A week in the 2019 CHEVY SILVERADO…

I never thought I’d be into trucks, especially with all the ECars out there and global consciousness becoming more aware of the environment. And I suppose that many would frown on the idea of having a gas-guzzling truck.

But let’s dive a little deeper into the 2019 CHEVY SILVERADO idealogy and try to identify if there’s any logical reason to have a truck other than hauling your crap around.

Trucks have always been a staple of society. Haulers that get the job done. But in recent years, they’ve become far more than that. In a world of feeling safe, a large truck is better than a tiny Fiat. But the ideology of trucks goes deeper for me than luxury and load.

I see trucks as a symbol of freedom. The ability to take off with anything you need and explore the open road. Sure, you can partially do that in a Hyundai, but if you’re on a budget, you have to stay at hotels or homes.

Done right, trucks are tiny motor homes. Think creatively and you can go out into the world for an entire Summer and have a great time sleeping in the back.

The 2019 SILVERADO at $47K, 21mpg and beast of a motor, you’re getting a level of glamping that’s far more then a tent. Plus, when you get home and have to hit Home Depot, Vons or take your Bike somewhere… you’re set. It’s all good.

Sure, if there were an Electric Truck out there, I’d consider it. But there isn’t… yet. And for those like me with an adventurous spirit and an adventurous wife, a Truck is perfect. Is it the 2019 Chevy Silverado? Not sure yet. Still need to drive the GMC and RAM. Stay tuned…