This unique HOT WHEELS Hot Pad is the perfect gift for the Diecast Fan!

During the Holidays, you’re gonna be cookin.’ And the last thing you need is to burn your fingers over the stove.

Why use that same old nasty hot pad when you can get a Super-Cool HOT WHEELS HOT PAD! Comes in 2 designs!! Feel racy and SAFE at the same time!

Flamin’ New HOT WHEELS items arrive at the Fireball ETSY Store!!! So cool!!

Kathie’s been a busy diecast Bee creating ALL-NEW Hot Wheels Items for our ETSY Store and pretty sure no one’s got these! HOT WHEELS HOTS PADS & OVEN MITTS!! Great GIFTS for the Holidays for the Diecast lover as they “attempt” to make Burgers! Don’t burn yourself!

4 to choose from!! WOOSH!!

More Kooky Santa HOLIDAY HOT PADS hit the Fireball ETSY Store!

Kathie is a Hot Pad Makin’ Fool! And trust me when I say that she’s whippin’ out these cool Holiday Gift Items at lightning speed! Today brings not only a SURF WOODIE HOT PAD, but BEACH CHRISTMAS!!!

Perfect for your Vintage Trailer, Surf Bus or VDub Van! HOT!! Get ’em quick at the Fireball ETSY Store!