Japan’s TAKESHI KOIZUMI wins #16 awesome spot in Official SUPERFLY AUTOS Coloring Book! Manga, baby…

CONGRATULATIONS to Takeshi Koizumi for locking in the #16 spot in our next Coloring Book with SUPERFLY AUTOS!

His car… an INSANE Toyota Hiace BOSOZUKO MANGA VAN! Forever emblazoned in this EPIC COLORING BOOK out February 1st on Amazon!

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UK ESSEX winner SIMON HALL secures #15 spot in the upcoming Official SUPERFLY AUTOS Coloring Book!

Become a P.I.E. LEGIONNAIRE!!! CONGRATULATIONS to Simon Hall in Essex UK for slippin’ into the #15 spot for the all-new SUPERFLY AUTOS Coloring Book! It’s a Morris Minor PIE WAGON!!!


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2021 CHEVROLET CAMARO 3LT Coupe! – Fireball Malibu Vlog 1014

Fireball gets the 2021 CHEVY CAMARO 3LT Coupe in today’s episode 1014 and hits the streets of Malibu. As usual, beautiful beaches, parks and first-time PopRocks with Fireball Abigale? You bet…

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Today in MALIBU… Fires, Bronco, Scout, Avanti, Kustom & Vette… Good Morning

Woke up to two FIRES… but they put it out. Drove to the MALIBU CAR SHOW… but it’s been canceled for good. Wanted ICE CREAM for breakfast… but Kathie wanted Peanut Butter.

Oh, well. We don’t always get what we want… but we always get what we NEED. Cool Cars.

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FCA & PEUGEOT merge to become STELLANTIS… may drop certain brands

Yikes! FCA & PEUGEOT have merged to become STELLANTIS. FCA may actually drop old platforms like DODGE, CHRYSLER & FIAT brands to strengthen JEEP & RAM. #PEUGEOT to return…

Muscle Car guys and gals will be in utter mayhem if Stellantis drops the above… but hey, this is the way of the world now as EVs take over. Either get on board and be open… or head the way of the dinobot.

The NEW ERA has begun. Whatta ya think??

Today in MALIBU… Classic Caddys and Bonnys roam the Covid Wasteland

It’s rare to see such beasts roaming the Covid Landscape, but I was quick to the trigger in getting shots of these beauties as they perused the Malibu’s PCH. Lucky for me, I wasn’t spotted…

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Arkansas’ ROBERT WAYNE wins #14 spot in Feb 1st SUPERFLY AUTOS Coloring Book!

CONGRATULATIONS to Robert Wayne in Arkansas for snaggin’ the #14 spot in the upcoming Official SuperFly Autos Coloring Book from Fireball Publishing with his BOMBSAWAY! Book hits Amazon Feb 1st!!

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Official SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book launching September 2021…

Our LAUNCH PAD is growing every day and we’ll be announcing ANOTHER new Coloring Book for this year on Fireball’s Show ART TALK LIVE Monday.

But September will bring The Official SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book, chock full of Spike’s favorites! But who is he? Check it…

SPIKE FERESTEN is an American television writer, screenwriter, comedian and television personality, who is best known for his work on Seinfeld, writing for David Letterman, and hosting the late night Talkshow with Spike Feresten from 2006 to 2009 on Fox.

He is the former host of Esquire Network’s series Car Matchmaker with Spike Feresten and currently hosts the podcast Spike’s Car Radio with the affable Paul Zuckerman. He was also a screenwriter for the 2007 animated film, Bee Movie.

So… it’s gonna be cool.

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Fireball Licensed MARILYN MONROE Coloring Book in the works for 2021…

Not just a regular MARILYN MONROE Book… but the CARS of MARILYN MONROE! Coming later this year with our partner Limited Runs… and possibly TRADING CARDS also!

Stay tuned to Fireball!

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UK’s Paul Bacon slams home the #12 spot in fantabulous SUPERFLY AUTOS Coloring Book! But what is it??

CONGRATULATIONS to Paul Bacon at Automatron in Leicestershire UK for locking the #12 spot in the upcoming SuperFly Autos Coloring Book… with his awesome heavily modified 1998 BMW Z3 COSMOTRON!!!

Book comes to Amazon Feb 1st!

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