Fireball gets practical fun in the 2013 HYUNDAI SONATA 2.0T… #hyundai @hyundai


It seems that the farther into the future you go, the more car companies give. Doodads that do this, doodads that do that. You can get into just about any new car and have to have the dealer give you a crash course in the sheer abundance of knobs, switches and doo-hickies.

But, with all those thingies that do stuff, HYUNDAI manages to arrange them into a cohesive, clear and fun sort of way. They aren’t too big and bold, nor are they hidden. Like the story of the porrage, they’re just right. But there’s practical… and then there’s fun. That’s about balance.


Balance is key in all things. We want it in our lives because there seems to be so many things out of balance. Stuff that’s right on the cuff of anxiety and uncertainty. So, to have a car that doesn’t add to that helps and a car that makes a conscious choice to be there for you in a way that you’ll need will cause you to sit and think about. So… that’s what I did.

I drove this $30K Sonata into the Canyons of the Bu and tried to find a quiet place where I could sit and ponder the purpose of such a vehicle. And for me, that’s a challenge as I’m always on the go. But, with a 274hp motor pumping 269 lb-ft of torque, it makes it even harder!

But alas, I managed. And the results of my peace-ness revealed that something in this Hyundai that is missing in a lot of car companies. And that… is consistency.


No matter what Hyundai makes, they are consistently making well-balanced vehicles that reveal top quality, practicality and fun. A reliable car that is well built and simply looks good. (5-star government ratings all around make you feel secure that you’re in something safe and at an average of 26mpg for a sport sedan helps you realize that you aren’t pumpin’ all that much.

The 2013 HYUNDAI SONATA is a fun road-trip worthy vehicle that’s expressive in its design, but not aggressively bold. Tt stands out just enough to say that you’re well balanced and secure and since life has a lot of hairpins, it’s good to know that this is the kind of vehicle that can handle them.

HyundaiSonata_Fireball_Tim2  HyundaiSonata_Fireball_Tim4

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