HAPPY EASTER from the Fireball!!!

It’s our sincerest best wished to you and your families for EASTER. Above all… GIVE and don’t worry about receiving. All things come to those that are cool.

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Cool Chick driving car with large Easter egg Date:

Happy Holidays from Fireball…

Happy Holidays Everyone!!! Whatever shape the world is in right now… CHOOSE to Be Happy today no matter what. CHOOSE to Give to others without expectation. CHOOSE to Love. And then, do the same thing tomorrow and watch how your life changes. Just… be… cool.

Living with September 11…

None of us know when it will be our time to leave this planet. So until then… Gratitude and LOVE is the answer to all things. Get busy giving…


It is with sincere hope that this year becomes the most PROSPEROUS for all. Filled with LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, FAMILY and HEALTH.

We are in the future now, ppl. Let’s do this…

Happy Holidays from FIREBALL PUBLISHING!!

In a time where we are conditioned to think that Christmas GIVING is the focus, let this year be the year where GIVING becomes the yearly norm.

Life changes begin when we stop thinking of ourselves, and start thinking about others. PROSPERITY, LOVE, KINDNESS, JOY and PEACE all exist now and come to those that put others first.

Happy Holidays to all our friends, clients, supporters and watchers of the show. May all your dreams become the norm and may peace have a permanent place in your hearts.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Fireball Publishing!!!

It’s our sincerest hopes that this THANKSGIVING, we can all reflect on all the goodness we have in our lives… knowing that by this simple act, we’ll attract more goodness into our lives. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


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HAPPY POP’S DAY to Fireball Pop… and ALL POPS!!

To all you Dad’s our there, from us here at THE VLOG, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!

And to my dad, you’re the Best Dad ever… with the worst jokes EVER. But I love you anyways.

Happy Mother’s Day from Fireball Malibu Vlog!

To all the Mom’s out there:

Gratitude for Mom’s have been severely lacking. One day a year to celebrate the greatest women on the planet, so I’m officially declaring today the start of…

MOM’S YEAR OF AWESOMENESS. So, treat yourself all year long to things you love.

Expect to see awesome… GET awesome. Focus on awesome… GET awesome.

Why? Because YOU… are awesome. And THANK YOU.

It’s my BIRTHDAY… so, there.

For my Birthday, I wish for World Peace, Root Beer in the Drinking Fountains and 16 Jelly Beans. Oh, oh, and to become Santa Claus ’cause he’s a cool cat.