GHOSTBUSTERS Ecto 1 gets rebuilt for DAN AKROYD and more adventures…

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Great piece on the re-build of the GHOSTBUSTERS from Cinema Vehicle Services…

One of the most UNIQUE Automotive Get-Togethers on the planet….

Thanks to my friends at STAR CAR CENTRAL, our event at Caffe Luxxe in Malibu was one of the most unique Automotive events ever… even with as little as 30 cars.

If you didn’t know Star Car, it’s a Hollywood Movie Car Club here in LA. ALL Movie Cars… and they converged on Malibu for Coffee and to spread some Hollywood Cheer to passers by. It was quite a set up…

If you could choose just one… it would be tough! BUT LEAVE YOUR CHOICE BELOW!

ZombieVirus-Ready Movie Themed TOYOTA TACOMA… is in search of a Movie

Color some Hollywood Movie Cars if you dare…

Not sure everything works on this Toyota Tacoma, but if I were currently working on a ZOMBIE TOYOTAPOCALYPSE, I’d sure be all over this.

Although it’s pretty clean and available on Bring A Trailer, it would probably cause a few coronaries on the highway.

Does a serious and dark GREEN HORNET film need to be made? We think so…

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The last GREEN HORNET movie flopped. Maybe they should have watched BATMAN BEGINS and understood that camp is not in? Christopher Nolan is.

When I worked on this film at WB many years ago with a different director, the goal was to give it a very dark and sinister overtone. The Green Hornet teetered on the edge of Good-Bad-Guy. Bummer that the film ending up a comedy… but there are voices out there talking DARKNESS.

Imagine… a new KNIGHT RIDER done by SPIKE LEE? DUKES OF HAZZARD as serious Moonshiners done by RIDLEY SCOTT, this time with an American Flag? Or yes, GREEN HORNET done by Christopher or Jonathan Nolan?

Hollywood is looking for Fish Out of Water Concepts. “I Love Lucy” meets “Indiana Jones.” But with cars…

The new BATMAN seems grounded in reality. That’s the trend. REAL MOVIES about REAL PEOPLE with REAL CHALLENGES. That’s all of us right now. Enough Marvel Superheros… we need REAL Superheroes.

Time to redesign Hollywood into what it could be…

Swarovski turns Fireball’s KEATON BATMOBILE into a $9K Crystal Crusader…

As most of you know, one of the first cars I did for film was the KEATON BATMOBILE. It’s currently at the Petersen Museum.

Well, it looks like Swarovski has taken it upon themselves to cover it in Black Crystals for a whopping $9K! True, the actual car cost much more to build, but this is still cool…

Only 200 of these 16 thousand Crystal Batmobiles will be created, so get on it. It will go well with the rest of your Hot Wheels Collection now that those are word bokku bucks too.

Or, you can just pick up one of our Hollywood Muscle Coloring Books and call it a day.

Batman’s NEW BATMOBILE finally REVEALED!!!

Here it is in all it’s glory… although as a MODEL, not the actual car itself. But confirmed that this is the final design. Brutal and real-world. What do you guys think?

Starting tomorrow on Fireball’s Facebook… it’s MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN!!!

What is the ULTIMATE MOVIE CAR? Who is the ULTIMATE HERO? Well, now you’ll get a chance to VOTE and decide through Fireball’s Facebook when he launches MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN tomorrow!!

LIKE his page here so that you can participate and vote. Each day, TWO MOVIE CARS will go head to head on Facebook, Twitter and the Blog. Round ONE will include tons of your favorites and this may take a looooong time (as we are stuck at home), but who cares! It’ll be COOL!!

Vote each day by simply leaving a comment, then that car gets saved for the next round. Winners will be announced end of EACH DAY! BOOYAAAA!!!

Next BATMOBILE Revealed from “THE BATMAN…”

Here it is… in all its Muscle Car Glory. This ain’t no EV folks, but a solid state gas guzzler with some serious horsepower. Get ready…


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