Fireball drives the 2014 CHEVROLET SPARK… @chevyspark #chevyspark @districtdrive


When I was a kid, I read OMNI Magazine every chance I got. Starlog, too. The Future was Electric…

I never really knew if I’d see the day where electric cars were the norm and silence was golden. But alas, the day is here and there’s a plethora of electric vehicles showing up on the market every day.

When Chevy sent me the 2014 SPARK, I was about excited as I could get at the simple idea that I was going to be driving a full electric vehicle for a week. I was no longer waiting for the future because I was living it. The concept of driving around town with no emissions was just plain cool. But, there was something else…

I also realized that I had single-handedly placed myself in a position to receive exactly what I had been thinking about for the last 35 years. I was going to experience the electric car. It was finally here.

The SPARK is an absolute blast to drive. At 105 kilowatts, it doesn’t have the power of the Back to the Future Time Machine, but it does have 400lb-ft of torque! And that makes this lil’ rocket exactly that… A ROCKET. I zipped around town with what was an 82 mile full-chrage range with no anxiety whatsoever. In fact, a full charge actually read out as 96 miles. 😉 And if I needed to “fill up,” I got an 80% charge in 20 minutes. That’s lunch, baby. This, for about $27K.

Ergonomics were right on, visibility expansive and styling unique. It’s a funky car for someone who appreciates our planet and what we have to do to keep it beautiful. But the best thing about the Spark? As Christian D. Larson put it…

“Creative forces within us are constantly making us just like those things upon which we habitually concentrate our attention.”

When you drive the SPARK, you find yourself in a constant state of gratitude. Grateful to be present and aware that what you’re driving is good for the planet and good for your soul. It’s a PeaceMaker on Wheels. Actually good for your soul.

If you want to change your life for the better, then you have to think from one direction. In the same way that the old story goes… If you want to get to Mt. Olympus, just make sure that every step you take is in that direction.” Well, now there’s a car that will get you there even faster.

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