COLOR ME COOL Sketch of the Day… a 1958 CLASSIC HELL VETTE!!

Sure, the cover of our VETTE Coloring Book is Turq and White… but what if it were different? Well, that’s up to you in today’s COLOR ME COOL! Have at it VETTSTERS!

Today’s Fireball Sketch… HEAVILY MODIFIED ’58 VETTE dubbed “The Devil’s Yell…”

Today’s sketch is from our VETTE Coloring Book and was inspired by my wife’s ’58 Vette named “Leroy.” Leroy was painted beige/tan back in the 70’s. Oh, the horror…

So, “The Devil’s Yell” was born and needs to be colored… Get to it!

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Today’s Fireball Sketch… ’58 VETTE FROM HELL



This original SKETCH was the one chosen for the cover. It was inspired by Kathie’s original ’58 named “Leroy.” He was painted beige tan. Yes… I said beige. Here’s her story…

One day, after the car was painted, Kathie drove to the mall and parked it in the back. The paint wasn’t even cured, but that didn’t stop someone from keying the entire car. She was in tears.

But like most champions… she got it repainted and enjoyed it for many years. Sold it for a ’68… then an ’84 Crossfire.