A week in the agile 2020 VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS CROSS SPORT…

Ok, here’s how it goes… The 2020 VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS CROSS SPORT reminds me of a Rhino. Yup, a Rhino.

Now at first glance, that wouldn’t sound all that good. I mean, Rhinos are BIG, heavy, not necessarily good-looking and aggressive. But…

Let’s get into the world of Fireball a bit. And as you know, Fireball is ALL about Kustom Modification. CARS & ART, as in what would you do to Rhino to make it FASTER, SLEEKER, more POWERFUL and… kinda cool looking?

The ATLAS starts at around $31K, although my version was quite a bit more due to our Rhino going shopping. So, you can still get one for a rather reasonable SUV price, or go all hog-wild (rhino-wild) and slap on some speedy doo-hickies. I’d recommend that as your beast probably likes going fast.

24mpg means that it’s not a guzzler, but it’s an SUV. This Rhino’s not a vegan, so expect to have a gas budget on tap. Eight colors, although Rhinos are grey. But can you see a Rhino in an Aurora Red Metallic Pinstripe Suit with this interior? Well now that’s a picture. Happy Rhino.

2liter 4-cylinder and 285HP. Just enough to get this beast moving, although a pasta dinner the night before in his little Rhino Bowl might boost that a bit. Worth considering.

The ATLAS is an open-air, high-haunched, speedy-looking and quietly comfortable SUV. It works in grey and grey is the color that people pick when they don’t know what to pick. Color scares most, and Rhino’s can be scary in grey. Platinum Grey Metallic specifically.

But this car in its basic sense is pretty awesome. And as I drive a lot of SUVs, in comparison to most… this Vdub is quite the package. It has an aggressive forward stance, begs for personal mods like wheels, tint, DEEP BLACK PEARL and is as solid as it gets in Germany Engineering.

Plus, it feels SAFE. Like this Rhino is your buddy and he’s gonna protect you from Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh, my… what it would be to have a pet rhino.

On the Fireball-Scale of crap to cool? This baby’s got it goin’ on and will not disappoint. Although… and E-Version would lean out your Rhino significantly. (Rhino-wink.) But who know when that will pull up into your little Rhino bed?