A week in the 2020 JEEP COMPASS 4X4…

Really, how many people are actually gonna drive their Jeep in the dirt, let alone on the Rubicon? Maybe a dirt parking lot from time to time, yes.

But we’re not talking about the Wrangler…. today we’re discussing the design of the 2020 JEEP COMPASS LIMITED 4X4. Basically, a baby Jeep.

As younger brothers go, the Compass isn’t as strong, agile, aggressive or capable like the Wrangler, but it’s about security. Soccer Moms, students, Nannies and Families all benefit from the safety and security of the Compass.

In fact, Jeep really being an off-road brand, driving the streets and highways is a simple task. I mean, it’s a sad Jeep story when one never makes it off-road.

But the language on the Compass, although becoming slightly dated now, is still refined and poised for action. Even if that action is to the store and not to the Redwoods. But it’s about the feeling that you COULD, should the need arise.

Where the Compass really shines is where all Jeeps shine. In the girth that is Jeep. The seats, steering wheel, dash and all things feel “thick” and rugged. Makes me ponder thoughts of poppin’ a tent on top and heading to the trees. It’s a perfect outdoor-seeker for the budget conscious with a $29K base.

Some specs include 25mpg average, a 24L and 180hp. All improvable in the near future as Jeep rolls out its EV platforms, but for now… adequate.

As with all Jeeps, I get excited at the prospects of what can be done once in the hands of creatively focused individuals. What you can do, where you can go. The Adventure begins… And isn’t that the point? If you’re on the fence about Jeeps in general, it’s isn’t so much about what they are as what they CAN be.

How creative can YOU get with a Compass?