A week in the 2020 TOYOTA 4RUNNER TRD PRO…

Honestly, TOYOTAS don’t really get me all excited for the most part. I’m always feeling like they need more horsepower or design identity. Not sure they understand the American market as much as others.

That is… until I drove this 2020 TOYOTA 4RUNNER TRD PRO. Capable. That’s what I’d call her. Driven to perform on and off-road in a way that really surprised me. And the “green” was an added bonus that no matter where I went, people felt it was fresh.

Maybe it lacked the brashness of other big trucks? Maybe it suggested that it was understood and had empathy for the environment? Maybe… it was just green. ARMY GREEN.

I don’t know… it just made me feel like I wanted to put a big white star on the door and drive pretty much ANYWHERE.

Where the 4Runner is a bit challenged… is in it’s $52K price tag and 17mpg. Especially this coming from a company building ELECTRIC and massive Hybrid Cars. But… I’m sure the 4RunnerEV will be next, so complaining about it now doesn’t do much good.

I drove around Malibu with utter confidence that if FIRE, FLOOD, VIRUS or BAD DRIVERS entered my Toyota bubble, I’d lay the smack-down. But, the most I really did was scoot my grand daughter around town for picnics and groceries. Missed op, but even Generals in the Army have HoneyDoos.

Inside the 4Runner, it still feels a bit outdated and it is. Then again, freshness is right around the corner. But for a bit-out-of-date interior, the functionality still hooked up.

It’s a V6 so it can scoot, but where the fun really begins is with a snorkel and the Yukon Trail. It’s clear that this version is able to handle virtually any off road excursion. But it’s probably best suited to the Mountain Biker with Zion Dreams in his sights.

Rugged, fun, roomy and able to carry a ton of grocer…. I mean, construction equipment and Hardcore Mountain Climbing Gear.

But the green man, the green. People just get out of the way and don’t want to have ANYTHING to do with you. Some of the waves that came in also felt like I was on my way to Fort Point for some recon.

I love the 4Runner. It’s just plain cool and fun to drive. Although… $52K is a lot to spend on a 17mpg truck right now. Maybe it fits, maybe it doesn’t. But it’s certainly the last of a dying breed of gas land cruiser. You decide…