A week in the 2018 HYUNDAI SANTA FE SPORT SUV…

Although I didn’t get to spend enough time in this newly evolved SUV, I did get a chance to experience Hyundai’s consistent commitment to quality with fit and finish. A solid SUV across all tables. although the 2019 will be a complete redesign.

Not every Hyundai has a strong design execution, but the Santa Fe exterior is really slick. Clean and elegant, you can’t lose with how this car looks.

Interior is still challenged a bit, especially tactically with the steering wheel as it feels a bit less inviting, but the car makes up for it in all other ergonomics.

At $38K and 23mpg, it’s a great family car that would become badass with just a few adjustments. Get one in black, black-out the wheels and windows and stick a chrome skull badge on the back. Instant SEMA Cruiser. Nice.



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