A Peaceful Week in a 2012 HONDA INSIGHT…

Spending a week with the 2012 Honda Insight was just that… insightful. But people didn’t turn their heads and say, “wow…” They didn’t stop me on the street and ask me what it was. And they didn’t react when I drove it into a show. What people did do was leave me alone… and that was interesting.

Most cars I get, and I get one every week or so, are head turners. Cars that people notice… and are enamored with the designs. But the Insight actually captures the opposite. It captures a principle called PEACE. Peace and quiet… Peace of Mind… Peace in Prosperity. It captures something that no other car I’ve ever driven does.

I drive because I love it. Ever since I was a kid playing at the base of our old olive tree in the front yard in PV, I loved the shape, sound and playability of cars. But cars, like people, all have their personalities. Maybe it’s because different people design them? Maybe because they’re infused with an ideal?

The ideal for the Insight is to promote peace. It does that in it’s 98hp motor that captures 44mpg. You don’t visit the gas pump all too often. It does that by, although the design is similar to the Prius, by its sleeker, lower and more humble design. While the Prius’ were racing past me at lightning speed, all jockeying for position, the drive in the Insight was never hurried. It was calming.

Now, guys that drive muscle cars and tuners aren’t gonna like this car. But, they would like their daughters to have one ‘cause it doesn’t cost all that much at $24K and saves $6100 in fuel costs over five years. That gives the ol’ Tuner Muscle Pops peace of mind.

There are very few things we want in this world. All of them lead back to PEACE. The Honda Insight does that. It brings a smooth, relaxed driving experience for those that don’t wish to be hurried, stressed and full of anxiety. This car is not for everyone, but it IS for someone smart. Someone who knows that by driving this car, they can relax and concentrate on bigger things. BIG ideas.

It’s full if features also including Paddle Shifters, awesome safety bags everywhere, Honda NAV so your daughter won’t get lost as she heads back to College and about a thousand other doodads that make the car a champ on the road. It’s comfortable for the long haul and equally relaxed floatin’ around town.

But seriously… don’t expect to visit your buds at the gas station. They’ll wonder what the hell happened to you… And that will be a good thing.

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