How about some EXTREME MUSCLE??

What’s the horsepower on THE MASK MUSCLE CAR?? Simple… it depends on how pissy he gets.

5000 if he’s chillin and watching Netflix… or if he gets super pissed… it’s 1 BILLION HORSEPOWER!!!!!!

James Bond to drive the ASTON MARTIN RAPIDE E in next Bond Film…

With the working title SHATTERHAND, James Bond’s next stint should not only be interesting but he’ll be driving GREEN. Yes, Jimmy will shoot up his antics in the new ASTON MARTIN RAPIDE E.

Don’t worry… he’s sure to get in a lot of trouble with it.

World’s Most Powerful SKETCH… “Son of the Mask” Gallery…

These SKETCHES were done for the film “SON OF THE MASK” to explore what the Mask might be driving. Can you spot the different cars? And do these need to be in a Coloring Book?

If Batman had a FIREBIRD… it would be THIS

As a Hollywood Car Designer, it’s Fireball’s job to create CHARACTER CARS. And few people realize that Batman is a serious car enthusiast. So…

If Batman had a Firebird, and PONTIAC stood up… it would be sick. What do you guys think?



HOLLYWOOD MOVIE CARS AT CAFFE LUXXE MALIBU – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 831 – Fireball brings out 25 Hollywood Star Cars from to Caffe Luxxe Malibu. Coolness ensues…

HOLLYWOOD STAR CARS coming to CAFFE LUXXE on August 25th for Coffee…

Here we go again, folks!!! CAFFE LUXXE MALIBU is sponsoring this amazing get-together… and this time instead of Ferraris, I’m bringing in HOLLYWOOD STAR CARS from Star Car Central! Be sure to JOIN US for Coffee and Treats!! All the info is below… and it’s street parking only unless you’ve got a MOVIE CAR!

More info coming!!


Fireball Movie Ride… MONSTER GARAGE!!!

Blessed to have done this car with JESSE JAMES, Master GENE WINFIELD and DARYL STARBIRD for Monster Garage. What fun…

This was the first concept for the FLYING CAR.

Fireball Movie Concept… NEW KNIGHT RIDER

Did a lot of concepts for the NEW KNIGHT RIDER. This one featured a plethora of Rube-Goldberg effects including Airless Tires. Sadly, the final was less intense but still fun.


A few shots from back in the day (Early 90’s). This one, on the lot at Disney Florida. Just sitting there, collecting dust, rain and falling apart.


Syd’s Rendering of the Armadillo…


A few shots given to me by my buddy, Gene Winfield…


See the Car from SLEEPER? On Gene’s lot in the Mojave.

Batman & Robin BATMOBILE appears at the shop… FLASHBACK!

I remember the day that the original Batmobile from BATMAN & ROBIN appeared at the shop for some repair before being shipped off to a Museum. Minor fixes, but so cool to see it up close, sit inside and drive around the block.

But yes, it was a Movie Car and built like one. So, best to be off to the Museum.