The Love of Design… from The Daily Driver Project

I have had a love of design for most of my life. When I was a kid, and much of my adulthood, I have loved to draw (not that I could make a career of it) but I do love to doodle. As my love for cars has grown a large part of that is the design of the car.

I’m lucky in my life to have 3 people that are close to me that are true artists and feed that love of design. 2 of them you already know.

They are Fireball & Kathie and I get to see their talents all the time up close and personal and so do you guys thru this website and the vlog.

Another is in my family, my nephew Izack

Now I’m a big fan of Science Fiction & Fantasy and regularly will watch that type of movie on cable or Netflix over something else.

Fantasy is right where Izack’s sculptures dwell. So last Saturday, after hitting 2 car shows in the morning, I headed to Otis College of Art & Design to check out his final art show.  

Izack got to show off his sculptures & a board game he made for his senior project. He’s getting a degree in toy design. I also got to see the rest of the student’s works and just made me excited about the future. I had a blast hanging with him and my family and getting to see his passion come to life.

I’m lucky in my life to have creative people in it to feed my love of design, but I also try to surround myself with things to feed my creative juices as well.

Whether it’s a photograph, print, video or even a piece of furniture.

You can do the same. Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you to strive to better yourself in either a creative way or just general happiness.

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LB K9 Officers Car Show

The Making of a Perfect Day… from THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

So what makes a perfect day? Well, that is different for every person and maybe one thing (or a lot of things all put together) to make up a day.

On Saturday, I headed over to Torrance to the Edelbrock Car Show.

Now, any day for me that has a car show or some sort of cool car thing… my day is already on the right track. Saturday of course, was then was off to a good start with the show, but let’s add some things to the mix to make it just that better.

A whole lot of friends. Friends to just hang out with and talk cars, cameras, and life. A whole lot of laughing and just having a fantastic time.

The last ingredient is a great part of living in SoCal. The fantastic weather. It was supposed to be hot (like 95° hot) but that was not the case it was cooler and there was a wonderful breeze rolling thru the show.

All of these things mixed together into a wonderful day… to just add to many more that happen in my life.

Whatever makes up a perfect day for you, work towards always trying to find them. Even if it’s as simple as watching your favorite movie.

The more perfect days you can put together, whatever makes them up, just adds years to your life and the all-around sunshine to your days.

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Learning to be Flexible… from THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

So last Saturday I had big plans… BIG plans. I was going to attempt to go to 5 cars shows in 1 day. Now I have done this before and hit 5 in one day.

It is possible, but you aren’t as much enjoying a show as running thru it all while filming and snapping pictures. But that was the goal, so off I went on this crazy adventure.

The morning started at the Aces Car Club Hot Rod Resurrection Car Show. It is always one of my favorites each year and this year was just as wonderful as year’s past.

I got to the show and did my thing, you know the photog/videographer thing, but I quickly ran into friends and spent a good amount of time hangin’ with them and having a great time. So my 30 minute stop turned into an hour and a half stop. So I took 1 show off the list.

Onto the next show, the Seal Beach Car Show. Another fantastic event and it was busy this year. Again I did my thing and ran into friends and took longer than expected.

That’s okay I thought as I was headed thru the show. I’ll just remove another show from the list. Well, by the time I got out of the Seal Beach Show, I didn’t even have time for the other shows.

I was a little disappointed in the beginning, but as I drove home, I realized I had had a fantastic day of fun people. Fantastic hot rods and a beautiful sunny day in SoCal. All of my favorite things packed into one day.

There are times when you have to be flexible with your plans as things change throughout your day. I always look at what type of experience I had for the day.

Did I have a good time even though I didn’t finish everything that was on my list? Then it was worth it. Being flexible in your plans takes a lot of stress out of your life and will help you get to that happy place.

** So true, Wes! Just LET GO. Then things just fall into place.

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Every so often you just need to step away from life. Not in a bad way, just in a vacation type of way.

Last week I headed out to Lake Havasu Arizona to hangout with my uncle and check out one of the craziest boat poker runs on the planet, Desert Storm.

Over 100 boats participated in this year’s run. I’m not really a boat guy, but it does allow me to unplug and just be.

I can’t forget the crazy amount of car guys that are in Havasu also, so I do get my car fix. Just not to the normal level. (Heck I didn’t even bring my camera with me.)

Now don’t think I’m not going to get my car show fix in either… On Sunday I headed out to the Benedict Castle Concours. It was their 5th annual show and it was over the top.

I’ve been to everyone but one and they have gotten better every year. The show is always a blast and I got to hang with some cool cars and cool friends.

Remember sometimes you must take time for yourself, and you need to unplug from the world. Now this can be as simple as watching one of your favorite movies or listening to some music.

Maybe it’s going out for a drive or just hangin’ at the beach. It can even be a long vacation. Whatever it takes to help you clear your mind and help you center. This will always get you motivated for when you get back to regular life.

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Friends and Cars… from THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

*Thursday Featured Article from Wes Nielsen of THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

So we always joke that if it wasn’t for cars, we would have no friends. Now this is funny, put at the same time true.

It’s true because common interests and passions bring us together. But this isn’t just true about cars… it’s true about common interests with any friends.

These common interests are what may start your friendship, but other things are what makes it grow. Friendship is what helps us grow as people, especially if we can share are experiences with those friends.

Friends like Fireball push us to try new things, to be a better human beings and in general… bring fun and joy every time we hangout together. These are the type of friends I love to be with.

Now it’s not just cars.

I have a love for cameras and movies too. All these things are what connect us to people that are in our lives. At times I have spent hours with friends talking movies or geeking out about cameras. It may seem weird, but we all do it in one form or another.

Whatever your passions are, look for people that share that passion and help you grow as a person. All of this will grow our passion and friendships.

Well said, Wes…

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Get Out and Explore… says THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

*Thursday Featured Article from Wes Nielsen of THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

This last weekend I headed down to San Diego for the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals. Sometimes you just have to get out of the house and go.

Now I drive all over Southern California for my passion that is this fantastic old car culture, but I have traveled outside of SoCal on occasion too.

Doing the longer trips reminds me that you have to make an effort for adventures. Sometimes they will be fun and sometimes they won’t, but you will always have the stories to follow.

I have been fortunate in my life to have traveled all around the US for work and fun, going back to when I was a kid and family vacations.

When I was old enough to travel on my own and the automobile bug had bitten me, I decided to make a trip to Monterey Car Week. By far one of the craziest events I have ever been to.

The whole week is filled with old car events and culminates in the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The town is filled with Classics, Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Supercars. The show is fantastic, but the journey to get there can be just as much fun.

My favorite is to drive up the coast on the iconic Highway 1 with some of the most breathtaking views California has to offer.

Remember that you have to get out and try, that is how you find new things to add to, I hope… your ever growing list of fun things to do.

I know I had a blast last weekend at the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals.

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Trying New Things… A New Featured Article from THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

*New Thursday Featured Article from Wes Nielsen of THE DAILY DRIVER PROJECT

The other day, Fireball got a hold of me and asked if I would like to write for this blog. Of course I said yes.

You have to say yes to opportunities, you never know where they are going to lead you.

Now if you have been following Fireball for a while, you know I do a lot of car related stuff with him and I’m stoked to be sharing my thoughts and automotive adventures with you.

In the last few weeks I have been trying new things, venturing outside my comfort zone. What’s my comfort zone you ask? Well that’s shooting cars at car shows and cruisin’ down the highway.

The first thing I tried was moving from behind the camera to in front of it. Yes I’m officially a Vlogger as of last week. With some encouragement from Fireball and some other friends I decided to try it out.

Now I have been on camera before in Fireball’s vlogs (Checkout any of the Wheels & Waves episodes) but it is different when it’s just you. I recorded my first vlog… and well it sucked and I deleted it. Sometimes you just need to start over so I slept on it and tried the next day and it was much better and a little easier.

Add on top of it I kind of enjoy it. I’m not sure where it is going to go, but I’m now headed down that path.

Another thing that I have said yes to is shooting people, specifically Pinups. This is way outside what I normally do, but again you have to try new things to see if it is something you will enjoy.

I’m lucky to have friends that are models and I headed out to one of their shows to grab some pics of them at their show. A really fun time and something I think I will be adding to what I do.

Remember, even if it makes you uncomfortable, try it. You may find out you are really good at it and enjoy whatever you have decided to try.

Here is a link to some of my pinup shoots recently.

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