The 2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE gets rocketed… @hyundai


There’s a reason that this 2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS COUP TRACK M/T has the word “track” in it. No, it’s not because they are tracking you via some hi-tech stealth GoPro embedded inside the A/C unit or that it comes with a pair of track shoes. (Although, I’m pretty sure that you believed that…) But this Hyundai is the little brother that does…

Growing up in a family of 5 kids, each sibling developed his own personality. If we were all cars, then each one of us would be a different personality. My oldest sister would be an old jag with English plaid interior, my next brother up… a blocky 70’s muscle car that’s awesome in a straight line but challenging on the curves.

But me? I’d be this Hyundai in red. Small package, BIG power.


Each time Hyundai sends me a car to go over, I get more excited. And this 348hp V6 is just enough out of the box to steal the glory of most performance cars in it’s range. It’s an ergonomic masterpiece that fits around your body like an Armani on wheels (best to get in black or pinstriped). And although it’s 18/27mpg range isn’t all that impressive, you have to realize that what you just bought wants to go, go, go…

Remember when your Dad took you to the go-kart track the first time and you spun that puppy out? …Then, all you wanted to do for the rest of your time was just that? This car feels that tight. It’s easy to drive, simple and smooth reach on the interior functions and a wickedly curvaceous exterior that once again, reflects best in dark colors. I can see some flames tricklin’ up the side now…


Many have bought this car and turned them into monster’s of hp. And not to say that you wouldn’t also, but if you didn’t touch this thing one bit, you’d have fun at about 6.0 on the richter. Standard is the 6-speed, rear wheel spin-fun wups, tons of air bags and a whole host of the best doodads that $33K can but, although the base is $24K. But when you’re out tooling around or at Willow Springs for the first time, sinking into the Genesis Coupe will bring up one thing to mind. “When the hell did Hyundai get so cool?

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Hyundai Iron Man

Big day of fun today. First Drive of the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe because PCH traffic prohibidabadoed me from… EVERYTHING! So, I’m off this morning to pick up Fireball Pop for a jaunt, lunch and a screening of IRON MAN 3.

THEN! Back at the ranch to start the final 7 drawings for the BIG BOOK of Wacky States. What state?

Texas, baby… The BIIIIIIIG one.

2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE appears @ The Fireball Pad…

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

A white satin pearl Hyundai Genesis Coupe just appeared out my door… and I’ma gonna drive it. I think.

Only thing is… PCH is currently a parking lot due to an accidente… SO! Guess I’ll drive it a lil’ later when IT ISN’T! BWA!!!!!