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Zoiks, these are AWESOME!! Nothin’ better than Surfing during the Holiday Season… and you can sport thins Mask on the Beach as you wax your board!

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Today’s Fireball Ambassador is SUSI BENDIXEN from Saratoga Springs in a hot Kustom Face Mask!

Sure, Kathie makes awesome Face Masks… but did you know that if you had a unique fabric that you love, and you want it turned into a Face Mask, THAT CAN HAPPEN!

Did you find some cool fabric somewhere? Send it to us and Kathie will turn it into a Face Mask! Or just send us a photo of you wearing one of our masks and we’ll make you an Ambassador!

Today’s Ambassador? Kathie’s sister SUSI BENDIXEN from Saratoga Springs New York in a hot Kustom piece!

Today’s Fireball Face Mask AMBASSADOR… WIKD M.C. Ken Vela in the scary Malibu Skull!

If you can’t tell who’s who, the guy on the left is M.C. Ken Vela of WIKD KUSTOMS sporting the Malibu Skull Face Mask. Rufie is the one on the right. And no, he’s not wearing a mask… and is THAT cute.

Malibu Skulls and ALL our coolness is at the Fireball ETSY Store!

Kathie creates Limited Edition BLUE HAWAII KUSTOM MASK inspired by the love of the Islands…

A stunning color!! BLUE HAWAII not only looks cool, it actually smells like the Polynesian Islands!! (It doesn’t really, but that sounds AWESOME!!)

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Beautiful Sara Grisanti sports spectacular Fireball HAWAIIAN FLOWER Face Mask!

What a great match! Soft Salmon Blouse goes awesome with Kathie’s HAWAIIAN FLOWER Face Mask!

Big thanks to Sara Grisanti of!! Send us your photo too!!

Fireball 2nd Kustom Holiday Face Mask appears… “DEATH CERTIFICATE” for Halloween is soopa scawee…

Yea, now this one’s CREEPY. Kathie’s been a KUSTOM MASK FOOL lately and she’s created this 2nd Holiday Face Mask entitled… DEATH CERTIFICATE.

Each Mask is completely different, so expect to get SKULLS, BATS or CREEPY CRAWLIES. More coming to our new FIREBALL ETSY SHOP! Get ’em while they last as there will only be 100 of each Mask!


Kathie’s just started on her next design and it’s LEOPARD PRINT! This stunning Face Mask has an amazing print and almost looks like shimmering gold! Snag one on our ETSY STORE, ’cause when they’re gone… THEY’ GONE!

Limited to 100 MASKS!

All-new FIREBALL ETSY STORE launches with glorious KUSTOM FACE MASKS!!

Our line of Face Masks can now be purchased super easy on ESTY!! Just click the link and browse the coolness. NEW MASK DESIGNS will be coming in all the time! And if you have a certain fabric you want done, shoot us an email at!!


All our designs are in small batches of 20, so they are LIMITED EDITIONS and will not be reproduced! ORDER HERE!!