BIG THANKS to Everyone for the BIG 5-0!!


I want to thanks everyone who sent warm Birthday wishes, gifts, emails, texts and snippets! What an awesome series of days, seeing FURIOUS7 several times, abotu 8-pounds of Chocolate, lunches, drives and 5-0 jokes. (None of which were funny in ANY way…) But I had a great time and am truly grateful to have such good friends, fans and family. Honestly, I don’t feel any different that I did when I was 16… so there.

Here’s to another 50 years of Cool Cars, Awesome People and Beautiful Places…

April 3rd is OFFICIAL DAY OF AWESOME!!!!!!


Ok, so today I officially dub thee DAY OF AWESOME. And for my Birthday, I want you all to take the day off (or at least a half day), go get ICE CREAM with your kids, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents or anyone you can grab off the street! Seriously, even if their a little scary looking, Ice Cram will rough out those edges..

And I want to THANK EVERYONE for spending 2015 with me so far as we make the planet cooler just by being kind, loving and sharing the COOLEST FRIKKIN’ SHOWS, CAR & BIKE content online anywhere! I mean… we’re the shit and we know it. 😉 But here’s to YOU on MY Birthday. If you absolutely can’t get Ice Cream, then go up and kiss some random cute person!! Then run… ’cause you’ll probably get slapped. But it will be an awesome story and today is…


2016 CHRYSLER 300 arrives @ The Fireball Malibu Pad for FURIOUS7 Pre-Screening…

So, tonight (thanks to Dodge, Motor Trend & TEN Garage), I’m headed to a Pre-Screening of FURIOUS7. I have no doubt that the film will rock my socks, but they are already with having taken delivery of this 2016 CHRYSLER 300 S. An amazingly beautiful design upgrade that will make my trip to the Motor Trend offices smooooth.

Stay tuned for a quick review of the film tomorrow, or watch for updates on Twitter tonight, LIVE from the event! I’ll also be driving this beast all week, so be on the lookout in SoCal!

Thank You, Leonard…


I had the joy of meeting Leonard Nimoy only once in my life. And at that point, when I was about 11, I asked him where his funny ears were?

But his answer eludes me to this day. Knowing that I asked him and knowing that he did respond… meant that I conversed with someone truly genuine. A creative powerhouse that entertained us for decades as a character we all enjoyed tremendously. He was a wonderful actor.

Thank you Leonard for taking us all to other worlds. Where you go now, we all will follow someday, but you and you alone get to see this other world first… and you’ll be missed here.

Don’t forget to be a KID today…


This is my wife Kathie. Some of you may know her as The Bride of Fireball. And when she’s not building cool Costumes, she’s acting like a kid. Seriously. I told her I was going to make brownies so she went out and grabbed some Rose Leaves, melted some Cadbury Chocolate and picked some Guavas and Voila… the most insane Brownies ever!!! Then she went swimming…

Don’t forget that life is supposed to be fun. You have to consciously CHOOSE this in every moment and you can’t live life sleeping. It’s not that situations won’t come and challenge you, but it’s how you deal with them. How you avoid a punch by being trained to bob and weave. Negative thoughts are like incoming punches, so bob and weave and strike back with coolness. Choose happiness, my friends. Then go swimming…

DSC00093 DSC00095Pool

My nephew ERIK hits a milestone… #breckenridge


This is my nephew ERIK. He’s on a quest to hit some of the best ski slopes in the nation… and world. Just got this photo from his Mom and it’s really awesome. Not only is that smile worth a thousand words, it’s great to see someone this age putting forth what they love so much. And this kid LOVES to ski.

When you do what you love, it isn’t work. Oh, it may be hard.. but always worth it. Join me in the CONGRATS to Erik for challenging himself across the country at the world’s best. And I’m diggin’ that orange scarf, baby… BOOYAH!!!

WATCH! Fireball Pop ANTHONY LAWRENCE featured on KABC-TV…

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 6.03.00 PM copy

Great piece on the MPTF’s Channel 22. A Mini-Movie Studio producing great content. Very proud of my Pop. Check it out here…

If you can’t laugh at the little stuff…


You may be forgetting that it’s ALL little stuff.



I don’t know how many of you will take the time to read this, but if you do… then you’ll get a gift for this New Year that I hope will instill joy, peace and purpose.

I’ve been blessed this past year to do a great many things. But one is to bring you stuff from this blog to put a smile on your face. To help you to know that you are not traveling through this life alone. I am here with you. We are ALL here.

The most difficult thing in life is to realize truly, that we aren’t alone and that there are others out there to be here for you in many ways. This New Year will be unlike any that has ever come before. And if you’ll seriously intend to MOVE towards your ideal life, then I’m here to help. Please know that YOU CAN, no matter what your situation. YOU CAN have a greater life this year. YOU CAN have better relationships, better friends, more joy, more money, more of EVERYTHING.

All you have to do is be clear on what you want and mentally put it out there. Like ordering something from Amazon, expect it to show up and it will. I promise. It’s how things work. Just don’t EVER doubt it, change your visions or be a jerk. GIVE.

If you’ve read this, it’s now your job to GIVE this to others. Instill more than hope in them. Instill CERTAINTY.  Together, through this life, we’ll create awesomeness. Watch the video below and KNOW, we are tiny and must stick together. One family, many siblings. All here for each other.

Love, Peace and Coolness.

My BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT… The @Garmin VivoFit SportsWatch #fitness #workout #gym #training #runner


I got a lot of great stuff for Christmas and I’m grateful for everything. But this one item from my wife just plain does the thing. It’s the GARMIN VIVOFIT SportsWatch. It’s cool because through GPS, I can calculate so many things (Calories, WorkOuts, Goals) to help me stay fit and increase my health. That’s cool, ’cause if I don’t keep track of my chocolate intake, I’ll bust.

But I want to thank Garmin for creating such a cool item. I don’t normally review things like this ’cause it doesn’t have wheels, but if you’re into fitness, this watch rocks and you should click the link.