2013 HYUNDAI SANTA FE is a curvaceous, cavernous and cool DESIGN…


I’ve driven, analyzed and poked around in 45 cars this past year and Hyundai keeps coming back strong with rides that bring smiles, easy driving, great designs and a sense of calm security. Case in point, the 2013 SANTA FE.

Now, you take a silver SUV and you don’t expect all that much excitement, but a car like this isn’t meant to raise your blood temperature and rocket adrenalin throughout your body, but what it does do is get the job done with ease and calmness. A level of confidence that is always on tap plus looks that make you feel like you got something really nice. And that’s what someone who wants an SUV really needs. Ultimately, peace of mind.

But for me, performance and the technicals are always good, but DESIGN is what gets me excited. And Design is what you get here at the FT. Sculpture. The surface detailing, subtle forms and interior attention to detail in the Santa Fe is really top notch. Every time a Hyundai shows up at the Fireball Pad, I look forward to addressing how form begins and ends, how they integrated materials, visibility and how it reflects light from the road. Most reviews don’t discuss a cars symbiotic relationship to it’s environment, but it’s important as that’s how we relate to our world, too. Design evokes emotion.


In the car world, facets become convexities, leathers become eco-answers, innies become outties. Everything changes constantly. And to really “see” that change as always being good is my goal. What have they done to improve the Santa Fe other than a 2.0T DOHC 16-valve CVVT engine with 264-hp? Anyone can spurt facts, so why do the same.

How does this car look to you? And do you appreciate what’s gone into it to make it available for people to have peace of mind? Hyundai seems aware of this. Aware of making cars that GIVE something good. And that, we all have to be grateful for. Especially when Mr. Kim is right next door being Mr. PoopiePants…

Good on ya, Hyundai. Keep up the cars of coolness, but send me one in black too.

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