A tough battle with thunderous gives and takes between Randy Koon’s 1962 Buick Special Deluxe and Todd Preston’s 1958 Mercury Commuter… but out ahead was… THE MERCURY!!! WIN GOES TO TODD!

But… although it’s good news for Todd, Randy’s Wagon (in third place) will ALSO be included in our STATION WAGONS 2 Coloring Book! Yes, 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be immortalized in our new book for 2021!!!

AND NOW… the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Our FINAL BATTLE between Todd Preston’s 1958 MERCURY COMMUTER VS Deane Wilson’s 1961 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE! VOTE NOW!!! Tell yer friends to VOTE! VOTE FROM MARS! VOTE FROM THE TOILET! VOTE FORD OR MERCURY NOW!!!!

REMINDER!!! 2nd Place will be in the next Book and WILL receive some awesome WW Goodies too, but FIRST PLACE wins a SIGNED/SKETCHED STATION WAGONS Coloring Book, posting about the Wagon here on the Blog at, our all-new SYD MEAD & GENE WINFIELD Books, Chocolate, Diecast and anything else I can throw in there!!

Plus, the all-new WAGON WARS #1 TRADING CARD featuring Tramayne Johnson’s 1960 Chrysler! Oh… and did I mention that the Winner will actually be TRADING CARD #2??? WOO HOO!!!

WAGON WARS! 1959 PLYMOUTH Suburban VS. 1959 FORD Country Squire!! VOTE NOW!

FIREBALL WAGON WARS NOTICE!!! Due to Nasty Facebook Algorithms, I have to NIX posting in most Facebook Groups now as there are too many of you and I’m getting WARNINGS!

So starting tomorrow… WAGON WARS will only be posted on this Blog and from my 2 pages. This one and Fireball Publishing or I’ll get thrown in the Facebook BRIG and the WAR will be TERMINATED!! Join below… NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!! (Hey, I made a rhyme!)

Yesterday’s BATTLE was oh sooo CLOSE! But the WINNER EMERGED and it’s Dave Long’s 1958 Mercury Voyager!!! Sorry, Tramayne as the Edsel was SICK, but Dave MOVES ON! WINNA!

TODAY’S BATTLE of the Longroofs pits New Zealander Graham Baird’s green 1959 PLYMOUTH SUBURBAN VS. Todd Allen’s 1959 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE!! Both HOT! Graham is a Roasted Coconut Chef catering to the World Famous New Zealand Looney Bin and Todd builds edible Hot Rods out of Liquid Hot Magma!! Exciting!! VOTE! VOTEY MC-VOTESTER NOW AND LET’S DO THIS!!!!!

Again, JOIN my Pages so you don’t miss the WAR! Facebook ain’t nice when it comes to posting too much!

Awesome FIREBALL WAGON WARS Next Level BEGINS on Facebook!!

FIREBALL WAGON WARS – NEXT LEVEL BEGINS!!! Welcome one, welcome all to the Next Level in Bruises and Battling Longroofs. The stakes are high with this WAR, the prizes are epic and the Wagons are cooooo….

FIRST CONTENDERS… It’s Toni Achilli and his “Dirt Gertie” 1957 CHEVY 210 VS Doug Nelson’s 1957 PONTIAC SAFARI!! Toni enjoys long walks on short piers, peanut butter pie and has a cool mouse skull collection. Doug works out 37 times a day, enjoys moon-watching in the day and was Kansas’ 1998 Grand Champion Pickle Slicer. Wow. VOTE NOW! VOTE LIKE YOU MEAN IT! VOTE… and then let your Mother-In-Law out of the basement. She’s had enough and will make Guava Pops.

MALIBU CAR SHOW was epic on Sunday with my friends Jay Leno, Magnus Walker and Spike Feresten! Don’t miss next Sunday at the Malibu Country Mart… ’cause well, it’s every Sunday. HAVE A GREAT DAY, FOLKS and VOTE YER BUTTS OFF! (Not literally, ’cause that would be weird… and gross.)

Fireball WAGON WARS NEXT LEVEL Begins on Facebook!!!!

WAGON WARS IS BACK!! This time… we’re gettin’ mega-serious…

This… is FIREBALL WAGON WARS NEXT LEVEL! Begins Monday on Fireball’s Facebook Page, Nov 23rd… at whatever time I have my coffee!

COMPETITION : SEND IN an Amazing Shot of YOUR DREAM WAGON to and THAT’S IT! Only 25 ENTRIES!! Could be one you own, one you really want or just a dang cool Wagon that deserves to WIN BIG! And speaking of WINNING…

WINNER GETS… A SIGNED and SKETCHED STATION WAGONS Coloring Book, an Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book, an Official SYD MEAD Coloring Book that’s not even out yet! A super-cool DIECAST WAGON, The Awesome Official Tramayne Johnson #1 1960 MOPAR TRADING CARD and… and… wait for it… CHOCOLATE, DANGIT!!!!

So send in those badass Wagons NOW to Capped at 25! You could become FAMOUS in the next WAGON BOOK!!! I’ll be waiting Wagon Competitors…

Kinda Classic 1985 FORD LTD WAGON busts out the WIN in today’s crazy WAGON WARS!

Sure, back in the day, this 1985 FORD LTD Wagon was… JUST A WAGON. But now, it has a chance to go down in Coloring Book History. Will it win the entire BATTLE?

Join me on my Facebook Page for the daily skirmishes. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE…

Gigantic Facebook WAGON WARS BATTLE 2 launches Tomorrow!! Are you ready??

If you haven’t joined in to FIREBALL WAGON WARS on Fireball’s Facebook Page, tomorrow is your chance… Huge success on our last battle pitted 55 Station Wagons against each other with the winner being the 1957 BUICK CENTURY CABALLERO. His FB Page is full, but you can LIKE his Fan Page HERE and here the same thing!

FB Votes are tallied and YOU PICK THE WINNER! But tomorrow’s NEW BATTLE is all about YOUR WAGONS. Today is the last day to submit, so send your photo/make/model/your name to to ENTER.

WINNER gets a SIGNED/SKETCHED copy of our Station Wagons Coloring Book, Chocolate, Diecast and their Wagon featured as a sketch in our 2021 Station Wagons Coloring Book! So ENTER NOW!!

Look at those faces of anticipation!!!


We’ve competed with over 50 Wagons… but there can be only one-true-winner. Yesterday was a tough one, but YOU VOTED… and the WINNER is the 1965 Ford Country Squire with the 1973 Chrysler hot on it’s tail!

FINAL BATTLE!!! Tomorrow, we’ll feature ALL the competitors together in one POST. A full gallery! And then… on SATURDAY, the Final Battle will put our two champs in the MASSIVE WAGON RING! The 1957 BUICK CABALLERO VS. 1965 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE! (Can you smell the Wagon’s we’re Cookin??) VOTE NOW!!!

DON’T FORGET SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Send in your Wagons for the next FIREBALL WAGON WARS – YOUR WAGON BATTLES!!! Winner gets a SIGN/SKETCHED Station Wagons Coloring Book (Sponsored by The Official Murphy Auto Museum), Chocolate, Hot Wheels Wagon (Of some sort) and their Wagon will be featured in our NEXT STATION WAGON BOOK for 2021!!!!! Watch Daily to see your Wagons Compete starting NEXT WEEK!!!

Oh, and check out this super-duper Caddy Sketch I just did for a Client… Wanna sketch of your Wagon? Hit me up. PEACE OUT!

1957 BUICK CABALLERO steals another shocking WIN in Wagon Wars…

FIREBALL WAGON WARS!!! Not looking back, the 1957 Buick Caballero steals another massive WIN! This time against his brother, the 1951 Buick Estate Wagon! But the lead was significant and YOU VOTED! Only one more battle to go before the FINAL TITANIC FIGHT!!

Today, it’s gonna be sooooo painful. Two of the greatest Wagons ever produced, face-off to your VOTE. The winner will battle against the ’57 Buick! It’s the 1973 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY VS. FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE! Don’t get caught up in color between these two, but who was the best built and designed Wagon? VOTE! DIGGITY! VOTE NOW!

The Fireball Book Slate is bringing awesomeness! Right now, we’re working on the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book, but it will be followed by Syd Mead, My Classic Car Dennis Gage and SuperFly Autos!! PLUS, Wagons#2 and 8 others are coming in 2021… and YOUR WAGON could be included if you win the next BATTLE COMPETITION! YIPPEEKAZOOOOO!!! GIT 2 IT!

FIREBALL WAGON WARS!!! Today… it’s Massive Detroit Steel Bashing…

A full-on smoosh-fest as the 1965 Ford Country Squire CRUSHES it’s competition… the 1968 Buick Sport Wagon! OUCH! The Buick launches like a flaming tiki into my LOSER Folder! WINNA: FORD! (Did you feel the heat?)

Today again… it’s a Face-off of EPIC DETROIT STEEL as it’s the 1973 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY VS. 1977 FORD LTD WAGON! Like Godzilla VS his TWIN COUSIN of a different Mom’s Brother’s Neighbor’s Sister! PACHOW!!! VOTE NOW before the World Implodes! Vote-doggety-VOTENOW!

BIG THANKS to those that have already sent in their Wagons to compete in our next EPIC BATTLE! FIREBALL WAGONS WARS: YOUR WAGONS EDITION! Shoot a good Photo and some Info to for a chance to WIN our Signed/Sketched Station Wagons Book, DIECAST, CHOCOLATE and God-Knows-What-Else I can fit into it!! And don’t forget to pick up a Coloring Copy for the Kiddies from Amazon for the Hoooladays!

Today’s FIREBALL WAGONS WARS features two gorgeous titan Wagons…

BUICK WINS AGAIN! In another stunning upset, the 1957 Buick Caballero takes down the gorgeous 1961 Chrysler New Yorker Wagon. You Voted and Buick held the 4th round title to MOVE ON… Soooo, we’re MOVING ON!

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for another 4th Round Elim featuring current champs 1965 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE VS. 1968 BUICK SPORTWAGON! Will Ford hold the title or will Buick win… AGAIN? Aw man… this is PAINFUL! VOTE NOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!

I’m off to Legacy Cars and Coffee in Tustin this morning for a mix-and-match of Automotive Coolness. But don’t forget to send in YOUR WAGONS for the next Challenge! FIREBALL WAGON WARS – YOUR WAGONS EDITION! You could win a host of doodads including DIECAST WAGON AWESOMENESS. Do it… DO it now.