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Ride of the Week: Charting new territory in a vehicle made to EXPLORE…

Very recently, a couple uprooted and moved away from their home in Montreal, Canada, to start a new life here in Malibu.

Eric Dick and Celleste Dumouchel were eager to make their dreams come true through music and being around people who inspire them to greatness.

Now, Celleste’s career as a singer in Canada was booming, but California is where dreams truly expand. And having the ultimate car in which to plant roots in Malibu was a singular choice. Eric decided on a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sport.

As a music producer/songwriter and director of Celleste’s career, it was important to have a car that could not only punish the hills of Malibu into submission, but take them to the Academy Awards when the time came..

So, a 2017 four-door Jeep in Desert Tan was it. And knowing that Jeep mods are aplenty from the factory, Eric settled on adding some knobby tires, American racing rims, front bumper with fog lights, rear bumper with reverse lights, fenders, light bar, tail light covers, door/side decals and more.

“I’ve had it now for seven months,” explained Eric. “Bought it in Thousand Oaks at Shaver Jeep, had the mods done down the street at Fantazy Motor Sports and worked with Zach, who was super. I love Jeeps and always have. I love the rugged factor, sitting high, lots of headroom, tons of cargo space for gear, and knowing I can drive it almost anywhere.”

Well, that’s an understatement. I’ve seen Jeeps do mind-boggling things.

But Eric goes on.

“I love the customization … been designing it in my head for a while, and it came out just as I pictured,” he said. “Also love that it’s manual … I’ve tried the automatics and they just don’t feel like a Jeep to me. But the best part of my Jeep is … that it’s a Jeep!”

But what does Eric really use it for primarily?

“Living now in Malibu and working from home, it’s definitely mostly used for exploring and ‘scenic appreciation,’” he said. “And with these surroundings, I find any excuse I can just to go grocery shopping!”

But, as you guys now know, no Ride of the Week is complete without the best short story. So here’s Eric’s: “It’s still early on for a best short story, but I would have to say that just being able to acquire it was a feat. There were no more Gobi-colored Jeeps in California, and very few manual ones even available in the US.

But Jimmy at Shaver Jeep bent over backwards for me and managed to get one of the last available from Arizona. It had to be Gobi and manual! Thanks, Jimmy!”

Well, some short stories are simply the fact that success and joy are inseparable — forever linked in the expectation that coolness and enlightenment are one and the same. Good job, Eric!

And finally, having moved to Malibu, Eric and Celleste are now suffering from a severe case of CSS (Constant Smile Syndrome).  “I love that beyond the incredible beauty, there are so many different areas — each with a VERY different feel,” Eric said. “Heading south (or east!), within 15 minutes, you can drive the coast for a taste of Italy, then head down luxurious Broad Beach, next get a farm feel in Malibu Park, take in breathtaking cliffs at Point Dume, head up Malibu Canyon for the most incredible mountains, and then ride through the banana tree jungles of Serra Retreat … and you’re only at central Malibu.”

Big thanks to Eric for taking the time to cruise in the Jeep and talk. Celleste will be my celebrity guest for the Father’s Day Wheels and Waves here in Malibu on June 17 at the Malibu Country Mart. Come join us.

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Sometimes you just need to LISTEN… from The Daily Driver Project

Many times in my adult life, I have found that you sometimes just need to keep your mouth shut. Not like in a negative way, but a supportive way.

People need to vent, bounce ideas off and sometimes confess. In this hectic world of ours there still needs to be that face time.

Last weekend a friend of mine and I spent a good part of a car show just talking. Not about the cars that were there, but about life and he really needed to talk. So I shut my mouth and listened, added things sparingly to the conversation.

Kept an open heart and mind and just let him flow. You can learn a lot about someone by just simply listening.

Who they are, what are their dreams, their history and so much more. The things that make up us being a human being can sometimes just spill out in a conversation which can also make the friendship stronger.

Always remember that a great listener is a great conversationalist.

Because you are able to listen, you then can respond accordingly… which sometimes can change the perspective of someone’s whole day. Hopefully for the better.

Keep those ears open, as well as your mind. You never know where or what a simple conversation will produce.

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