Best Concept Car Designs of the Day… Buick, Cadillac, RetroClassic

Yea, I know it’s a bit weird, but a Concept Car can become a Classic too. And here’s some, yo…

Best Concept Designs of the Day… Back to the Future Lambo, BMW, Aston, Buick, Bugatti

Best Concept Cars of the 2018 Detroit Auto Show… GAC, Lexus, Infinity, Nissan

A somewhat light turnout of Concept Cars for my taste, but then again, I wouldn’t mind a show of ALL Concepts. That would be so cool!

Take a look at these below and let me know which ones you like best. My money is on the Nissan Language. Very cool.

Best Car Designs of the Day… BMW, Lancia, Lambo, Pagani

Design Dissection… BMWi Vision Dynamics

A beautiful execution here. Language is soft and subtle, yet encompassing an overall strong balance. Aggressive styling, but not blatantly overpowering. Love to see this in some colors.

Best Car Designs of the Day… Concepts, Range Rover, Kia, Infinity