Fireball does THE LA AUTO SHOW…


Ouch. Today was the first Press Day so expectations were high. And did they hit the mark? ……Welcome, to the MORGUE.

Okay, maybe a morgue is a bit extreme, but there were some serious things missing. Namely, NISSAN. And with the Leaf coming soon, you have to ask… “WUT UP, NISSAN DOODS?” Now, I did get my fair share of automotive fixations, but I was left a little… dead. Ok, another mortality reference. Wups.

Below, are the COMPLETE highlights of the show. Not many, but some cool stuff. I decided to make it easy for y’all to understand how I felt about each one. I call it the “SHOCKSWEETSNORESUCK.” That’s the long version. Let’s just call it the “SHNUCK.” The LA Shnuck Show. Yea, I like it….

And here we go Shnucksters!!!

BMW VisionMB AMGThe MorgueVolvoSweetVolvo Glass InteriorShnuckBabeOld 300Jeep Gone WrongDon't AskMcDreamieBlah, Blah, Silver Blah...BillaBOOIIINNNGGGG......It's MINE!LFAssFoolsGoldElectroVDub!The LoungeHalf Price! Budget Cuts!ConverjCoolness...GMC GhostownWhiteCheetahTinkerGalpinJust frikkin' awesome...Deep Dish to go, thank you...DUB Expert, ma boy WalterChinese Chummer

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LA AutoShowBanner

Ima car, youra car, wouldn’t cha like to be a car tooooooo……

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Fireball SEMA Day 3! FINALE!

And that’s a wrap for me, folks. Back to LA in the morning, but this was one helluva show. Looks like the hit was the CHEVY CAMARO with about 60 cars appearing. But there were many others that were awesome and heavily involved timewise.

Some final parting shots from North Hall. Not many cars or girls, but some great products for you to check out. Best of Show here.

Big shoutout to the boys and girls of SEMA. They put on another spectacular event. Hot Rods by Rom, Cool Customizable Caliper Covers by MGP, a great new solvent by BIO SOLV and I hung with Todd and db from Motoringfile and White Roof Radio …and of course, the hardcore doods of MOBSTEEL. Check ’em out…

Rom's FlameBusterMr. CoolLightsMr. 150An Old Skool among NewSkoolers...MGPBioSolvTodd and db...Mr. NastyLightsMr. LightNastyMr. OldScrewler...MobsteelMr. MADnoMAD

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Ima goin’ to VEGAS, baby…

Why Vegas? Well, that’s kind of a silly question considering… Unless you’ve never been? And if you haven’t, then keep an eye smack dab right here!

Why do people go to Vegas? ‘Cause it’s there… and we need to have fun. So, with that in mind, I’m off to SEMA for next week. “The Specialty Excellent MuchoCool Association of Car Stuff.” I’m pretty sure that what it stands for. Whatever. It starts Tuesday, the 3rd and goes through Friday.

I’ll be ransacking new companies to see what’s “bitchin'” and exposing what’s a waste of time. Look for EXCLUSIVE daily shots on my blog and the Car Domain Blog ever day of the show! Cool Cars, Cool Gadgets, Cute SEMA Hostess’s and all around nonsense. It’s SEMA, gone wrong…

For a peek at least year’s worst car, HIT IT.

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Happy 2009…

The future is here… NOW.


I always wondered what I’d be like in 2010. Well, I think it’s safe to say that I won’t be much different in 1 year. Maybe a couple more white hairs, but all in all, things will be cool. Just like the vehicles, events and doodads I’ll cover here on this DESIGN BLOG.

The future is cool because it’s always changing, ever in motion. You ever hear the saying… “The past is history, the future is a mystery, but now is a gift. That’s why they call it the Present.” Well, the future is here now with all kinds of inspirational designs for cool things. Like this ManBike. It’s RIDICULOUSLY OUTTA CONTROL AND I WANT ONE!!!

Ok, I’ll just smack that onto my Christmas list for next year, but I hope you stick around and subscribe here for “all things cool.” Design and Inspiration. I’ll bring you some of the craziest future concepts ever. Guaranteed…


LA Auto Show in BLACKS…

Black is associated with power, elegance, formality and mystery.

Black is a mysterious color associated with fear and the unknown (black holes). It denotes strength and authority and is considered to be a very formal, elegant, and prestigious color (black tie, black Mercedes).

Black gives the feeling of perspective and depth, but a black background diminishes readability. A black suit or dress can make you look thinner. When designing for a gallery of art or photography, you can use a black or gray background to make the other colors stand out. Black contrasts well with bright colors. Combined with red or orange – other very powerful colors – black gives a very aggressive color scheme. Black with White suggests you’ve been pulled over. Bummer…

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LA Auto Show in SILVERS…

As there are millions of colors on the color wheel, Silver represents not only tone, but depth.

Silver is the color of elegance. Although many think gold has this label, silver really embodies a depth and truth beyond gold. It does not transcend into the mode of ego as does gold, but it creates a sense of cool, calm and collective color. Really a tone of black and white (Cool Gray), Silver is used on virtually every vehicle to represent quality and elegance.

Silver in products can mean the same. Form is easiest read by being designed in silver. Most concept cars and basic models come in Silver. One of the oldest colors since cars were built.

Silver is also a color of strength, as in steel, iron and all metals. A binding color. White gold is actually more popular than regualr gold due to it’s “binding” theory of relationship. And,… it looks cool on my Titanium Imac, duh.

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The coolness continues…

The show has been absolutey crazy. New products, wild cars and gorgeous… other things. But the big surprise is how many Dodge Challengers and Nissan GTRs. They were everywhere, in fact way too many. I really had an overwhelming desire to see a pimped AMC Pacer.

Top to bottom…

1 of 3000 Nissan GTRs, BIG POWER smacked into a Camaro, SEMA girl gettin’ charm’d, Pimped Bentley looked smokin’ hot (I’m gettin’ two), Awesome 4X100 wheels for MINIS from Hi-Performance Designs, Cool diecast from ma buddy Luis Tanahara, gorgeous and funny Genevieve Chappell from Velocity, Lemony Dodge Challenger, Fast and Furious Charger, Ram Flames.

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Coolness has begun. Lots of eye candy, but around 6pm, the place emptied out like rats from a sinking ship to see the Presidential race. More detail tomorrow, but it looks to be a solid show. Check out my friend here, Lisa Angeline.

Top to Bottom…

World’s Fastest ROLLS?, The weird SCYTHE, Smart Madness, GIRLS!, My Meguiars Magnum, Hangin’ with Mr. George Barris, Challenger Coolness, Charger Coolness, MINI Clubman Ladder, ECTO 1 and the Nissan GTR.

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