If Fireball got a hold of the new 2021 BUICK ENVISION… it’d look like this…

In the world of cars, the possibilities are endless. In fact, just about anything can be done to make a car look cool. Here, Fireball plays with the new 2021 BUICK ENVISION… Stock below… and then Fireballed. Do we need to do a CLASSIC BUICK Coloring Book?

The year is 2130… and I just discovered a CLASSIC PORSCHE BARN FIND!

So there I was, walking the AFTERMATH of the last abandoned and destroyed city of (-fill in the blank-) when I can across an unbelievable sight…

There in front of me, having lied dormant for nearly one hundred years was a CLASSIC PORSCHE SUPERCAR!! My heart raced… it’s windows cracked, body rusted to a hulk, motor locked and 4 squirrels living in it condo-style. Yes, a master-suite and two separate bedrooms.

Should I restore it? Does it belong to anyone? What will it be worth at the Barret Jackson-SpaceX Mars Auction? But the BIG question… Will my Tesla HyperTruck float is outta here?

All these questions and more will be answered in your own mind… or in our PORSCHE Coloring Book.

Maybe I should resto-mod it with a BTTF Mr. FusionPlus? What do you guys think??

What’s coming next to the FIREBALL PAD? Beastly Camaro & Trail Boss…

On deck here at the Fireball Pad are two CHEVYS to celebrate the launch of our new CAMARO Coloring Book!

The 2020 CAMARO SS will arrive on the 5th, followed by the 2020 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss! Both, amazing cars and we’ll be Vloggin!’

Monday, THE CAMARO BOOK will be available on Amazon… unless, you actually read this and discover that… IT ALREADY IS! Shhhh…

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COOLEST CAR DESIGNS of the Week… Chevy, Citroen, Nissan, Facel

This week’s winners range from finished production to concept. Can you spot the real ones? An what would we hand you the KEYS to?

WET OKOLE HAWAII orders Fireball Books!

GREAT NEWS!!! ALL Fireball Coloring Books will soon be available in HAWAII on the Main Island, thanks to the amazing folks of WET OKOLE!! That’s 21 different books!

Slated for JULY 4TH, you’ll be able to visit WET OKOLE at 1727 Dillingham Blvd in Honolulu and while you get CUSTOM SEAT COVERS for your car… your kids can COLOR!!! Their warehouse is in Costa Mesa, so you can get cool stuff there also.

Wet Okole on the Main Island

If you’re not familiar with WET OKOLE, they are the absolute leader in Custom Neoprene Seat Covers and many other things for your car, so be sure to check them out here.

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2021 will see the RETURN OF THE MUSTANG MACH 1…

Quite a bit of cladding here, but Mustang fans will rejoice to discover that the 2021 MUSTANG MACH 1 will be replacing the Bullitt Mustang… certainly with a serious HP bump.

Mach 1’s were the gateway to SHELBYS and other high horsepower ponies, so this variation should be pretty rockin.’

Stay tooned to the Blog for more updates…

T-MINUS 5 DAYS… for the launch of The Ultimate CAMARO Coloring Book!!!

We are only a few days away now from the launch of our next ULTIMATE COLORING BOOK… and it’s CAMARO! It’ll be exclusive to AMAZON for the launch, but will be available in Museums and Stores where open.

20 pages of Camaros through the years and a MAZE… but not in the way you’d ever see them on the street. These… are the BADASSES of Camaro Culture. High-Speed Ground-Based TACTICAL FIGHTERS.

As Custodians of Cool, a normal CAMARO Book just WOULD NOT DO. So, Fireball got busy designing some of the most outrageous Chevys you ever laid you eyeballs on, ppl. It’s JUST… PLAIN… NUTS. And many of them should become SEMA Cars.

Watch ART TALK FacebookLIVE here on Monday for the LAUNCH… and see what he recently found ON THE BEACH! Maybe we need to do a SpaceX Coloring Book??


It’s the closest we’ve gotten to a perfect shot, but this 2021 Nissan 240Z proportioned new Z looks badass and will certainly bring the language of the classic back.

Unconfirmed that it’s name will be the 400Z, but sources are leaning that way so far and also with 400hp. That’s pretty swift for a two-seat sprinter. I’m n board… How about you guys?? Leave a comment below…

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Learn the SECRET HIDDEN Power Vibration of WORDS! – Art Talk Fireball Tim

Learn the SECRET HIDDEN Power Vibration of WORDS! – Art Talk Fireball Tim – In today’s Art Talk with Fireball Tim, you’ll learn the SECRET HIDDEN Power Vibration of WORDS and how they can help to steadily improve your life as a creative.

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Today’s Fireball Sketch… PORSCHE 944 plays second fiddle to the ROAD RAGER

Cars are pretty much inert. It’s when the driver gets behind the wheel that it’s personality comes out. Remember Goofy?

Little Old Lady from Pasadena… or this PORSCHE 944 being heaved by the “Road Rager.” I suggest you just keep a smile on and keep driving. You give him the eye and you’re gonna get a mouthful. Maybe just color him and KEEP QUIET.