CAR ART… Nick Pugh busts a bitchin’ rolling sculpture

Went to school with Nick and he was certainly one of the best designers to come out of Art Center. And still is… But I’ll be posting more CAR ART from people I think deserve a real look from time to time. This one ended up a REAL car. Check Nick’s stuff out here…

Fireball RENDER of the day… 1956 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL because yo’ nasty Mamma said so.

Sometimes as a designer, you just gotta get to it…

And when I’m not doing the Coloring Book thing or the Movie Car thing… I’m whippin’ Classic Storms. And today, it’s a 1956 CHRYSLER IMPERIAL. Somebody please… build it.

2030 MUSTANG… does it show the true FUTURE LANGUAGE of Ford?

Does this 2030 FORD MUSTANG do anything for you?

Many designers try to forecast the direction language of car brands, but only the brands like Ford can decide their true direction. It’s fun to see this exploration as a designer.

No one could predict 20 years ago that the MustangEV would be here, so by 2040, there’s a good chance that there will be tech that isn’t on the books right now. Something we can’t even see coming.

But, predict away people… What do YOU think is coming?? Hopefully, some of the ‘Stangs that are in our Coloring Book!

If MITSUBISHI built this 4000GT Concept… it would be spectacular

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What the world needs now is some CAR Coolness. And this render by Matthew Parson could be it, if… MITSUBISHI gave this 4000GT the green light.

What do you guys think??

How to survive the VIRUSPOCALYPSE by driving this 2030 VETTE Concept that Chevy neeeeeeds to build….

Sure, it’s a concept… but it’s way cool and Chevy needs to build. It’s reminiscent of the MOTORAMA craziness of the 50’s and would be a hoot. Yes, I said hoot.

The future of Corvette is definitely sound, but designers are always exploring options. What do YOU think? LEAVE A COMMENT below…

2030 EV MUSTANG SHOOTING BRAKE CONCEPT… should it be done?

Now that Ford has created a Mustang SUV, anything is possible. Should they continue the trend by building this 2030 EV MUSTANG SHOOTING BRAKE? Leave your thoughts IN THE COMMENTS below.

Should Cadillac build this badass 600HP STATION WAGON? We think so…

Are wagons back? Well, if CADILLAC can make $$$ at it, they will be. We all need crap to carry and SUVs are cool. But they aren’t as cool as Wagons.

Sleek, fast with a Blackwing Twin-Turbo 4.2l V8, this “EMERALD” Concept by Thomas Kim would be NEATOSquared.


Restmods that exist ONLY IN DREAMS… Fireball Sketchbook 1992

For many years, Fireball created amazing SKETCHBOOKS solely to improve his skills as a designer. This was the cover from his 1992 Book…


Concept of the Day… MINI RACER

Back in our MINI days, we did a host of Concepts for Clients. This was a sponsored track racer… nicknamed “BLUR.” It was, shall we say… fast.


Stealth shots reveal the new BATSUIT and BATBIKE from THE BATMAN set in Scotland. What do you guys think??