1989 Batmobile MOVIE CAR ART #2 Trading Card launches… and its a frikkin’ awesome DOOZIE!!

I didn’t plan on doing a card of my own art, but I got a lot of requests for this one, soooo…

The #2 MOVIE CAR ART Trading Card takes the Batmobile I did for the 1989 Batman film and woops it up a bit! Still similar design language, but with a bit more Battitude. Available HERE at our Fireball Store and they’re SIGNED!!!

MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN pits the 1989 Batmobile against Maxwell Smart’s Sunbeam Tiger! FIGHT!!!

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Vote now for your favorite MOVIE CAR in today’s MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN Round 3!! It’s the 1989 Batmobile VS the Get Smart Sunbeam Tiger!!! VOTE by leaving your choice in the COMMENTS on Facebook!!