SURPRISE!! The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book is NOW AVAILABLE!


To celebrate NATIONAL COLORING BOOK DAY on August 2nd, we wanted to get this out early! The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book is now available ON AMAZON along with all our other amazing books!    

ENJOY, and please know that 20% of all proceeds HELPS DOG RESCUES and the SPCA!

YOU PICK… Barracuda, Caddy, Country Squire or K5?

Get our Cool CAR Coloring Books on Amazon!

Growing up in the 60’s and 70’s… the years brought some amazing cars. I have stories for each one of these and I’m sure you do too. But which one would you take the keys to right now?

1968 Barracuda, ’70 Cadillac, ’73 Ford LTD Country Squire Wagon or ’74 Chevy K5 Blazer? Post your answer below…

The IMPORTANCE OF TRYING NEW THINGS as an Artist – Art Talk Fireball Tim

Fireball goes in deep mentally on why it’s important to Try New Things as an Artist. So they try Vegemite!

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A week in the 2020 JEEP RENEGADE LIMITED proves that Wranglers DO come in small packages…

No, I didn’t drive the Yukon Trail. I didn’t go up the side of Devil’s Tower or cross the noses of Mt. Rushmore. But I did drive the 2020 JEEP RENEGADE LIMITED for a week everywhere in Malibu that I could… and it proved one thing…

The Jeep Wrangler can pretty much take on anything. And as the older brother, it shows the ropes to the younger. As I am a younger brother, I know what it’s like to compete and try to measure up. So…

The RENEGADE does just that. It’s a tiny Wrangler that given the right mods, will attempt to do anything the Wrangler does. Sometimes it will fail, as in the case of traversing the side walls of Haleakala Crater in Hawaii or the North Face of Half Dome. Sure, easy for the Wrangler, but a challenge for the Renegade. Although, that doesn’t mean he won’t try.

The $36K price tag and 26mph of the Renegade allows the driver to go most places and not be broke. Not cheap, but not expensive. Good gas mileage, but not GREAT.

Although, it wasn’t what I was thinking about as I drove the lil’ Jeep over the Malibu Tunnel in the Malibu Canyon or hit the ENTIRE Backbone Trail. Managed to not hit any hikers either, so that was good.

The Renegade looks good… but it has serious potential in Jeep Mods and the aftermarket. If you don’t want to plunk down $50K for a Wrangler, then whisk the Renegade and get busy measuring up. It will scoot your daughter to College (if they ever open back up) or it will climb El Capitan with a small bit of struggle as the Wrangler drops pebbles from above.

Bottom Line? The Glacier Metallic 2020 RENEGADE that I got for a week was fun. Design is great, slightly aggressive but cute also. Perfect and should soon come out in an Underwater version so I can explore that Alien Base off the coast of Pt. Dume. THAT… would be fun.

Today’s COLOR ME… The Spiney Shark is the only Shark that…

Want to know FACTS about the Spiney Shark? Grab a copy of our super cool SHARKS Coloring Book. Not only can you color some cool Sharks, but you’ll learn all about them as well!

Fireball locks in final CUSTOM Automotive Coloring Book for 2020 with Collector/Builder GARY WALES…

Wrapping up 2020 is turning out to be quite spectacular at Fireball Publishing. Here’s the slate as it looks for our line-up of Coloring Books up to Christmas.

August 1 reveals The Official TONY DOW Coloring Book, with only 10 days to launch. And it looks fantastic for all you “Leave it to Beaver” fans.

September 1st brings STATION WAGONS which we’ll be doing a fun event at the Buellton Vintage Trailer Show along with a Special Guest Signing with TONY and his wife LAUREN.

October 1 is ANOTHER big reveal and this time it’s The Official GARY WALES COLLECTION! If you know Gary, then you know he’s got some amazing Cars including La Bestioni.

November 1st is a new Travel Coloring Book on HAWAII! Should be a Blast and feature the BEST of all the Islands!

The, come December 1st is The Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book! 19 of Gene’s amazing builds including Maybelline, Pacifica and The Wild Cad. A spectacular book just in time for Christmas!

Today’s Fireball CLASSIC COOL goes to FORD with a ’38, ’56, ’66 and ’70…

Today’s CLASSIC COOL reveals some great stuff on BaT. Anyone up for expanding their FORD Collection? Or maybe just drool a bit…

GHOSTBUSTERS Ecto 1 gets rebuilt for DAN AKROYD and more adventures…

Get our Hollywood Muscle Coloring Book on AMAZON!

Great piece on the re-build of the GHOSTBUSTERS from Cinema Vehicle Services…

HUGE NEWS!!!! Fireball locks in Christmastime Coloring Book with a serious AUTOMOTIVE HEAVY HITTER…

The 2020 slate is now COMPLETE! Not only does the TONY DOW Coloring Book launch in just 12 days, but Fireball Publishing has now locked in its Christmastime Coloring Book with none other than Master Builder GENE WINFIELD!

That’s right, December 1st will be the launch of The Official GENE WINFIELD Coloring Book filled with 19 of Gene’s groundbreaking builds over his stellar 70+ year career. Plus… a super cool MAZE that we haven’t even come up with yet!

Plus… we’re almost ready to reveal another book that’s equally INSANE!!

Also, stay tuned as we’ll be releasing STATION WAGONS at the Buellton Vintage Trailer Show in September!!

July 2020 WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU… Some of the Best Shots

Ok, here’s my Official Disclaimer…

I’m posting photos from yesterday’s show, but I’m purposely NOT posting the names of the photographers and NOT giving them credit… yet.

Why? ‘Cause there were TOO DAMN MANY SHOTS TAKEN!!! Literally, there were hundred of photos and I’m very grateful that you all had such a good time… as did I!

IF you see you photo here, and IF I didn’t credit you, then email me/text me/yell at me to include you. We had nearly 25 professional photographers and videographers at the show and you all are AWESOME. These shots are BUT A FEW. There will be more… from Steve Geldman, Wes Nielsen, Scott Martin, Stephen Russo, Heather Boucher, Jerry Crocker… (ADD YOUR NAME HERE)

I will keep this gallery flowing…

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