Fireball drives the 2014 KIA OPTIMA… #kiaoptima @kia #2014kiaoptima #newcar #designtrend


It continues to blow my mind with what KIA is doing with their cars. A top quality product without paying a luxury price. And although some of their cars lack a bit of trend setting design, for those that just want to feel good about getting where they’re going and not necessarily stand out, KIA has the model for you. That being said, some of their cars other than this 2014 KIA OPTIMA set the bar for design coolness. We’ll get to those on another post.

Again, it’s about the feeling. A 27 combined MPG and starting at around $21K with 240hp, it’s pretty astonishing what you get. See the car’s details here, but the only thing that really stands out is the shear volume of amenities, doodads and tricksters that come with the car that DON’T even come in a BMW. Like back-up cameras. Huh? Isn’t that standard now on ALL cars? Well, it is on a Kia no matter what model you get.


Next week, I’ll cover the Soul which is even cooler, but the Optima’s design is sleek, aero and classy no matter where you go. I really enjoyed driving this car through Malibu for a week. It handles like a sports car and got me everywhere without incident. Plus, I never filled it up once in the week and went pretty much everywhere.

Kudos again to Kia for this great ride. And yes, it comes in a Hybrid version too. Boom.

2014KiaOptima2 2014KiaOptima4


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