FIREBALL WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU to be postponed until October 18th, 2020…

Just in, folks! Looks like the success of WHEELS AND WAVES for this last month was too overwhelmingly cool, so we’re being forced to REST and REGROUP.

Kidding aside, with all that’s going on in the world, the Malibu Country Mart in Malibu is regrouping all their events to come back stronger in October for the HALLOWEEN SEASON. There’s a rather large hump in the country right now and they feel it’s best to keep things simple…

Rest assured, WHEELS AND WAVES will be back and in FULL-ON COOL MODE. But for now, all of our attention will be placed on MUSCLES AND MOJO at the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard. We have some BIG news coming next week!

Very First 1962 COBRA CSX 2001 hits WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU – Fireball Malibu Vlog 992

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Very First 1962 COBRA CSX 2001 hits WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU – Fireball Malibu Vlog 992 – Today’s Vlog starts out with DTLA, Malibu Beauty and then lands at Wheels and Waves where the Petersen’s Bruce Meyers brings in the very first 1962 COBRA CSX 2001 to Wheels and Waves. Also Barry Weiss from Storage Wars!

John D’Agostino cruising 1936 AUBURN BOATTAIL SPEEDSTER into Wheels and Waves TOMORROW!!

Dubbed “THE GREAT GATSBY” and built by Swede Anders Jacobsen in 2019, this 1936 beauty from GNRS will be driven in by Johnny D’Agostino from CELEBRITY KUSTOMS.

Come see it in the green flesh!

BARRY WEISS from “Storage Wars” bringing ZEPHYR and CADDY to Wheels and Waves TOMORROW!

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Tomorrow’s WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu is already goin’ FULL TILT as Barry Weiss from STORAGE WARS is bringing 2 of his best. CADDY and the ZEPHYR.

If you aren’t at this show… then you aren’t livin…’ GET TO IT!

What you need to know in getting ready for WHEELS AND WAVES July 19th…

WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu is still confirmed for Sunday, July 19th and here’s some things that are happening…

• The first 65 cars to roll in will get HOT WHEELS and our all-new SUNSET MALIBU Coloring Book FREE!

• The COFFEE BEAN is now officially gone, so you’ll either need to bring your own coffee or hit a Starbucks on the way in. There is a S-Bucks across the street also.

• Be sure to watch our VLOG SHOW PLAYLIST of past events here as you never know who will be coming. The entire parking lot has been RE-PAVED!

• If you have any concerns about Covid-19, then wear a mask. PERIOD. And DON’T COME is you have a compromised immune system or are feeling under the weather. GET HEALTHY and come the next time!

Our friend Paul Grisanti is running for Malibu City Council, so come and support him! Buy a Coloring Book on Amazon and we’ll DONATE TO DOG RESCUES!!

WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu is coming back Sunday, JULY 19th!!!

That’s right, folks! Fireball Tim WHEELS AND WAVES Malibu is COMING BACK next month on Sunday, July 19th at the Malibu Country Mart from 7-9am

Due to all the world shenanigans, we had to close up shop, but that has given significant time to the Country Mart to make great improvements! WHEELS AND WAVES will be even better that ever, so join us on our Facebook Page and get all the stats here!

**Note: Coffee Bean has closed up permanently so you’ll either need to bring your own joe or get it from Starbucks across the street.

Cool Cars, FREE Hot Wheels and more!

Is WHEELS AND WAVES ever Coming Back??

ANNOUNCEMENT on June 1st will answer this… and many more questions like, IS THERE LIFE ON MARS? Well, maybe we’ll just stick with the Car Show News for now ’cause Elon has the other thing handled…

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This Sunday’s WHEELS AND WAVES CANCELED due to RAIN… and not a Virus

TIP OF THE DAY: Stop watching the News. Period. Get on with your life. If you get sick, then get better and GET BACK TO WORK. 80K people die from the regular Flu every year. Only 100 have died from the Corona. GET BACK TO WORK.

WHEELS and WAVES celebrates St. Patty’s on Sunday, March 15th with GREEN-NESS!!!

GREEN CAR VIP PARKING!! GREEN HOT WHEELS, and anything else GREEN we can com up with!!

WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU is Sunday, February 16th…

Fireball’s WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU is growing in coolness by leaps and bounds. Last month we were visited by Actor/Comedian KEVIN HART, but look at the PAST STAR LIST. Makes you wonder… who’s coming next??