Spending the week in the 2018 HYUNDAI IONIQ ELECTRIC CAR…

Recently, Hyundai sent me the all-new 2018 Ioniq EV electric car — a 150-mile range EV that boasts a variety of electric lifestyle options, and looks pretty dang cool.

Now, the Ioniq is similar to the Prius and many other electric cars, and I could take the next 10 minutes of your time to explain why this one is better or worse than the rest.

Watch the Vlog here…

But seeing as how this is about automotive inspiration more than silly car reviews — that you can get in abundance — let’s talk a bit about why electric cars are so important in someone’s lifestyle here in the ’Bu.

I drive a lot of cars, as you may know. The car companies know that on my Vlog Show, I always put their best foot forward in a positive way, as I am grateful to them for entrusting me with that kind of focus.

And as you may also know by being a Malibuite, gratitude is riches, and complaints are poverty. So, to help expand your world, I will always give you the best and brightest of what the car companies have coming.

Now, this Ioniq has several features I appreciate, like a Bluetooth cellphone charger, 150 miles on a charge and some nifty push button gear shifty thingies. But what I really want to concentrate on is the fact of having an electric vehicle in your life.

Seriously, do you realize that EVs are now the norm, and you can buy one just about anywhere? Not a concept, but hit just about any dealership and, boom, you can plant your derrière in a full electric vehicle. The future is here, and we should all embrace it.

Are they perfect? No. But what car is?

Can they be better? Of course. All cars can, and so can everything else.

But for the week that I’m enjoying this car, it’s my job on this show — and here in Ride of the Week — to show you how having an EV can really be fun. And that, my friendly Malibuites, is about consciousness.

Being aware of “why” is what is important here. Knowing that you are not adding greenhouse gases to the marble is great for sure, but how does this affect your day to day personal life?

We generally don’t see the affect of our car spewing fumes, but the joy and awareness you feel in driving an EV helps to expand the joy of driving itself. You want to drive more and share your experiences.

The other day, I grabbed my wife, Kathie; my brother and my niece and I took them to the Malibu Creek Rock Pool. We talked all about the EV and really enjoyed the fact that we were clean-driving to a beautiful place. We swam, jumped off the rocks and floated near the damn — a spectacular day of fun and a perfect example of what you can do when you actually enjoy the drive.

I’m not saying you cannot do this via a normal car. For sure, you can, but driving an EV is almost like riding around in Autopia cars at Disneyland. You feel really good about driving, and it’s fun. That’s cool.

So, the next time you consider a car purchase, I don’t care which EV you choose, whether it is a Tesla, Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf or this Ioniq. Just know that electric cars are here to enhance and expand our lives.

And with the bottom line being about feeling good, rest assured that no matter which one you get, you’re going to feel that way.

Charge up and head somewhere fun. Then, you’ll become a “smile millionaire.”

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