Fireball drives THE 2014 KIA SOUL… and get #funky #kiasoul @kia


Although I’ve driven many small cars, there are a few who would fall into the category as, although small, don’t feel like it. Not that it feels big, it just feels… unique. The 2014 KIA SOUL is its own breed of car. Boxy, square, bulbous, angular and just plain funky. And I like funky.

Sure, you get eyeballs when you drive a Lambo, but when you’re in a Soul, getting eyeballs becomes secondary. Or tertiary as the case may be. You just feel secure, edgy and on the go in the Soul. You can park anywhere, zip anywhere and all you have to do is make a choice. Choose to have fun.

Sometimes in life, you don’t feel like you have a choice. Things you HAVE to do. But, as you begin to see things in a new light, you realize that in those “have to do” things, you still have choices. You can choose HOW you do them. The Soul helps. It makes going to the store to buy grub fun. Pick up the laundry? Fun. Grabs the kids, take them to band practice, chess club, geek show and feeding the ducks? All fun.

I call it a FUN-ky car. And you will too, especially in being able to get one for about $15K. Kinda ridiculous how they can do that. And at 29mpg, the ridiculousness gets just plain silly.

Now, you could read a lot more reviews on this car, or you could just shut the heck up and drive one. And I guarantee that if you do, you’ll pick a flavor and start having fun. Sure, going to the dentist is no fun… but eating ice cream by the butt-load is pretty dang awesome afterwards. And taking a Soul for Ice Cream transcends silly. It’s just downright Funky…

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