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The other day, I was invited to an event at KTLA Studios in Hollywood. 

The Morning Show was doing its yearly Drive-In segment in which they feature about 14 classic cars and cover the latest movies. It required me to get up at 2:30 a.m. and head out by 3 to get the cars set up like a mini drive-in theater.

Once set up, entertainment anchor Sam Rubin would come out with celebrity guests like Djimon Hounsou and do some interviews from the back of the cruisers. Now, when I arrived, the vibe was hot. Fourteen cars, 3:30 a.m. and an eager desire to set up for filming. As I’ve done this many times over the years for nearly 400 films, the energy and commitment never let up no matter what … and that’s what I love about filmmaking.

 Although most of the car owners were there simply for the breakfast from KTLA and a chance to see their cars on TV, I got a chance to Vlog the experience and the behind-the-scenes setup. I spoke with Sam and Djimon to get an idea of their favorite cars and such, but again, the owners were willing to do whatever it took to make things look good, and the vibe was awesome (minus one publicist who happened to be freaking out). 

People love their cars for a number of reasons, but there is really only one psychological truth that exists in the automotive enthusiast. When you share your car and your story, there’s a book ended completeness that pools in a sense of validation — a confirmation that what you’ve done was both positive and the right choice. But the best thing about car people is that they respect all choices.

The ride of the car person through life is a journey of levels. As a child, you cultivate moments where you can discover, play and experience the thrill of cars. As a teenager, if you’re lucky, you survive having pushed that automotive experience to the limit. And as an adult, you choose, build, design or buy your automotive journey and learn to share it. That share becomes a validation of purpose and completeness. 

What we all want in this world is to feel that we’ve made the right choices for ourselves. College or no college. Job for a lot of dough or job that you love. Right marriage or right exit. Our internal thoughts are built on validation, and we seek it in every moment. 

And although choosing the right car to buy, create or build can be cool, validation actually comes from the choice of validating yourself. If you continue to seek validation outside of you, it’s like chasing a greyhound with a great pair of sneakers. It’s just not going to happen no matter what. But by validating yourself every day, we learn to habitualize something that affects every great decision in our lives. We will know that we’ve done our best and only good can come.

Car guys and girls support each other as a family. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into a hot rod, rat rod, bomb, truck, tuner, classic or whatever. Family is family and it’s all good. Gee, wouldn’t that be cool if the rest of the world felt that way?


You wouldn’t get in a plane, take off and have no particular destination. 

You wouldn’t get in your cool ride onto PCH without having some assembly of where you wanted to go. But in life, some of us just journey on without a plan, without a destination, without a goal and expect to get somewhere. Hmmm … not gonna happen people.

Life without a destination is hoping that something might happen and putting up with the mediocrity of comfort. And that’s lame, as life is meant to be lived fully, enjoyed to the max and driven hard. But in order to do that, you need fuel. In the case of driving life’s journey, your fuel just happens to be faith.

When you get on a plane to Hawaii, you plop in your seat, stow your luggage and start your cool iPad movie. But have you ever considered the fact that you’ve never met the pilot? Never checked the plane yourself? Didn’t even make sure there were no obstacles on the runway or if it’s faced in the right direction to get to the islands?

How about the fact of getting in your car and hoping that a tree, telephone pole, trash truck or mountain lion doesn’t creep into your path as you head to the local coffee spot? (Caffe Luxxe just opened by the way, people!) You take these things for granted and expect to be safe. And that, my friends, is faith! Faith that you’ll get to your destination without even seeing it! Expecting that Hawaii will still be there when you drop out of the sky. Whew! Glad it hasn’t sunk into the ocean yet!

So there it is. Faith is the fuel by which we live our lives, and many of us here in the ’Bu recognize that there is an energy around us that permeates in and through us all that advances our lives, as long as we acknowledge it and express gratitude. Having faith that it’s granting our desires simply because we have them is like a big, burly grandpa that’s bringing us something cool this weekend. 

Faith is the substance of things hoped for — the evidence of things not seen. We know this. We feel it. We live it. And according to your faith, as they say, coolness ensues. So this weekend, expect the coolness to permeate your life like it never has before. Put a smile on that mug and know that what you want, wants you. Know that around every corner is an ice cream shop, free fashion store, coffee joint, beautiful beach and friends that love you. Expect the best, and the best will appear. It’s that simple.

If we allow our minds to drive and have no faith, it will drive us to the loony bin. So keep the faith up, people, and live like the Malibuites we are. 

Oh, and come visit me at Wheels and Waves on May 21 at The Malibu Country Mart. We’re having a blast and the cars are amazing. I’ll have faith that you will. 

Automotive Inspiration… TELL ME YOUR STORY

What’s the point of the journey

Not the one where you have a destination or somewhere you need to go, but the act of the journey itself? Why do people get out and drive and literally have no destination in mind? Well, we’re gonna ponder this puppy for today…

The other day, a friend of mine showed up in Malibu with a 2016 Jaguar. The intention was to just drive, hang out, talk and be present. So, that’s exactly what we did as we perused from Cross Creek Road, up Malibu Canyon Road, onto Mullholland Drive, past the Rock Store and then onto Kanan Road and back to Pacific Coast Highway. 

My friend rarely gets to drive up in Malibu, so this was a treat for him; and for me, it was just cool to be shotgun in the Jag, because that rarely ever happens.

But this got me thinking: At its core, why do we do things like this? What’s the highest gift that comes from driving? Now, some might say it’s that you get to spend time with those you care about and talk. Some might say that you get to experience beauty. Some might say that the peace and quiet of driving alone allows them to think. I think all of these are true, but inductively, let’s find the commonality that gives rise to them all, shall we?

Driving is really about sharing and we have now entered into the world of sharing with the thousands of Social Networks, Texters and Cell Phones. But when it comes to driving, what are we actually sharing if you happen to be driving alone? Well, this is a pretty simple answer, yet epic in scope.

What we share are the stories. The moments in time that by driving alone, you experience and share with others you meet along the way or when you return. The stories you share when you’re in the car with others. The story I just shared with from you above. These stories are moments of life we experience that are infinite, powerful, inspiring and hold us in the present through visualization.

We see our interpretation of someone else’s story through the eyes of our imagination. This begs us to question what it would be like if we experienced it ourselves? Inspiring us to move.

Powerful stuff, thinking is. The power to instigate movement, change, experience, love, joy, peace and all things that make life what it is. And in this power that we all have, yielding it can create amazing things if we choose to give it in the right way. The real gift of the drive.

So, the question is how can you give that? In what way can you be your best today that gives your story since we are all on the same journey. Tiny, small, medium, huge. All stories are golden moments that inspire others to live life and advance our race.

Take charge of your story. GIVE IT TO OTHERS… knowing that it can and WILL inspire them to new heights. Doing this is wearing the suit that fits perfect. The dress that lays just right. The shoes that you could walk a millions miles in. And then, once you’re set, the smiles will come so fast that you’ll become a Smile Millionaire. 

And that hurts so good.

Having trouble CONCENTRATING ON COOLNESS? Let us help…

Everyone and their mother has tips on how to concentrate. Make goals, focus on what you need to do, blah, blah, blah.

The key to Concentration is about thinking. Not the effects of thoughts, but the thoughts themselves. It called First Cause. Understanding this takes PRACTICE. All those who have the ability to Concentrate and get what they want had to cultivated it like driving a car. They practiced.

Now, you could read a thousand books on driving and become an expert. An expert on reading books! But, if you want to really drive, you have to get your butt in the seat and go. It’s about PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

Concentration is cultivated and practiced by reducing our dependency on our senses and going “within.” That’s why Meditation is so important. But, if you want to learn to concentrate better, close your eyes and try to think of just one thing for more that 10 seconds. You’ll find that it’s difficult, if not impossible. But how do you improve?

Well, motivation is important, too. When you’re jacked up on a subject, excited about it, it’s easy to focus on it. And we all do. Look back on any success and you’ll see that motivation kept you focused. Your mind will stay the course more. But that’s fairly easy. How do you get excited about a job that sucks? Buy “seeing” yourself in a job that’s great! Hm… More explanation, please.

Remember, 2 thoughts cannot occupy the same space at the same time. If you don’t like what you’re focusing on, then replace it with it’s opposite. Darkness cannot exist in Light. Pain cannot exist where there is Health. Lack cannot exist where there is Abundance.

And Negative Thoughts cannot exist where there are only Positive ones.

Don’t deny bad thoughts, …replace them with their polar opposites. See yourself and your situation perfect and the Infinite will adjust your world to fit that vision. This is the LAW of CAUSE & EFFECT.

Concentrate on what you like. Make it easy on yourself. And be grateful for what you have. This will make your Concentration Practice easy.

Do It Yourself… On yourself. And have a great day!

Key to an awesome BEACHLIFE? Learn to MEDITATE.

Yes, this a SPIRITUAL DIY (Do It Yourself)

Actually, of all the things you could ever do that would improve the quality of your life, THIS IS IT. If you’re unsure, think about this… The David Lynch Foundation is teaching 1 million kids to meditate. The Beach Boys attributed 100% of their success to it and so did The Beatles. But,… How do you REALLY meditate? And why?

Meditation CALMS THINGS DOWN for sure. Gets you centered and FOCUSED. Helps to supercharge you ability to CONCENTRATE. And CONCENTRATION is the key to success. People who make BIG BUCKS, know how to focus and concentrate.

Meditation is learned just like anything else. The more you do it, the better you get. And the better you get, the more you want to do it.

IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. (I can’t say that it will cure Cancer, because I would (like many) be thrown in jail. But…. ) IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Step 1. Find a quiet place without distraction. “A quiet place.” You have 5 Senses. Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell, Hearing. You need to eliminate each one in order to fully meditate properly… and enter into THE SIXTH SENSE. SO go where it’s QUIET. Close your EYES. Somewhere clean that isn’t SMELLY. Get comfortable so that you aren’t in any pain. Sit in a comfy chair, or somewhere easy with your hands relaxed in front of you. Point is, any distraction will make it difficult.

2. Relax. Sit. Keep your chin parallel to the floor, and eyes forward, slightly raised. But comfortable.

3. Focus. Focus on your breathing. In/ out. Slowly. With each breath in, concentrate on being “CALM.”

4. Concentrate on relaxing your body. 5 minutes. Calming everything down.

Point is to slowly eliminate all thoughts. Let them wash in and out. Do not dwell on any one of them, but simply watch the breath. The longer you FOCUS on the breath, your body will begin to relax, followed by your thoughts.

…As your thoughts calm down, you will “FEEL” Peace, Love or Joy (Have a smile on your face), you’ll be in the presence of God. (God, being a state of mind that is Peace and not a big man with a staff.)

Do this when you are stressed. Practice. Infuse it into your life. 20 minutes in the morning (starting at 5 minutes and work up), then 20 minutes prior to bed. Keep your eyes up, OR YOU’LL FALL ASLEEP.

Yea, it seems like a lot, I know. But to say it’s worth it would be the biggest understatement ever. THIS WORKS. It is why you’re here.

FEEL LOVE, THINK LOVE, ACT LOVING… and LOVE will come back to you.

I’m not screwing around. If you were in a hospital room and the Doctor just left, telling you that you were going to die, it would not be funny. TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. Use it. Live it and you will never be the same. (It also manifests cool cars!)


Here AT THE VLOG, we strive to keep things simple and in 21st century speak. So, words like “dude” may come up from time to time. Like… “dude, this is one of the best techniques for getting what you want ever created.” And although we concentrate on CARS & BEACHLIFE and how to achieve that, some of the Vlog inspiration comes from knowing what you want and focusing on it. This success requires you to concentrate.

So, we want you to know how to do this, so YOU can make your life a weekend too.

When you think of things in the past, images come to mind. Thoughts of what happened. For some, they come in colors or black and white, or just a feeling. Some people say that they don’t visualize at all. But this is only because they have not practiced. Yes, practice is involved just like anything else you want to cultivate. And in order to get what you want, you have to SEE it in your mind first. That’s VISUALIZATION.

But looking into the past is exactly the same as looking forward. YOUR mind can’t tell the difference. If you can see it, then it can be REAL. You’ve tried this before, haven’t you? You call it a coincidence. But, it’s not. Things in your life manifest because you are “thinking of them” consistently over time. If you want to get control of this, then “visualize what you want” instead of focusing on what you don’t.

THE CAUSE. Get quiet. Close your eyes. Concentrate on what you want. See it. Then… the most important part of all? FEEL IT. See the image of what you want until you emotionalize it. That’s the octane booster to make it happen. Do this twice a day for 5 minutes.

THE EFFECT. The Universe will find a way, shifting, molding, putting people together to make what you want happen. This is how I do every project. And then… it manifests.

Don’t waste time visualizing on the negative and thoughts of fear… unless you want MORE OF THAT? Is that what you want? You can only erase negative thoughts by REPLACING them with their opposites.

MORE ON VISUALIZATION? Genevieve Behrend’s YOUR INVISIBLE POWER. A great resource.