Fireball drives the 2013 DODGE JOURNEY R/T…

Cars perform a number of functions. They make us feel something, take care of our stuff that we pack inside and keep us safe on trips, even if it’s to the market. But not all cars cover the gambit…

The 283 horsepower (260 lb-ft of torque) 2013 Dodge Journey R/T is unique because it does all these things well. We feel good in the driver’s seat due to the well-placed ergonomic features and heated seats, even if they are a bit bulky. As passengers, the surroundings are secure and give good visibility to the passing world and especially the passing gas stations. We feel safe due to lots of air bags and “safety features,” especially important when there’s kids riding with you… or your pooch pals. Journeys in the Journey are as comfortable and peaceful as they can be.

Now, I’ll be honest… cars for me are meant to evoke passion and a heightened sense of emotion, but the Journey is for the person that wants safety and security in getting where they want and no risk. That’s what this SUVs all about. But the only really exciting thing in this model is the red color. For some people, even that’s too much, but it’s a straight shooter as they used to say back in the day.

Every car company is faced with the challenge of creating something for a given mindset.  From the most extreme to the most moderate. Liberal to Conservative, you might say.

The best thing about the Journey is the 500+ miles per tank so you never really have to stop much… on the journey. (Pa Chow) It just keeps going and going like a pink bunny while others are stopping to fill up and watch you go by. And at 17/25mpg, it’s pretty impressive to boot. And the $31K tag isn’t all that much for all this car.

My week in the Dodge Journey wasn’t all that exciting, but it was very productive. It hauled, picked up, smooth out, raced around and did the Journey thing. And after a week and not going for gas, I was like… “Huh. This beast is the functional king!” It just does what it’s supposed to do, …Journey.

See the 2013, along with Dodge’s other cool cars at the LA Auto Show next week, but you’ll have to go to the dealer to take the trip and start takin’ care of business.