CLASSIC FIREBALL! 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo FIGHT!

WATCH! Here’s a CLASSIC EPISODE with Fireball, Kathie and others gettin’ all hot n’ bothered over a 2012 PORSCHE 911 Turbo. Everyone wants to drive this car.

Holidays brings COOKIE MAKING to xtremes…

DSC08849 copy

Ok, so yesterday, Fireball Alexa (my li’ niece) brought her dad over for a Holiday Cookie Making Party. I thought, gee… this’ll be fun’ cause she’s never done it before. So, Kathie set out to make blank tasty treats and we brought some others to do it up right.

We grabbed Bob (Kathie’s Ex), Sean and Isla (our squirts who are now 25) and we all got together to lay the cookie smackdown. Can you smell what the Fireball is cookin?’

Well… Alexa, being like her Uncle Fireball was not settled into just making those silly little treats. She wanted in on the tree, too. And who am I to say no, right? Her all of 2.5 feet of tallness zipped those ornaments up like a freakin’ squirrel lookin’ for an Andy Gump! Pachow!!!! And then… it was acrobatic time. Then, attack the dogs with hundreds of pets time. Then, screamy-time. Then, off to the cookies. Yum.

Masterpieces. Works of Art. Strokes of Genius. Visions of Mind-Blowing Color Swathing Creativity! That’s just what the table looked like.

Our cookies… were scary, explosive, insane works of disaster. And they were delicious.

Do something creative and with your kids. Build a toothpick spaceship. A gingerbread car. A marshmallow castle. And then… eat it. It it all until you get sick. This will be the story they tell their kids. And it’ll be the best story ever…

DSC08840 copy

DSC08843 copy

DSC08847 copy

DSC08853 copy

DSC08856 copy

Happy Birthday, Fireball SIS!

A big Happy Birthday to my sis, Jordana! She lives in Santa Barbara and we’re heading up to take her to dinner today in the new Caddy. If you see the Silver Fish fly by, you’ll know we’re on a mission. I love ya, sis!!

COMICCON 2012 Automotive and Coolness Highlights!

Batmobiles, Iron Mans and more… Yes, there be cool cars and even cooler weaponry coming from Hollywood, and thanks to COMICCON, we get a chance to see some of them. Feast you seeing utencils on these weapons of destruction…

Hollywood Garage is NO MORE…

Yup. You read it right. As of next week, The Hollywood Garage will be dissolved… BUT, it’s only because something really BIG is coming. And there’s no room for this BIGNESS.

Now,  you can expect some great and new changes happening this week and next. For an example, you may see the Fireball Tim Website go down for a bit. But when it goes back up, all that was cool about it… and all that was cool about The Hollywood Garage site will be in one place. For good. And that’…

Car and Movie NEWS, Cool Designs, and Kick-Ass Blog, New Show Content and Great New Products. Everything you need to get your day started in a positive way. Fun, Wacky and Entertaining.

So strap on your four-point harness, ’cause 2012 is the YEAR OF CHANGE. And there’s only one place that’s about to blow the coolfactor on it’s ear. I hope you’ll join me in PLANETARY DOMICOOLNESS…

WATCH! Ride Along Episode 11 The 2012 CHEVY TAHOE

This past week, the boys at GM gave me a silver Tahoe to do with what I will. And since I live at the beach, it was time to head to the mountains to put this baby to the test. And it got an A. Now, why not an A+? Well, because it woulda been a lot cooler in black. But that’s me. 😉

Check out the episode and let me know what you think. Is the Tahoe something that you’d rock?