THIS… is the Ultimate Tropical Vintage Trailer Paradise…

Ok, so actual drive-time with VINTAGE TRAILERS can be cool as you get to see a lot of things. But as having a VT means racking up “Chill-Time,” then finding the best spot for your cool classic VT is what it’s about.

This couple (the Surfitons and their HOLIDAY HOUSE) found their spot here on the island of Pavarua in the Tahitian Chain. It’s small. I mean… zit on your forehead small.

But no matter, the island is abundant with life as you can see here. SCORE one for the Surfitons and their dog “Shorty.” (You can’t see him as he’s doing his business behind the trailer.) Nice!

(This one… from our VINTAGE TRAILER Coloring Book available on Amazon.)

Was a CORVETTE just discovered on the MOON?

Sure looks that way. According to reports from the glistening silver orb, an 800hp Vette was just uncovered in the Crater LV427. And the question on everyone’s mind is… who’s storing cars on the MOON, dangit?

Could it be Elon Musk? Jeff Bezos? Apple? Well, we’ll stay on top of this until the mystery is solved, but if you have an idea, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!

This one… from our VETTE Coloring Book available on Amazon!

Fireball SURFER GIRLS Coloring Book Press Release


Fireball Publishing reveals their first surf-inspired Coloring Book, SURFER GIRLS

Fireball Publishing is truly taking the Coloring World by storm this year with their second book launch in so many months, rounding out their entire coloring line to 16 titles. 12 books are slated for 2019 themed heavily on CARS and BEACHLIFE. But this month… it’s SURFER GIRLS.

The SURFER GIRLS Coloring Book encompasses 19 stunning surfer beauties across the world hitting the waves. Primary concepts by author/illustrator Kathie Lawrence and inked by Fireball, it also includes another amazing MAZE. But new in this one, the book incorporates INSPIRATION QUOTES for kids from unique surfers and inspiring leaders of the past about the ocean.

“Coloring Books are a perfect opportunity to set good habits and positive outlooks into the minds of children. It’s really what the world needs right now,” says Fireball.

Available on Amazon now and soon to be available in SURF SHOPS, SURFING MUSEUMS, CONTESTS and across the online surfing world, Fireball Publishing’s master-plan is being realized by a consistent tidal wave of strategic web marketing. The books are also available wholesale to all resellers.

Fireball Publishing’s unique program of Fully-Custom Branded and Sponsored books are also available, making them the #1 up and coming publisher for coloring activity.

2019’s slate also includes more CAR books covering RAT RODS, CAMAROS & FERRARI. But mid- year will also bring THE HISTORY OF SURFING.

FPG was spearheaded by Fireball Tim and Kathie Lawrence in January of 2018, off the heels of over 35 years in the film industry as designers on 400+ Blockbuster Films. From Batman to Jurassic Park. Now this Hollywood Design Couple has blasted onto the Coloring Book market along with a TV Show (Fireball Malibu Vlog with 900 episodes and 30M viewers) and continue to create books at lightning speed.



On my way to WHEELS AND WAVES!!!!

Where is PARADISE for YOU? Mine is in a TIKI WOODIE…

Aloha… a word that means HELLO… and GOODBYE. Kind of like “CHEERS, MATE!”

What that has to do with a TIKI WOODIE, I don’t know. But “Aloha, ppl!”

So why do we love Polynesian Culture so much? Well, because it’s Paradise and who doesn’t love THAT? But if you could go to Paradise. what would that be for YOU?

LEAVE A COMMENT and then check out our Surf Woodies Coloring Book on Amazon!

Is the Gone in 60 Seconds ’67 MUSTANG the King of all Movie Cars?

What do you think? If not this film car… then which one exemplifies the KING OF MOVIE CARS? LEAVE A COMMENT!

This piece from our MUSTANG Coloring Book on Amazon. Grab a copy!

Fireball reveals SURFER GIRLS Coloring Book Cover for March 1st!!!


Kathie and Fireball have been working feverishly all month to create the ultimate SURFER GIRLS Coloring Book specifically for… well, Girls that Surf!

And boy is it AWESOME!! Here’s the cover, but stay tuned for the launch in 2 weeks!


467HP 2019 LEXUS RC F ROCKETSHIP – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 899 – Some Malibu goodness, plus Fireball wraps up his time in the 2019 Lexus RC F.

SURFER GIRLS Coloring Book coming MARCH 1ST!!

GODZILLA Rollerblading…

I had trouble with the title of this one… ’cause basically, it’s GODZILLA ROLLERBLADING. Not sure what else to say about it other than… that’s cool.

This on from our GHOUL’S GARAGE Coloring Book, available on Amazon.


This is Pete. He’s a builder. And over the years since the 60’s, Pete’s done Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Lowriders and several Bombs.

But a year ago, he decided to build a FLYING WOODIE. And as no one has ever done this, it didn’t stop him ’cause he’s just that kinda guy. So… Pete went to town.

Some highlights of the build are Plasmatic Thrusters by THRUSTO (a major sponsor), Longevity Lifters and a Rampart enhanced servo-motor pachenco patch whipping power to ScramJet proportions. It’s serious. You know, the kind you find on Robot Power Movers on IO.

Anyway, his creation he calls BUZZIE. ‘Cause… it’s a Woodie, and it flies like a fly… duh.

BUZZIE will be on display at SEMA this year. It will also be giving rides at The Murphy Museum in Oxnard next month. Have at it…

**This one from our SURF WOODIE Coloring Book… available on Amazon.