Today’s Automotive Inspiration… ASK, FAITH, RECEIVE

“…I need a Parking Spot.” That’s what I say.

CAUSE: I was helping my wife Kathie, as she was building a new costume for The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday.

She needed some very specific materials that I could only get in downtown LA. So, off I went on an adventure. Half way there, I said… “Parking Spot God, I need a Parking Spot…” and I need it right in front of the shop that had the materials.

Only…. I wasn’t sure which shop it was, only the block. Oh, one more thing… I asked for a meter that had time on it ’cause I didn’t have any change.

EFFECT: I hit downtown, straight to the block where I might find what I was looking for. Although, I didn’t WORRY about the parking space.

I passed the block where I thought the store was and BEHOLD! …No spaces. So, I drove around the block, cultivating my faith that a space would appear. I KNEW it would.

As I went around the block for a second time, I curiously looked down the street that I went down before… AND THERE IT WAS. Suddenly, an empty spot, right in the middle of the block.

Now, those of you who have been to Downtown LA, know that spots are impossible.

I immediately SQUEALED into the spot and went the meter. On it was 5 minutes left. FREE PARKING, THANK YOU.  And facing my car, was the store where I’d find what I needed. And what I needed was RIGHT OUT FRONT. Red Fleece for the costume.

A man was standing there, scissors in hand as if waiting for me. He cut the fleece, I handed him the dough and I was back in my car in less that 2 minutes flat.

I was on the freeway going back home before I realized all the small events that occurred thanks to the Infinite.

This is not coincidence. Ask, don’t doubt, and you shall RECEIVE.

Today’s Automotive Inspiration… THE RIGHT WORDS

People don’t realize the power of WORDS. Spoken words. They are not only used to communicate, but they are an actual VIBRATION.

An example of this is the Opera Singer who shatters a glass.

If you really take a moment to realize what this means, you’ll begin to understand that words, when spoken, have tremendous POWER.

So it is, that the word GOD has meaning. But people, especially Catholics, learn to fear that word because it’s associated to something that is “watching them.” Judging them.

Analyzing whether what they do is good enough to enter heaven. Well, if you’re Catholic, I’m here to take you off the hook. SO Sweet!

GOD isn’t where you’re going, he/it is where you are NOW.

Inside you, outside you, all around you, everywhere… It’s known by another name… LIFE. And still another. LOVE. And one more. PEACE. Call it by any of these.

But if you use the right word for you… then it’s has the proper meaning and that’s IMPORTANT. We get hung up on terminology and that creates LIMITING BELIEFS for us. And that folks, …is bad. We are not limited. We only “believe” it to be so. And what you believe, fortunately or unfortunately is TRUTH.

PRAYER. That’s another one. If you have an issue with this word, call it “DEMONSTRATION.” Call is whatever makes you FEEL GOOD. THAT’S THE KEY RIGHT THERE. 

But DON’T not do it because you don’t like the word. Just change the word. You MUST…

Our VOICE is an EFFECT, and our THOUGHTS are the CAUSE. Speak words that EMPOWER, SUPPORT, LOVE, HELP & SUPPORT yourself and others.

So here 7 Steps to a perfect “DEMONSTRATION”… Close your eyes and THINK on…

  1. Desire. Be clear on what you want. Nobody cares what you DON’T want.

  2. Decision. Decide NOW that you’re going to move forward to it. You do not need to know what to do or how to do it. Just “Take the First Step, no more, no less, and the next will be revealed.”

  3. Ask. Humbly ask out loud for what you want and WHY.

  4. Believe. Your FAITH must be invincible. You are the Superhero of your life, so Be it.

  5. Work. SEE yourself as that person, doing that thing. VISUALIZE it.

  6. Be Grateful. “Thank yous” to the INFINITE cement your desire. Be honest and say THANK YOU often.

  7. Expect it. DO NOT DOUBT, EVER! Expect it, and it will be on it’s way.

Now get out there, DRIVE… and be awesome.

Today’s Automotive Inspiration… Forming GOOD HABITS

Do it Yourself. That’s the name of the game. And I’m is here to help…

First off, what is a HABIT?

“A habit is a continued action of a specific kind over and over. A formation.”

Start by continued THINKING in a certain way… this starts to form a “Thought Habit.”

Continued DWELLING on this idea until it’s the most dominate thing you think about… and it produces a “PERMANENT IDEA.” Like a cool car. And if it’s an idea that you LOVE, then it’s simple. Like a new Girlfriend, bitchin’ ride, trip of success idea.

If you let your imagination loose to dwell on this permanent idea as often as possible, backing it with every action you can think of… it becomes an “OBSESSION.”

So, what’s the answer to form good habits, knowing that physical habits start as thoughts?

Be conscious to DWELL only on ideas that make you HAPPY. Ideas that you LOVE. Let them consume you. Think about them, talk about them, email about them, social network about them. Drive them… And guess what?

They’ll become YOU.

Today’s Automotive Inspiration… WHY GIVE when we’re all trying to GET?

It’s my commitment to help you on this Blog AND THE VLOG with more than cool cars. So here goes…

And in order to do that, I’ll have to admit that I grew up (despite wonderful parents) with a selfish streak. Maybe because I was the youngest of 5? Maybe because I learned that if I don’t fight harder, I may not get ANYTHING.

Maybe… who cares?

But now at 53, I have now realized that I had been violating the laws of nature for a very long time.

Oh, I got things. Yes… THINGS. I accumulated masses of amounts of things. Stuff. Stuff to fill other things. Buckets of stuff. Car Things, Movie Things, Job Things that I thought were so important, only to find out… they meant nothing.

The LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT is always in effect. And we are either working with it, or against it. And GIVING is the key. So listen up…

I don’t mean giving money, although that can be a part of it. (This is where I ask for your credit card number 😉 )

I mean GIVING of your TIME, THOUGHTS, ACTS and many other things. For example…

If you give thoughts of WORRY, you’ll attract things to worry about. Actually bring worrisome things to you as your mind is FOCUSED on those things. And the law is that whatever you put your mind on… IT WILL COME TO YOU.

If you give your TIME to help someone, you’ll be HELPED. If you act harshly to someone, you’ll be treated harshly. Get the point? This,… is LAW and we’re not screwing around here.

It means that you’ll have to begin living your life CAREFULLY… CONSCIOUSLY and making choices about what you’ll think about next. Don’t go on AutoPilot…

Give RIGHT THOUGHTS and attract RIGHT CONDITIONS will follow.

Give RIGHT ACTS and good things will come.

Stay the course, never give up, and ALWAYS GIVE FIRST. Now, go get ’em, tiger!



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AUTOMOTIVE INSPIRATION is… Sharing life’s ride with those around us

Originally published in the Malibu Surfside News

As I’ve mentioned many times in this article over the last five years, I get the pleasure of taking unique people to unique places on my show that we shoot here in town. This past week, I got to do something really fun.

There are many cool automotive places in L.A. many people don’t know about and a good part of our show Fireball Malibu Vlog is to reveal those places and help expand our love of cars. So this week, I grabbed legendary “Leave It To Beaver” actor Tony Dow and his wife Lauren, met up at the new Caffe Luxxe for an amazing cup of joe and headed up PCH to the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard.

Now, if you didn’t know about the Murphy, I wouldn’t be surprised. But with our help, you’ll get a chance to peruse some of the coolest nostalgic cars that ever were. Head honcho David Neel runs the place and you can see him easily at a distance as he moves classic cars, muscle cars and even vintage trailers from spot to spot for coming weekend shows.

But the Murphy is different than most car museums, as it’s also an automotive storage facility. As in, if you have a cool car with no place to put it, you can rent some space where they not only keep your car clean, but share your perfect gem in a museum setting.

Other things Tony, Lauren, Ken Vela from WIKD Kustoms, my wife and I caught wind of were the classic Schwinn Bicycles, massive HO Scale Trail Set, tons of walk-in vintage trailers and a back shop where several classics were being worked on. Also, some great art on the walls from automotive designer, friend and confidant Mark Stehrenberger.

I’m very grateful to call David a friend and we’ve done many things together. I get a chance to drive cars from this museum down into Malibu for the car shows here in town, including my own, but also have had the opportunity to experience a massive Vintage Trailer Camp-out in Buellton in September with a great group with over 195 trailers.

But the day at the Murphy also included Tony driving two classic cars, thanks to David. An Avanti and amazing Dodge Fastback. Be sure to check out our show to see what we did, and if you love cool cars, let me know so we can take a spin by visiting

Much appreciation goes to the Murphy and all the docents — like Ken —  who make the place an enjoyable experience. Be sure to check out to see when the shows go off. From Air Cooled Vdubs and Corvairs to Studebakers, this place is a nostalgic car lover’s dream garage.

And if there are any of you celebs out there who want to take a spin with me to one of these cool spots, just reach out. I just took actor Jonathan Banks to The Automobile Driving Museum a week ago, but there’s also the Petersen, The Metropolitan Pit Stop, The English Car Company and many more. All you have to do is ask. Until then, I’ll keep driving.