Check out Fireball’s Interview on LATE NIGHT PLAYSET!!

Starts at about the 30-Minute Mark, but a fun interview on a GREAT SET! Drive Safe people!!

LISTEN!! Fireball on WRENCH NATION TV from Future Classic Cars in Scottsdale!

A fun time on WRENCH NATION TV PODCAST with host Frank Butkus Leutz and MC Ken Vela. We discuss Millenial Car Ideaology and peruse the cool cars! LISTEN NOW!

Listen to Fireball on the TALKING ABOUT CARS Podcast with Randy Kerdoon!

LISTEN HERE! Starts at the 12:23 mark… Big thanks to Randy for having me on the show! Fun stuff and Happy Holidays!!

Fireball Interviewed on CARS YEAH Podcast #905…

Big thanks to Host Mark Greene of CARS YEAH for this great interview… and be sure to check out all his other amazing episodes with incredible people in the car industry. Over 900 episodes! LISTEN!

CarsYeah podcast is a 5 day a week show hosted by Mark Greene. An incurable automotive enthusiast interviewing successful automotive entrepreneurs who live a lifestyle around their passion for automobiles.

Guests include:  Artists, celebrities, journalists, authors, concours directors, racers, designer, builders, and more.  He’ll take you on their journey, get under the hood, and provide some inspiration.  You can find over 900 shows on iTunes, Apple PodcastStitcher Radio, YouTube, Google Play or here on the Cars Yeah website Podcast pages.

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Fireball gets interviewed by Randy Kerdoon on Podcast TALKING ABOUT CARS!


While shooting the Vlog last week at LACMA and The Petersen, Fireball joined up with Wes (The Daily Driver Project) and Ken (WIKD Kustoms) to visit RANDY KERDOON of TALKING ABOUT CARS. Had a great time! Listen to the INTERVIEW here!

Fireball interview with Mark Greene of CARS YEAH…

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 4.45.44 AM

Something special today as Fireball gets interviewed by Host MARK GREENE of CARS YEAH. Inspiration, Stories, Hollywood & Cars. LISTEN here!

Tomorrow’s VLOG 212 goes back in time to check out a ’49 WOODIE! Stay tooooned!

5Minute Drive FLASHBACK!! Pilot Alberto Diaz and a cool #BMW… @United #Pilot #Airline #Interview #TalkShow #UnitedAirlines


FLASHBACK! WATCH Fireball take out the DODGE CHALLENGER Dukes-Style… @Dodge #Challenger #DukesofHazzard #Car


WATCH! Legendary PARNELLI JONES on the latest 5Minute Drive… #Parnelli #Racing @ShadBalch @Chevrolet #MuscleCar @thegentracer @motorator


Pretty incredible experience to sit with Parnelli on the latest Episode #37. He’s an icon for sure. We had a great time talking racing and driving Chevy’s 580hp 2015 Camaro ZL1. HUG THANKS to Mr. Jones and the folks at Chevrolet! We may have turned him!!

#GEORGE BARRIS on 5MINUTE #DRIVE Ep36!!! @carconcerns @velorushpower @theautowriter @95Octanecom #Batman


For Episode 36, I headed out to Burbank to visit long time friend and Car Customizer GEORGE BARRIS. We had a blast sitting in the back of the Munster Koach and talking cool movie car history. George is almost 90 now and is still a car show machine, having just gotten back from Europe and NYC.

I hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as I did. THANKS for watching and PLEASE SHARE!!