A week in the agile 2020 VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS CROSS SPORT…

Ok, here’s how it goes… The 2020 VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS CROSS SPORT reminds me of a Rhino. Yup, a Rhino.

Now at first glance, that wouldn’t sound all that good. I mean, Rhinos are BIG, heavy, not necessarily good-looking and aggressive. But…

Let’s get into the world of Fireball a bit. And as you know, Fireball is ALL about Kustom Modification. CARS & ART, as in what would you do to Rhino to make it FASTER, SLEEKER, more POWERFUL and… kinda cool looking?

The ATLAS starts at around $31K, although my version was quite a bit more due to our Rhino going shopping. So, you can still get one for a rather reasonable SUV price, or go all hog-wild (rhino-wild) and slap on some speedy doo-hickies. I’d recommend that as your beast probably likes going fast.

24mpg means that it’s not a guzzler, but it’s an SUV. This Rhino’s not a vegan, so expect to have a gas budget on tap. Eight colors, although Rhinos are grey. But can you see a Rhino in an Aurora Red Metallic Pinstripe Suit with this interior? Well now that’s a picture. Happy Rhino.

2liter 4-cylinder and 285HP. Just enough to get this beast moving, although a pasta dinner the night before in his little Rhino Bowl might boost that a bit. Worth considering.

The ATLAS is an open-air, high-haunched, speedy-looking and quietly comfortable SUV. It works in grey and grey is the color that people pick when they don’t know what to pick. Color scares most, and Rhino’s can be scary in grey. Platinum Grey Metallic specifically.

But this car in its basic sense is pretty awesome. And as I drive a lot of SUVs, in comparison to most… this Vdub is quite the package. It has an aggressive forward stance, begs for personal mods like wheels, tint, DEEP BLACK PEARL and is as solid as it gets in Germany Engineering.

Plus, it feels SAFE. Like this Rhino is your buddy and he’s gonna protect you from Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh, my… what it would be to have a pet rhino.

On the Fireball-Scale of crap to cool? This baby’s got it goin’ on and will not disappoint. Although… and E-Version would lean out your Rhino significantly. (Rhino-wink.) But who know when that will pull up into your little Rhino bed?

Screaming 382HP Nitro Yellow ’21 TOYOTA GR SUPRA rocketing to Malibu Village Car Show Sunday…

Can you fit in this car? Find out on Sunday at Malibu Village… $56K, 22mpg, 382hp.

A week in the stunning 2020 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LIMITED X 4X4…


Right outta the gate, and much like all Jeeps, the 2020 GRAND CHEROKEE is awesome. It’s brute force, THICK on all sides, super comfy and luxurious with a strong confident design language.

And it’s got lottsa power…. BUT here the thing. It’s kinda not fair that they make a TrackHawk version with a Hellcat motor. I mean, who wants this one when they can have THAT ONE? Seriously.

It’s like… let’s go get an ice cream and get ONE SCOOP. Who does that? Remember Thrifty with the cylinder-shaped ice cream scoops? They were tiny, so we always opted for more. At least 3. NOBODY… EVER… GOT ONE SCOOP.

And this is what Jeep does, dammit. This Cherokee is a One-scooper. It’s awesome. Delicious. Goes down smooth and silky, but IT’S ONE SCOOP AND I WANT MORE!

I guess that’s a good thing. To know that there IS more is what Jeep is all about, right? Design-wise, the Cherokee hasn’t changed all that much in the past few years. It’s like Ford building the Fairmont or Buick the Grand National. Both are fairly nonchalant cars, but hey, “Lets put a BEAST of a Motor in one and she’ll sell like gangbusters!”

Sure, it works. And three scoops is cool. 4 is too much as it topples over when you are riding your bike on the sidewalk. Like… 1500 hp in a Jeep. Silly. But 707hp in a Cherokee? Daaaaaaamn.

Like… like… It’s like finding that last WACKY STICKER to make your set complete. The Star Wars Action Figure you’ve been missing and just found at a swap meet… for $.50! It’s like THREE SCOOPS!

Oh, before I forget, let’s get the tech stuff outta the way. 21mpg (ouch), $52K (ouchy2) and 293hp. SEE WHAT I MEAN? 293hp? That’s full-on 1 scoop, ppl!

Ok, there is a case from Mom’s picking up grungy dirty kids and Dad’s going to a meeting (unless he’s seeing his mistress, a Hellcat Dodge)… and the occasional off-road adventure to Grandma’s house in the Woods (creepyFriday13thface), but come on… IT’S A JEEP. And despite Jeep’s Marketing Campaign on ALL their cars, we ALL know that Jeeps are built for trails and off-road excursions. WE AIN’T STOOPID.

Driving a Jeep on the freeway (and streets) only… is like buying a pair of running shoes, but all you do is stand around at the office eating your donut. Buying a Hot Wheels and sticking it immediately into your collection… in the closet. Oh, oh… how about this one? Buy a fancy Hellcat Coffee Maker… then go MAKE TEA!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD PEOPLE!!! TAKE YOUR JEEP WHERE IT SUPPOSED TO GO!!!

Ok, I’m done now. I like the 2020 Grand Cherokee Limited a lot. Buy one, or don’t. But know that if you do… and you solely drive it on the freeway… I will be watching… And I have a certain set of skills…. I will find you. And I WILL give you my Hairy Eyeball, PERSONALLY.

A week in the 2020 JEEP RENEGADE LIMITED proves that Wranglers DO come in small packages…

No, I didn’t drive the Yukon Trail. I didn’t go up the side of Devil’s Tower or cross the noses of Mt. Rushmore. But I did drive the 2020 JEEP RENEGADE LIMITED for a week everywhere in Malibu that I could… and it proved one thing…

The Jeep Wrangler can pretty much take on anything. And as the older brother, it shows the ropes to the younger. As I am a younger brother, I know what it’s like to compete and try to measure up. So…

The RENEGADE does just that. It’s a tiny Wrangler that given the right mods, will attempt to do anything the Wrangler does. Sometimes it will fail, as in the case of traversing the side walls of Haleakala Crater in Hawaii or the North Face of Half Dome. Sure, easy for the Wrangler, but a challenge for the Renegade. Although, that doesn’t mean he won’t try.

The $36K price tag and 26mph of the Renegade allows the driver to go most places and not be broke. Not cheap, but not expensive. Good gas mileage, but not GREAT.

Although, it wasn’t what I was thinking about as I drove the lil’ Jeep over the Malibu Tunnel in the Malibu Canyon or hit the ENTIRE Backbone Trail. Managed to not hit any hikers either, so that was good.

The Renegade looks good… but it has serious potential in Jeep Mods and the aftermarket. If you don’t want to plunk down $50K for a Wrangler, then whisk the Renegade and get busy measuring up. It will scoot your daughter to College (if they ever open back up) or it will climb El Capitan with a small bit of struggle as the Wrangler drops pebbles from above.

Bottom Line? The Glacier Metallic 2020 RENEGADE that I got for a week was fun. Design is great, slightly aggressive but cute also. Perfect and should soon come out in an Underwater version so I can explore that Alien Base off the coast of Pt. Dume. THAT… would be fun.

A week in the 2020 LEXUS NX 300H SUV proves… that it’s a struggling SUV

Let’s get this right out of the box, shall we?

I’m not a huge fan of LEXUS. Primarily their design language, as the “pinch” is now getting less interesting. Some of the cars are still retaining their youthful fresh look, but some… just simply aren’t.

For me, the 2020 LEXUS NX 300Hybrid is on the fence for a couple reasons. On the good side, the interior and seating is very cool, comfortable and well executed. Although still using that cheap gray plastic from a decade ago.

Choice of color options and ergonomics is sound on the inside, although some of the interplay is losing its luster. The red on black seats are cool…

Some of the exterior design elements still work, how the front turn signal lights pierce into the grill and cause the pinch. Some of the scalloping on the rear still works, but the side still feels like someone bashed into it. Clearly dented. I even had someone come up to me and say “bummer,” only to realize that it was designed that way. Hm.

Front nose is still very high and upturned. Feels like attitude and not being open to ideas. But for a $50K Hybrid SUV that gets only 31mpg, I think it’s time to be open. I’d pay $50K for electric or a Hybrid that gets 55mpg.

Good news though is that Lexus is working on new things… at least, I THINK they are. Shouldn’t they be? I mean, do you still want to make cars like this that feel old and un-languaged, or do you want people to buy your cars ’cause they’re frikkin’ cool?

How do I know? My brother just turned in his Lexus SUV for a GMC Traverse. His reason? It just felt old and was missing its mojo…

Sad. A car missing its Mojo. That’s code for Badassery, even in an SUV. If you’re gonna have an attitude, let it be a humble one and not elitist. Now, I’m not saying that Lexus is that, but I am saying that they need to hire some fresh blood with new ideas.

Do a Movie. Do some Hot Wheels. Do a ridiculously funny Steampunk SEMA Car. Have fun and relax. Maybe follow behind the Jeeps on the Yukon Trail? I don’t know… maybe just go to the beach for a while and get inspired. Talk to the all-mighty CarGod.

But keep the girl who’s doing the interiors from home. She’s doing a good job and has a handle on coolness, so maybe a raise is in order.

Until LEXUS finds its mojo, there won’t be any Coloring Books on the Horizon. Ok, maybe the LC 500… That’s pretty Mojo-riffic.


What did we think of the CYBERTRUCK at the Petersen? Find out on tomorrow’s FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG!

CYBERTRUCK in the flesh!!! Uh… steel, actually

Great time at the Petersen Museum with friends Pep Williams, Ken Vela, Paul Grisanti and Pete Haak… to see Tesla’s CYBERTRUCK in the flesh. Much… much BIGGER in real life, ppl. “Step away from the vehicle!”

What do you guys think??

2021 GMC CANYON becomes a 750HP SYCLONE thanks to SVE…

Get CORVETTES on Amazon!

Remember the GMC Syclone of the 90’s? Well, it’s back and… it’s brutal. This time as a 2021 GMC CANYON PICKUP.

The Syclone comes pre-installed with a Supercharged 5.3L V8 gurgling 750hp and 600lbft. So yes, it’s Syclonic. But that’s only the beginning as it’s been lowered and AWD. Oh… and there’s so… much… more.

The mod list is waaaay too long, but it’s does get us excited about doing a PICKUP TRUCK Coloring Book for 2021…

MORE… 2021 Ford Bronco renderings surface before the July 13th premiere…

Get MUSTANGS on Amazon!

Anyone have any issues with a July 13th reveal? Hope not. ‘Cause that’s when the 2021 FORD BRONCO is coming out, and it’s about time.

Ford’s got a lot going on, but since we haven’t seen the Bronco, F150 or MustangEV on the road yet, we don’t really know whether it’s all good.

We’re still planning a BRONCO Coloring Book for 2021!!! What are YOU guys looking forward to?? LEAVE A COMMENT.

Bonkers new DONKERVOORT D8 GTO-JD70 pulls 2G with 415hp…

Donkervoort’s insane carbon two-seater weighs only 1543 pounds, but packs a 2.5L Audi-sourced turbo-5 engine pumping 415 hp!

0 to 62 mph in 2.7 sec, 124 mph in 7.7 sec, and pulls 2g of lateral acceleration in the corners. And… it’s street legal. I think this is worthy of a Coloring Book, eh?