The BEST… of this weekend’s LEGACY CARS & COFFEE

Great time at LEGACY CARS & COFFEE. Some really cool cars and fun hanging out with our friend Doug Campbell of HILLBANK Motorsports. Cobras, baby…

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STRIP STAR makes badass Sketch#8 for the bonkers Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book!

Still got 12 SKETCHES to go for the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book coming out November 1st. Will it be as awesome as the rest of our epic Car Books? Oh yeaaaa…

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Ride of the Day… Badass Super Rare Aussie 1972 CHRYSLER VALIANT CHARGER RT1

The Chrysler Valiant Charger was a two door hardtop coupe introduced by Chrysler Australia in 1971. It was a short wheelbase version of the concurrent Australian Chrysler Valiant sedan. Introduced within the VH Valiant series, it continued as a variant through the subsequent VJ, VK and CL series, until production ceased in 1978. It was marketed and badged as the Valiant Charger in the VH and VJ series and as the Chrysler Charger in the later VK and CL series.

While still based on the US Chrysler A-body platform, with virtually identical front suspension, the fenders were widened, and a wider rear axle fitted, so that the track, front and rear, was considerably wider than any US A-body, this also allowed wheels much wider than a US A-body. The Australian Chargers also used a 5-on-4.5″ wheel bolt circle (still 7/16″ studs), while the US cars did not go to “big bolt pattern” until 1973.

The Charger was extraordinarily popular in Australia during the VH series. At one point Charger production totalled 80% of all Australian Valiant production.

The VH Valiant Charger achieved critical acclaim, winning the 1971 Australian Wheels Car of the Year Award. It was also popular in New Zealand where they were assembled from imported kits.

The sporty image of the Charger faded through the VJ range of cars and was neutered altogether by 1975 release of the VK series.

During the seven years of production, the Charger carried many variations of essentially two basic powerplants, based on the Chrysler Hemi-6 Engine and versions of the Chrysler LA engine V8.

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Blade Runner flying SPINNER makes it into the awesome Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book…

Did you know that GENE WINFIELD built the Spinner and Deckard’s Police Unit for the film BLADE RUNNER? Well, now you do… and it’s coming inside the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book on November 1st to Amazon!

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FIREBALL WAGON WARS!!! Today… it’s Massive Detroit Steel Bashing…

A full-on smoosh-fest as the 1965 Ford Country Squire CRUSHES it’s competition… the 1968 Buick Sport Wagon! OUCH! The Buick launches like a flaming tiki into my LOSER Folder! WINNA: FORD! (Did you feel the heat?)

Today again… it’s a Face-off of EPIC DETROIT STEEL as it’s the 1973 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY VS. 1977 FORD LTD WAGON! Like Godzilla VS his TWIN COUSIN of a different Mom’s Brother’s Neighbor’s Sister! PACHOW!!! VOTE NOW before the World Implodes! Vote-doggety-VOTENOW!

BIG THANKS to those that have already sent in their Wagons to compete in our next EPIC BATTLE! FIREBALL WAGONS WARS: YOUR WAGONS EDITION! Shoot a good Photo and some Info to for a chance to WIN our Signed/Sketched Station Wagons Book, DIECAST, CHOCOLATE and God-Knows-What-Else I can fit into it!! And don’t forget to pick up a Coloring Copy for the Kiddies from Amazon for the Hoooladays!

Today’s FIREBALL WAGONS WARS features two gorgeous titan Wagons…

BUICK WINS AGAIN! In another stunning upset, the 1957 Buick Caballero takes down the gorgeous 1961 Chrysler New Yorker Wagon. You Voted and Buick held the 4th round title to MOVE ON… Soooo, we’re MOVING ON!

It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for another 4th Round Elim featuring current champs 1965 FORD COUNTRY SQUIRE VS. 1968 BUICK SPORTWAGON! Will Ford hold the title or will Buick win… AGAIN? Aw man… this is PAINFUL! VOTE NOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!

I’m off to Legacy Cars and Coffee in Tustin this morning for a mix-and-match of Automotive Coolness. But don’t forget to send in YOUR WAGONS for the next Challenge! FIREBALL WAGON WARS – YOUR WAGONS EDITION! You could win a host of doodads including DIECAST WAGON AWESOMENESS. Do it… DO it now.

VW BUS HOT PADS added to the Fireball Etsy Store…

Sure, you gotta stove in your VDub Bus… and just last week, you burned yourself making Chili Dogs. Well, we’ve got your solution…

VDub Bus Hot Pads!!! 2 to choose from, these sweeties will caress your paws like Mama used to as you walked to the store in search of candy!

Get ’em for the Holidays on THE FIREBALL ETSY STORE!

Sketch#6 complete for the Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book… But what is it??

Can you identify the name of this iconic GENE WINFIELD build? We’ll give you a hint… it starts with a “P.”

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Gene Winfield masterpiece JADE IDOL explodes into the next Epic Fireball Coloring Book…

One of Gene’s most iconic builds, the JADE IDOL can now be virtually any color come November 1st on Amazon. Get ready to COLOR!!!!

The Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book will be joining our line of the World’s Best Automotive Coloring Books. Start COLLECTING NOW!

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Next epic Coloring Book on the Fireball Slate starts today… and it’s The Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book!

GENE WINFIELD is known for some of the most famous Custom Cars in History. And today marks a landmark event where Fireball will be designing 20 pages dedicated to Gene’s Builds. How awesome is that?

Maybelline, Blade Runner, Jade Idol, Strip Star and MORE! Book comes out NOVEMBER 1ST on Amazon!!!

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