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Just wanted to thank everyone who purchased one of my new books for Christmas. It feels great knowing that these small items will bring great smiles to those they are given. Kids, Adults and anyone in between. My sincerest thanks to you for this Christmas and to a prosperous and Happy New Year. May 2015 be one of expanding happiness, joy and love.

BACK EAST… @SewardJohnson HAMILTON #NewJersey @HamiltonTwpNJ @MarilynMonroe @MarilynMonroeDC #Sculpture #Garden


One of the days back east, we hit the massive home of famed sculptor SEWARD JOHNSON. One of Kathie’s favorite sculptors. And here’s the story…

A while back, Seward premiered his massive sculpture of MARILYN MONROE in Chicago. We were there to enjoy it in all it’s glory and found out that it would be traveling. Just so happened that her next stop was Palm Springs. So, we grabbed Fireball Pop and a cool car and went off to see here there for the second time. One of Marilyn’s favorite towns beside our Malibu homestead.

As we put together this latest trip to the East Coast, Kathie investigated where Marilyn would go next and it turns out she was going home to Hamilton New Jersey and Seward’s Sculpture Garden. So, we set off again…

Not only did we see her beautiness once more, but we had an incredible time enjoying all of Seward’s other pieces and his incredible garden. And rest assured, we’ll be going to wherever she goes next, too.

Thank you Seward for doing what you do best, and inspiring Kathie to finish her Mermaid below…

2014-09-13_15-21-20_129 DSC00879

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HAPPY FATHER’S DAY… Seriously #FathersDay #HappyFathersDay #Dad #Dads @2tony2222


Yea, I can say it. You can say it. We all can say it… And it might be, sure is, can be, should be and absolutely could be true. I have the greatest Dad on the planet.

Wherever you fall into place here and regardless of the past, I want to bring you into the moment… for a moment. But I need your help. I need you to forget about what you know or believe about the past and work hard to stay right here. In THIS moment.

No matter your feelings about your Dads, let’s just pretend that you have the greatest Dad (like me) in the entire world. Maybe even the Universe. And as a Dad, he’s done the absolute best job he could at giving you what you need to take on this world. Love, Courage, Faith, Hope, Balls, Persistence, Determination, More Balls, Commitment, Strategy, Encouragement and about 3256 other things. And as a Dad, he’s done this 365 Days a year for the last umpteen years.

Now, seeing as how he’s done all this, how about we celebrate just one day. One day… where we can express some gratitude towards him and all Dads everywhere that although not perfect, have done the best that they knew how. Even when they made mistakes. How do I know this? Well, I’m a Dad too. And despite how hard I’ve tried, I’ve made some whopper errors in judgement and screwing things up many times.

But the one that my Dad always taught me is that mistakes are necessary in creating the ideal life. The ideal job. The ideal relationship. Mistakes are transformative in evolution. The desire to be better at something. Many people make mistakes and suffer from them because they can’t see that they are there strategically to help and make us grow. But we have to actually SEE them as being that. We have to choose wisely.

And like everything else, what we choose comes back to us. So here’s the bottom line…

If you want LOVE in your life, you have to GIVE love first. If you want better FRIENDS, you have to BE  a better friend. If you want a better DAD, then become one and experience what it’s like… but focus and be grateful for what your Dad has done… and not his mistakes. Gandhi said to BE the change you want to SEE in the world. BE it first.

We do a good job at trying to change people. Be we can’t. No one can. The most we can do is CHANGE OURSELVES. And through that, our experience will change, but it requires faith.

It’s my sincerest wish for a great day to all Dads today. But most of all, to mine. I love you, Pop. My hero, my friend, my number #1. You’re a perfect Dad… except for that last joke you told me. It was really awful. 😉


GIVE first… then Get everything #giving #receiving #dogood #lawofattraction


I have to admit, I grew up (despite wonderful parents) with a selfish streak. Maybe because I was the youngest of 5? Maybe because I learned that if I didn’t fight harder, I may not get ANYTHING. Maybe…

But, I have now realized that I had been violating the laws of nature for a very long time. Oh, I got things. I accumulated masses of amount of stuff. Stuff to fill other things. Buckets of stuff. Things… I thought were so important, only to find out… they mean nothing.

The LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT is always in effect. And we are either working with it, or against it. And GIVING is the key. Now, I don’t mean giving money, although that can be a part of it. (This is where I ask for your credit card number 😉  GIVING can mean TIME, THOUGHTS, ACTS, COMPLIMENTS and many other things.

If you give thoughts of WORRY, you’ll attract more things to worry about. If you give your TIME to help someone, you’ll be HELPED. If you act harshly to someone, you’ll be treated harshly. Get the point? This,… is LAW. And it’s always working whether you acknowledge it or not.

Live your life CAREFULLY. Give RIGHT THOUGHTS and attract RIGHT CONDITIONS. Learn to be AWARE of what you are thinking. Give RIGHT ACTS and good things will come. Stay the course, never give up, and ALWAYS GIVE FIRST. Now, go get ‘em, tiger!

Today’s cool author. FLORENCE SCOVEL SHINN

Today’s THOUGHTBALL… Stay Healthy… #health #food #strength


This week @ THE FIREBALL PAD… #gratitude #drawing #movies #laautoshow #eating

It’s Thanksgiving week, so it’s light. All because Thursday is the biggest eating day on the planet. So… I’m going to the gym, then walking about 10 miles at the Auto Show on Tuesday, gym again, drawing myself at the gym and then gonna build an entire gym on Wednesday just to prepare. 😉 Ok, maybe just some of that…

But it’s important to realize that gratitude doesn’t come at Thanksgiving. It’s for every day, all day, 24/7/365. And I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys. So my sincerest THANKS to everyone who visits the Blog, Wack and our online Network. Be sure to find ways to serve others by giving COOLNESS and you’ll feel good all that time.


Today’s CARTOON… It’s Harley & Teddy, Happiness Superheroes… @milldogrescue #dogs #puppies #art #design

Did this one over the weekend for my friends at The National Mill Dog Rescue. Harley & Teddy are their Happiness Superheroes. Have you checked them out? DO IT and you’ll be savin’ pups!Harley&Teddy640



MALIBU SURF SHACK is all fun… all the time


During the summer, it can be a pretty crazy thing to try and figure out what to do on the weekends. So many activities and so many places you can go. But this is a post about my absolute favorite here in town…

Friends Sean and Leslie Weber own MALIBU SURF SHACK by the Malibu pier. A one stop shop for all things cool since 1972. But there’s more to these two than just Kayaks, Paddleboards, Surfboards, Bikes and TONS of unique ocean equipment. There’s an energy of anticipation that goes beyond any place I’ve experienced on the west coast.

The moment you walk into The Shack, you can feel a powerful excitement and fun about to take place. Sean’s hands are moving in a blur as he directs his team to each new group like a madman directing a Blockbuster film. Leslie is like a pocket rocket as she skirts up and down from their main store to lower their annex’d surf shop.


People from all over the world come to explore something they’ve never done before. Europeans who’ve never been surfing, Australians that have never been in a Kayak (Like that was even possible) and locals that have still yet to Paddleboard (My new fav in the whole world). I had to wait a week for the shop to be empty enough in the morning to get any shots at all. But 5 minutes into my shoot came an onslaught of eager ocean seekers… and I was done.

The lightning speed that these two have in securing your fun is overwhelming. They are committed to GIVING you the ultimate experience with whatever you choose, plus provide the most unique Malibu and ocean based products they can get they’re hands on, including my Kathie’s Surfboard Soaps on a Rope! There are things in this place that you just can’t get anywhere else.

The team consists of Sean, Leslie, their family and a group of strapping surfers like Warren to cater to whatever you need to make your ocean experience the best and most fun possible. There’s just no surf shop like it on the west coast, possibly anywhere.

Do yourself a favor and take a pop into the Shack to see what I’m talking about. GIVING is what Malibu Surf Shack is all about, and in return, you’ll get an experience you’ll never forget. And make sure to bring a camera ’cause you’ll want to take a picture of just about everything.

DSC06988  DSC06991

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