Fireball drives the 2013 BUICK VERANO TURBO…


Gone are the days where European cars are the Grand Tourers of the day. And gone are the old stuffy Buicks that your Dad or Grandad drove. American car companies like Buick and Cadillac are coming on strong with vehicles that are solid, tech-friendly, greenish and fun to drive.

The 2013 Buick Verano Turbo is just one such sport cruiser. Although it’s design is somewhat still “relaxed,” due to it’s target market of silver-buying non-descript car seekers, it opens their world a bit by introducing clean style and rapid power.


Built in Orion Michigan, this 250hp/260ft lb torque Verano Turbo is a mind-bender. Not for those that want something slick, radical or edgy. This Buick is for those that like playing it safe, yet willing to take an extra step into the stratosphere. A minor step, I mean. You know what I’m talking about. These are people that normally don’t really care much about design and will buy a car simply because their family always drove this or that… or they just want a good deal.

But this Buick is a short bolt of lighting that slights ajar the pulse of these so-called non-risk takers. It’s a leap of faith car for those never wanting to jump into a Cadillac because of its aggressiveness. And this… is way good.

People need to be pushed. Pushed to be better than they are. Pushed to LIVE MORE. Pushed to have experiences that they would have to muster guts for. This is a Buick that will kick your ass if you let it.


At just under $30K, the FWD Verano is the everyman car that won’t stand for it. My azure blue CIA looker was like a secret cheetah wearing a Jack Russell coat. (Not a real reference, folks) Point is, it’s very excited to have you… but once it does, look out. It wants to go, go, GO.

Everything is trimmed in “sport.” Seats, power this, power that and the Intellilink Blue-Tooth is cool. But the car will fool you with all this stuff. It will whisk you into an actual “experience” of driving fun, and you suddenly won’t care who’s looking.

I enjoyed this car, not because it was necessarily unique, but because I know there are people out there that say they are satisfied with having just a car. They don’t know that driving can be fun or anything other than picking up your daily schmooze. But in this car… it can… and is.

20City/31hwy means you have to get it out on the road. And if Buick continues to push further, I can see them not only catching, but passing the cool cars. All this… and waving back to say, “C’mon. Let’s do this thing!”

Good job, guys.

2012-buick-verano-interior 2013-Buick-Verano-interior DSC08870 DSC08871DSC08927 DSC08932 DSC08938  DSC08944 DSC08959 DSC08962 DSC08964