rolling, how about a Wacky Jet-power assisted 914? Yup.

The Fireball PORSCHE COLORING BOOK is now Available!!!

Fireball’s all-new PORSCHE Coloring Book is their most unique book yet! Chock fulla amazing drawings which include 911’s, 917’s, 928’s and even a Zombie Killer Boxster!

And remember, 10% of Proceeds goes to Dog Rescues!!