A week in the 2019 HYUNDAI ELANTRA SPORT…

“Another home run for Hyundai” is starting to become the normal comment. But as Hyundai just keep churning out the “everyman” car, its identity as a sold brand continues to evolve.

Sure, it’s not a car show car or a luxo-model, but what it is… you can’t deny. A simple, sporty sedan that you’d be proud to own in getting you from place to place.

The perfect car for your daughter at college. The perfect car for you Mom who just got her license back after killing a mailbox. The perfect car for your Uncle who just found out you won the lotto and wanted to cash in… and you were smart enough to convince him that this car is awesome.

See? Hyundai has got it going on. Only… gas-powered cars are on the way out as electrification is slowly shifting the minds of the masses. They will need to be more aggressive in creating E-Models across the board if they want to stay current. I’m sure they will…

This 2019 Hyundai Elantra Sport has a much improved design language, although very similar to most cars. But that seems to be Hyundai’s safety platform. Look around and see what works… and just do that. It’s a sold plan for a car that represents safety and mobilization.

25mpg, $23K and 147hp. Cheap, economical and quick. Boom, done. (Still think the name sounds funny…)