Today in MALIBU… Amazing Classic Lancia, 1969 HELLCAT Destroyer & Jerry Seinfeld’s Pea Green… ?

Just cruising through my town reveals cool stuff… TODAY IN MALIBU, it’s all about this super cool Classic Lancia (anyone know the date?) a HELLCAT powered ’69 Charger and Jerry Seinfeld’s Classic Porsche 911… in Pea Green.

CLARK GABLE’S original 1952 Jaguar XK120 discovered in storage…

Rick White-Fireball Blogger

This 1952 Jaguar XK120 below is an open two-seater that was purchased new by Hollywood Film Icon Clark Gable and modified early in its life by Barris Kustoms.

Finished in Barris Gold over red leather, Chassis 672623 features shaved trim, wheel spats, and a Carson hardtop. The car was discovered in storage in 2010 by a Chicago-based collector, who subsequently commissioned a restoration by Jim Kakuska of JK Restorations.

Power is from the original 3.4-liter DOHC inline-six, which is paired with a four-speed manual gearbox.

When I was about seven years old in 1960, my father was discussing at the dinner table how he was designing an addition on a home for a movie star by the name of Clark Gable.

One Saturday morning, during construction, my father asked me to join him on a job walk. I sat in the car while my Dad visited with his client at a partially framed addition to an existing ranch style home in the San Fernando Valley.

Over by the garage, sat this exotic top down convertible, a Jaguar XK120. Even at that young age I was intrigued by the lines and the uniqueness of the design.

When my Dad returned to the car (his white ’59 Chevrolet Biscayne) I asked about the car and he commented that it belonged to the “movie star.” Given that my Dad had previously sold his 2-seater white Austin Healey for a 1953 powder blue Chevrolet 2-door sedan (more of a family car), I was surprised by his answer and cool attitude. That distant memory now is almost “Gone with the Wind.”

Rick White (aka Ricardo Blanco) has lived in Ventura for the last 30 years. As the current President to the Santa Barbara Woodie Club, he grew up in the car culture of Southern California learning to drive, earlier than legal, in the Ranch’s ‘55 Ford Pickup Truck.

Rick cruised Van Nuys Blvd in the late 60’s in his ‘64 GTO, graduating to his ‘62 Jaguar XKE in the 70’s, and later crossing over to Corvettes in the 2000’s.

He began raising his family with Eliane, Kyle and Karina when this 1950 Ford Woodie “Ruby” came into their lives and has been their main cruise for the past 30 years. Ruby has just past the 500,000 miles mark and her Hot Rod flathead still runs like a scalded dog!

Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch… CAR GIRLS to the extreme

If you could pick any car on the planet… what would it be? Such is the case for GOLDEN AUTOMOTIVE HOLLYWOOD.

What did these Classic HOLLYWOOD TOUGH GUYS drive? Can you name them all?

Hollywood TOUGH GUYS need tough cars. But it isn’t always easy to get the right car for the right guy. Can you name these??

MUSTANG WEEK Celeb KEVIN HART and his 1967 Shelby Eleanor (Photoset)

Mustangs are on AMAZON


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Turns out BILLY GIBBONS is a Fireball fan…

A great time at the CARS & STARS Art/Photo Exhibit with master ZZ TOPPER Billy Gibbons. Turns out he not only loves cars but some of the cars I’ve done for film. Especially the Cobra Merc.

Maybe we need to do a HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CAR Coloring Book? (We already are… 😉

Ride of the Week: Cruising along PCH with Hollywood’s Kirk Taylor

It seems that nowadays, people want to tell their stories more often. Or maybe it’s just that, thanks to the web, they now can in a variety of ways. 

Long before Jerry Seinfeld’s car show, I did a thing called 5Minute Drive where I took celebs for drives in cool cars and got their stories. It was fun, unique and in-depth. And now, there are a multitude of shows online that are doing it.

So, it’s time to evolve.

When actor Kirk Taylor’s people reached out to me to do a Vlog episode about Taylor and an article here, I jumped as I always do. It’s fun to meet new creative people who are making a difference. So, we got together and this is how it went.

Taylor has been an actor for a long time and he’s been fortunate to have worked with some amazing people over the years. His first story involved Charles Bronson, where he played a heavy opposite to the massive gun toting vigilante in “Death Wish 3.” Bronson pushed him to get intense, resulting in a rifle-powered pistol blowing a Hollywood hole on Taylor. He was fine, but the leather jacket he was wearing was blown to smithereens.

“It nearly made me sick when I looked at what had become of the jacket,” mentioned Taylor. 

As we drove his 2017 Kia Niro up PCH, the last thing on our mind was stopping for gas, as it got 51 miles per gallon. So, we kept moving. 

Next up was an audition for Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket.” He told a hysterical story about getting shot in the rump that, although very funny, is not appropriate for this article so you’ll have to watch my Vlog, Episode 893. Yes, he got the job. 

Taylor’s stints as an actor also included the cult hit, “The Last Dragon” in which he was pulled from an extra to a fighting roll as one of Sho’nuff’s henchmen. Yes, that was the bad guy’s name: Sho’nuff. 

But nowadays, Taylor is doing a combination of acting, teaching acting and music — all of which landed him a roll opposite Chaka Khan in the upcoming musical film “Revival,” out this Easter. 

I got the sense that Taylor was a kind, gentle soul in the mix of Hollywood’s violent realm from the past. The same goes for most of my friends who are stuntmen to Hollywood’s elite, including Jeff Jensen, Stuart Wilson, Simon Rhee and many others. 

The tough, bad guys in film are always the kindest people I’ve ever met. And maybe it’s because they love cars, eh? 

Regardless, pretty sure that Taylor is still driving that 2017 Kia and hasn’t visited a gas station in the last two weeks or more. Times are a changin’ and gas stations may become a thing of the past. Will millennials not know what it’s like to fill ’er up? 

Big thanks to Taylor for hanging out with me and cruising Malibu’s scenic PCH. We hit Latigo for some beach time and had a blast. If you’re an agent or in PR, send me your celeb peeps and we’ll do the same.

And be on the lookout for Taylor in his upcoming film, where he sings a solid tune. Sho’nuff.

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