Signed TONY DOW Trading Card #8 hits Fireball Store featuring “Dad” HUGH BEAUMONT!

THE #8 TONY DOW CARD IS OUT!! This one has “Dad” HUGH BEAUMONT on the front and Tony’s 1937 Kirawan Sailboat on the back. Super cool! Grab one in THE FIREBALL STORE now!

Today’s Final Fireball Trading Card is epic TONY DOW #6!!

The 3rd card launch for today belongs to this stunning TONY DOW #6 featuring young Tony during his acting career. Great shot! PLUS, on the backside is the 6th car he owned… a 1964 PORSCHE SC!! Hot!!

Get it here on our ETSY STORE!!

Second Fireball Trading Card is the PINUPS #3 featuring Badass TIFFANY TOTH!!

Fireball Launch Week continues with an amazing new PINUP Trading Card!

This one is #3 featuring a great shot of Pinup Tiffany Toth by Mitzi Valenzuela with an original Ed Roth Ford restore by Dave Shuten of GALPIN!Grab the new card on our ESTY Shop here!!

Epic Fireball Launch Week continues with NINTENDO Behind the Scenes Super Mario Trading Card #1!!!

Our first NINTENDO Behind the Scenes Trading Card #1 features SUPER MARIO on the set of “SMASH BROS” in 1999 at Disney Ranch. The Commercial was ‘HAPPY TOGETHER,” although you’ll see that it didn’t last here…


What’s happening so far for LAUNCH WEEK here at Fireball? Tony Dow, KUSTOMS, HOT RODS and today its… ?

An amazing week so far here at Fireball as we’ve launched the Official TONY DOW Trading Card #5, the AUTOMATRON #1 Hot Rod and COSMOTRON #1 Kustom from Superfly Autos!

What’s being launched today? Watch ART TALK LIVE on Facebook at 8am(pst)!!

Fireball’s March Launch Week begins with an awesome TONY DOW Trading Card #5!!!

It’s official! Not only have we launched Dennis Gage’s new Coloring Book, but today it’s also our TONY DOW Trading Card #5!! This time, it’s Tony, Lauren and some traveling coolness! A stunning 1968 VW Bus Westfalia!

Grab the new card on our ETSY Store here!

Prepare for the PLANET to SHIFT COURSE…

1989 Batmobile MOVIE CAR ART #2 Trading Card launches… and its a frikkin’ awesome DOOZIE!!

I didn’t plan on doing a card of my own art, but I got a lot of requests for this one, soooo…

The #2 MOVIE CAR ART Trading Card takes the Batmobile I did for the 1989 Batman film and woops it up a bit! Still similar design language, but with a bit more Battitude. Available HERE at our Fireball Store and they’re SIGNED!!!

Fireball LAUNCH WEEK continues with all-new SYD MEAD Trading Card #2!!!

So cool! This is one of my favorite painting from SYD MEAD. The colors are astonishing! NOW AVAILABLE at the Fireball Store!

Epic LAUNCH WEEK Day 2 continues with an all-new stunning PINUP TRADING CARD!!

It’s Tuesday of LAUNCH WEEK here at Fireball Publishing and that means we LAAAAUNCH!!! Today, it’s an all-new PINUPS Trading Card featuring a great shot from Mitzi Valenzuela of model SWEET AS CANDIE next to Gene Winfield’s JADE IDOL! So cool!!

Grab some on The Fireball Store!!