Fireball Birthday @ CITYWALK gets all wet…

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Great day Saturday with family and friends at Universal CITYWALK. One of my favorite places to spend the day…

After stuffing our faces with Buca De Beppo, running around with 3-year olds, watching Skydivers and loads of other stuff… Fireball Alexa and friend Olive decided to go swimming. Kathie couldn’t stand that they were having so much fun, so she decided to get all wet, too. What a blast.

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BIG Wishes of COOLNESS to everyone! May your day be filled with creamy warm bowls of Cadbury chocolate one after the other! Yea, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout…


Happy New Year!


Welcome 2013!

Back in the day, the idea of living life in 2013 was seriously futuristic. It was exciting and wondrous because you knew that technology was in full force and visions of flying cars were the norm. Well, as with most things, it hasn’t turned out exactly that way, but in many cases better. We are now living in the future and have a very bold far future ahead of us. And although I’ve brought you many things, this blog is about how incredible our future is becoming.

So, in 2013, it’s gonna get even better. I’m going to bring you visions of the future in CARS, Movies, Architecture, Doo-Dads, Clothing, Humor and more. Insights into how exciting our future is… and that we are now LIVING IN IT.

Action Movie Updates, Exclusives, Funs, Visions, Insights will be prevalent on my blog with one specific purpose. To get you to SEE, BE and LIVE Positively, but most of all… to THINK IN A CERTAIN WAY. And that way… is the way to Prosperity and Peace. For all of us.

So enjoy this new year like you never have before. And I’ll be committed to bringing you the BEST DESIGNS, BEST HUMOR, BEST ENTERTAINMENT and the best of my capabilities in all areas. This includes awesome designs like the BENTLEY DYNAMO, New Shots from the upcoming GODZILLA, great Futuretecture and Art by the Best in the Business and cool Comics and Books for Kids.

All I ask from you is that you work hard to stay focused and bring yourself to a whole new level in life. You can… and you will. Together, 2013 is the Year of Abundance.

1BentleyFuturetecture Godzilla-Comic-Con-Still1 Art by Ionen3ShellinatorQuote1


FIRESKETCH of the Day…


Ok, so with 2013 coming in full force, I’m gonna take on this new year with vigor, d’termination and energy. And with so many projects in the works and pending, I gotta start using both hands and feet. Those being the latest book out, the 2013 Book 2 in the works, a sold TV Show, the Web Series, Cool Car Reviews and several deals… I figure I need some time to think.

I do this in two ways. Mediation and Sketching. So, it’s with coolness that I start FIRESKETCHING. And I’ma coinin’ that term RIGHT NOW. A sketch a day for you guys to keep up the fun, good thoughts and just plain zaniness. I’m gonna do my best to roll with this one as we’re talkin’ 365 this year, but if I hit 300, I’ll be smokin.’ This includes the new book, so you’ll get a glimpse into how it’s coming and what to expect, although the big reveal won’t happen until Xmas 2013.

Wish me luck and have a great Christmas Eve!!!