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SUPERBOWL SPIKE gets revealed… @azsuperbowl @superbowl #superbowlarizona #mascot #spike @90265mag


For those of you who may not know this, my wife Kathie builds funny costumes. And even though they are funny, her clients include Ellen DeGeneres, The White House and the Arizona Superbowl. It’s Funny, in a VERY serious sort of way, Mr. White House Doods.

And now, we can finally reveal what the new Arizona Superbowl Mascot is as he’s appeared on TV recently (see below) and I’m very grateful that I got to design SPIKE, Kathie’s magic fingers building him. But… you want to see how she did it? Ok, then… WATCH!



Today’s BEST CONCEPT ART is a visionary flurry… #conceptart #art #illustrator #painting #vision


Some great Transformers ARt and more for a select few artistan. Let you mind be blown…

10428568_10203412773854161_8162975381535596636_n 787684527384275119

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Today’s CONCEPT ART goes all Metal #SciFi… #conceptart #moviedesign #robot #warrior #badass


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Blowminders of ART… Today’s BEST from the Masters #digitalart #illustrator #deviantart #art


Fantastic art today from Deryl Braun, Gnomo del Bosque and Tsuneo Sanda.


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What’s happening @TheFireballPad this week? PopTech Radio, @AutoFilmFest #BMW @TheBigPhotoShow 5MinuteDrive @WaldorfPress


Ok, so this week is pretty exciting, so let’s get to it…

• Doing an interview at Picture Car Warehouse tomorrow afternoon with POPULAR TECHNOLOGY RADIO. My good friend and Host Supreme is Mike Kahn. We’ll be talking cool cars and cool tech, plus bring in PCW Owner Ted Moser for a chat. I’ll post here when it airs.

• The WORLD CLASS AUTOMOTIVE FILM & ARTS FESTIVAL is coming again to the Pebble Beach Concours and as Host, I’ll be introducing a bunch of new films. Meeting this week to go over them. If you’re headed to the Concours this year, be sure to get your tickets so you can come see some of the greatest new car films.

BMW is delivering a 2014 3-SERIES WAGON today for my upcoming episode of 5MINUTE DRIVE that we’re filming on Thursday. My guest this week is United Airlines Pilot and Palisadian Alberto Diaz. And that means that the 2014 KIA SOUL is gettin’ the boot. But it’s a seriously cool ride. Review coming…

• Here’ comes THE BIG PHOTO SHOW again in May! I’ll be there LIVE with 4 cool MOVIE CARS and giving 2 Car Photography Seminars. Be sure to get your tickets here and experience the world’s best photography convention right here @ The LA Convention Center.

• Personal Vehicle for Actor BEN AFFLECK is still coming together. No photos, as it’s top secret… but awesome.

TOY Designs are coming together nicely also, but we’re branching into other products for Christmas as well. Who am I working with? What am I designing? Ohhh…. I could tell you, but then…

• My new article for THE MALIBU SURFSIDE NEWS this week features a very cool guy with and awesome ALL ORIGINAL 60’s classic. Pick up a copy on Tuesday afternoon, or home delivery happens Wednesday. Check out last week’s article on Bill Wall Leather!

KCL UPDATE! Kathie is just finishing up the Ostrich for The White House Easter Egg Roll. It’s gets shipped tomorrow! Maybe he’ll lay a chocolate egg? And my design for the new SUPERBOWL 2015 mascot will be revealed soon!!

• PLUS! Something may be happening soon with my second kid’s book, “Fireball Tim’s BIG BOOK OF WACKY STATES!” T-Minus Coolness…


Today’s awesome sci-fi DIGITAL ART… #digitalart #art #paintings #costumes


Great art today comes from Kerem Beyit, Tian Huaxu and Apterus…

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Watch! I think this deserves a show… KCL COSTUMES IN ACTION…


Sunday HERO CONCEPT ART by Masters of Costume Design… #costumedesign #costumes #conceptart


Costumes designers are in for real challenges these days as concept artists come up with serious designs. Many of these things would have to be done as CG enhancements, but be that as it may, finding or even manufacturing materials is a challenge. Check out this great work from

Art by Jocelyn Zeller2 Art-by-Admira WijayaTwitterArt by Jocelyn Zeller1

KCL Builds SLOTHY THE SLOWMAN for Ellen DeGeneres 12 Days of Christmas… #ellendegeneres @theellenshow


Since ELLEN DeGENERES has been airing for the last couple of days, we can finally reveal what I designed and Kathie built for Ellen’s 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS this year. It’s “SLOTHY THE SLOWMAN.” Basically, a Sloth wearing a Snowman Costume. Video coming soon, but here’s the reveal and a couple of Behind the Scenes shots…

Check out some of the other Mascots in earlier years.