If you haven’t seen BARBIE’S BATHROOM… now’s your chance at MUSCLES & MOJO!

Epic FOURTH OF JULY 2021 at Muscles & Mojo!!! The Gallery…

What an amazing time for FOURTH OF JULY at our Museum in Oxnard! Fantastic Celebration of COOL CARS, FACES and FUN! Join us every 1ST & 3RD Sundays of the Month!

Next Sunday… it’s 4TH OF JULY at MUSCLES & MOJO!!! VIP Parking for RED, WHITE & BLUE!!

Whatcha doin’ on FOURTH OF JULY? Well, whatever it is, it won’t be as cool as going to MUSCLES & MOJO!! If you’ve got a RED, WHITE or BLUE car… you be a VIP, baby…

Next MUSCLES & MOJO is Father’s Day, June 20th!!

Dads… trying to figure out what to do for FATHER’S DAY?? How about cool cars??

MUSCLES & MOJO is this Sunday!!!

Need something cool to do on Sunday? We’ve got just the thing. MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy Auto Museum is FREE COFFEE, DONUTS & Cool CARS! Plus, we’ll have Breakfast Tacos!! DON’T MISS IT!!

Next epic MUSCLES & MOJO locked for Sunday June 6th, 2021!!

The show just keeps getting better and better! Come pay us a VISIT!!

Fireball’s MUSCLES & MOJO is GO for May 16th with BREAKFAST TACOS at the Murphy!!!

You hungry?? Well, we got ya covered with COFFEE, DONUTS & BREAKFAST TACOS thanks to 5th Element Catering! JOIN US!!

5TH ELEMENT CATERING to provide spectacular Breakfast Tacos for May 2nd MUSCLES & MOJO!!!

NEW TO THE SHOW! 5TH Element Catering will be on hand for the May 2nd MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy Auto Museum with BREAKFAST TACOS! 5th Element provided the insane Tacos for our Fireball Gallery Grand Opening and will be on hand every show to provide $5 Tacos along with the FREE COFFEE and DONUTS!


Next MUSCLES & MOJO Cars & Coffee is Sunday, May 2nd, 2021!!

An epic turnout of vehicular awesomeness for MUSCLES & MOJO at the Murphy!!!

Fun turnout despite COVID, but great to see all our good friends like Johnny Martinez, Maureen Magnuson and newcomer Cleo Shelby. Some great metal!