ON DECK at FIREBALL brings 4 new Coloring Books by year’s end… and here they are!

A lot going on here at Fireball Publishing and the year is going to wrap up like and Atom Bomb of Coolness!

First up is our all new Sunset MALIBU Coloring Book which we are giving away 65 FREE Copies at Wheels and Waves Malibu on Sunday, July 19th thanks to Paul Grisanti. Don’t miss the show!

Next up for August 1st is the Official TONY DOW Coloring Book! Many of you know Tony… his Sculpture and his life has been epic. So… it’s a chronological journey through the years to color full of CARS, ART, TRAVEL and ANIMALS. Very cool stuff!

September 1st will bring Fireball STATION WAGONS! A huge… and long book fulla Wagons from the late 60’s and into the 70’s. This one is gonna be CRAZY!

October 1st we launch another Beach Book and it’s the Fireball TURTLES Coloring Book. Some fantastic drawings from Kathie in this one. Sure to please those that love our Hawaiian Turtle Brothers.

Then… we have a SECRET for Christmas. December 1st is going to be the BEST… HOLIDAY… COLORING… BOOK… EVER. Soon to be revealed!!!